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There’s a good chance that pretty much everyone on this planet has encountered a narcissist before. They pop up in almost every facet of life and come into your world when you least expect someone threatening. Of course, it can be hard to recognize a narcissist, and you might not realize how just toxic this person is to you until you’ve already been drained of energy and willpower.

Here are five signs you’re dealing with a narcissist and might want to rethink the relationship:

They think they know everything and aren’t afraid to tell you

Narcissists believe themselves to be completely superior to everyone in almost every way, which often lends to them offering advice on subjects and matters that they really have no business offering advice in. They’ll lecture doctors on medicine and dentists on teeth.

If you notice this person always offering up pieces of condescending advice, they’re probably highly narcissistic.

They’re never the rule, always the exception

Just as they believe they are superior to everyone around them, they also like to think they are above the laws and dictates that apply to “ordinary” people. They see themselves as exceptional, so they regularly find ways to get people to break the rules or turn a cheek when they want to step outside the boundaries of society.

Why should they have to follow the rules like everyone else?

They come off as great people at first, but slowly start to wear on you…

Most narcissists are enthusiastic and charismatic, which helps them win over the hearts of people who are first meeting them. They will exude charm, adventure, confidence and excitement.

This is appealing at first, but eventually you’ll see that they don’t really exist outside of maintaining this pristine, narcissistic image. It’s all they really live for.

They boost themselves up by bringing others down

When a narcissist feels threatened by someone who is “outperforming” them in one way or another, they tend towards insults and degradation to make sure that person is knocked down a peg or two.

You could be recognized as one of the smartest people in the world and the narcissist would do his or her best to somehow bring you down to their low-stooping level.

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