In December 2021 I looked at my old friend, Deserving, again. I have cleared many layers of deserving, so I was surprised to see it surface again so strongly.

For many years I have worn a 3 stone diamond necklace, which I purchased for myself after Christmas over 20 years ago. I love this necklace and wear it often.

As 2021 brought so many positive changes for me, I wanted a new celebration piece to wear.  So, I was looking to purchase a new necklace.

My husband, Christian, and I were shopping the January sales, and I decided to look in several jewellery stores for a new necklace. As I looked, I saw many pretty ones, even ones I had looked at before, but nothing really spoke to me.

Then I found a beautiful, much larger, tear-drop diamond pendant. You could not miss it!  I tried it on and I really liked it. It was unique, easy to see and felt good. When I looked at the price I was a little shocked as it was more than double what my budget was.  I said, no thanks, and walked away.

Hubby and I went to the food court for a bite to eat and discuss my options. The lower priced ones were nice BUT… not quite right. The outstanding one was just too much money especially after Christmas.

Christian asked why I did not want to buy it, and all my stories came up around the price, the timing, and really, I did not need it.

Christian responded that the lower priced items represented where I had been energetically. They were the safe choice. The outstanding necklace represented where I was going, how I had changed, and what was coming. He spoke about deserving, how hard I had worked all year, and where we were financially. Christian said to buy what I liked and reminded me of the importance of celebrating my successes.

But another fear surfaced, and I said, “Gee, I wish you would buy it for me.” 

“No,” he said, “you need to do this for yourself.”

As I thought about my options I could feel the different energetics with each one. The other necklaces were smaller, safer, and more like what I already had. The one I loved was definitely a step up. This necklace was next level, and I realized that purchasing it was part of accepting myself in a new way.

Sometimes, we need to stretch from where we are to where we want to be and who we want to be. Next time you are making an important purchase check out the energetics! Are you settling? Are you buying something because it is all you can afford? Are you feeling undeserving of more? Will this purchase help you move energetically into who you are becoming?

Remember, you DO deserve!

About The Author:

Ana-La-Rai is a Divine Liaison and Universal Channel who brings forth pure Source Light of the highest available frequencies through the vibrations of Love and Clarity. 

Her journey has been many lifetimes in the making with 20+ years of deep focus this lifetime. She was trained directly by The Galactic Federation of Healers, Dr. Lorphan, ‘The Council of 12 Overlighting the Healing of the Waters of Earth’, various Ascended Masters, the Venusian Emissaries of Love, the Angelic & Archangelic Host, and several human teachers.

AnaLaRai’s company, Sparkles of Love, is supported and utilized by many Beings of Light as a stable, energetic platform and clear conduit for connecting, activating, and guiding humanity.  This allows for the greatest opportunities to co-create the highest potentials in every session.

AnaLaRai’s programs are always bringing through something new and unique to accelerate your awakening journey.  These offerings are at the forefront of the ascension energies and open next layer pathways for individual advancement and collective awakening. She offers group classes, private sessions, and retreats.

Her own awakening story is published in the 2022 book, Meditation, by Sacred Stories publishing. For those ready to step onto an accelerated path, AnaLaRai is the Guide in human form you may have been waiting for.