Forget the “How” and enjoy the “Wow”…

I blurted this out one day and I thought to myself, what a simple reminder the Universe just handed to me to share.

Once you have instilled in your deeper mind the idea of what you wish to attract, you must be able to let go of the How in order to manifest and enjoy the Wow.

Remind yourself that focusing on the How will only serve to close off the unlimited number of channels of which you are not aware. Focusing on the source of your supply will open potential channels that you could never even imagine, but that are there for you. The Universe is the source of your results, not the individual channels.

We must do our part by deciding what we want and using the mental and spiritual tools to plant the seeds of our desire in our garden. It is then time for us to let go and allow the Universe to do its job. We nourish our soil with faith and expectancy, just as a planted seed is nourished with water and sunshine.

But we do not instruct the seed on how it should grow. We don’t keep digging up the seed to see how it’s doing, to check to see if it has grown. We don’t hover over our garden with impatience. We don’t try to force our seeds to grow. With our earthly gardens, we can easily let go and trust that all of the elements necessary for the growth of our seedling will be provided by the Presence that knows just how to turn that seedling into a fully manifested flower or plant.

If you will realize that the soil of your subconscious mind is your mental garden, you will understand that you may plant your seeds and then surrender to that All Knowing Presence to bring your manifestation to fruition – in the right and perfect way and at the right time. It knows exactly what to do. It knows exactly what adjustments must be made, what elements must be harvested, and just when to bring it all together. It is the Master Planner. It is the Chief Operating Officer. It is the Project Manager.

It knows how. You do not. It knows how to open doors without one wit of effort on your part. It knows how to “nudge” you from within and cause you to intuitively put forth effort when required – fruitful effort that will result in your manifested desire. All of the brain power, computer power, and genius in the world combined do not know how to manifest like this Infinite Intelligence does.

Starting Now…

When you find yourself wanting to intervene in the work of the Divine Designer, please remind yourself to butt out and say to yourself:

Forget the How and enjoy the Wow!



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