Emotion is born to be experienced. Feeling joy, rage, sadness, bliss, and frustration are all part of the miracle of being human. When we experience emotion fully, it will vaporize and dissolve into the cosmos. The only problem is we all have a natural tendency to avoid unpleasant emotion. We don’t like to feel afraid, hurt or angry. So as we unknowingly and unintentionally avoid these uncomfortable feelings, they become suppressed, swallowed, and trapped into the consciousness of our crystals, cells, and tissues.

These energies in motion (E-Motion) lie dormant there yet very much alive wanting to be experienced. It’s almost as if we have entities of living emotion inside of us. The ego mind will do everything in its power to create scenarios for us to experience these little bundles of pain so the emotions can complete their life cycle.

These unleashed emotions will begin to pull in the right people and create the necessary circumstances for our pain to be experienced. If we continue to avoid the pain, we’ll begin to see repeating patterns of the same pain.

Go ahead, take a moment and think back over your life. Can you recognize any repeating painful patterns?

Of course you can. We all can. Nobody is exempt. We all avoid our pain, fear, and rage. It’s nobody’s fault. There is no one to blame.

Everywhere you’ve blamed and shamed yourself for holding back, not sharing your feelings, or have punished yourself by feeling guilty about your true feelings and emotions….can you now give yourself permission to feel all of your feelings without labeling or judging them and just allow any heaviness and density of resistance to flow like a waterfall over and through you?

The benefit of releasing trapped emotions is that it helps you restore you vitality and life force energies so you have infinite space to create miracles and blessings just by being in the flow and by just being you. That means no longer hiding or becoming invisible. Honoring your feelings brings you closer to living an authentic life free of judgment, blame, shame, or guilt.

Here’s how I do it.

release-emotionsWhen I enter a deep state of relaxation, I sit comfortably, close my eyes and begin to let go. Almost immediately I will start to feel different. It’s as if I feel an internal opening up followed by gentle waves of electricity in certain parts of my body. Sometimes I feel tingling. I wait for these sensations to settle and strengthen before I begin.

When I feel like I’m deep enough into the zone, I’ll simply feel the emotion I want to release and notice where I sense it in my body. Usually, if the need to release an emotion has come up in my day-to-day life, I won’t have to search very hard to find it. In fact, it may be very strong and obvious. However, if I want to release an emotion that I don’t readily feel at the moment,

I will just relax and go into the memory of that past situation, as if I were there again. The emotion will usually pop up in a few moments.

Then I gently fix my attention on the emotion. Within a few moments I will feel the emotion starting to move as I keep my attention fixed on the emotion until it is completely gone. I clear my chakras one by one by pushing out everything I’ve pulled in in the reverse until my energy centers feel open, expanded, and aligned with each other. I can then breathe more fully and expansively and feel an immediate shift as everything lightens up and I have space to create what I truly desire to no longer absorbing others energies that don’t belong to me.

This can be your daily practice to release trapped emotions that won’t allow you to be at peace. You can even set a special time and place for this act of self service and take your time starting with just a few minutes a day and gradually allowing yourself to release emotions for a longer period of time.

If these ancient emotions that are probably not even yours do arise again, it will usually return at a much lower and slower level of intensity. If that happens, simply go through this gentle process again. Eventually these suppressed emotions will be gone will no longer affect or control you, your reactions, or the kinds of relationships you tend to attract.

Remember you are a vessel of divine living light. If you require additional support and assistance and would like to experience a living light infusion, follow your guidance to accelerate change and raise your vibration higher than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

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