Humanity is far more powerful than we imagine, even on an individual level.  When we begin to give ourselves more credit, the credit of Conscious Creator energy, we soon realize the divine empowerment within us.  How do we access it?  By using it.  By transitioning from complaining to exploring solutions.  By expanding beyond fear that paralyzes and into fear that pushes you beyond your own boundaries of reality.

A cosmic perspective is helpful.

This reality has been in a quarantine, of our own creation, allowing us to separate ourselves from each other and from Source Creator God consciousness.  We were never really separate… that is the design of any Separation Age.  Only in consciousness were we separate.  And that is enough.  Because consciousness is… everything.

The quarantine lifts through a process of divine intention to push… ourselves, from the inside out.  It’s like a pre-wired orientation for most of us reading an article of this nature.  We sense there is more.  And we are correct.  We are Curious.  We love, from our Source energy layers.  We desire for all to be empowered and connected with the unconditional love and conscious creator ability only available within Source energy.  We are quite literally pre-wired for expansion beyond the Separation Age experience.

Therefore, play with your fear. Be curious about your limitations.  Test yourself at how divinely powerful you are.  Know your core values and examine whether you are honoring them in all facets of your life.  Allow yourself to be a new version of you, at any moment you desire it.

This isn’t science fiction.  This is human evolution.  Conscious Creation.  Divine intelligence being operated from within humanity.

For those waiting for “proof” from science, you are choosing an observer role, as opposed to a Creator role.  Science in its present form is a lagging indicator, based entirely on the 5 human senses.  The 5 human senses experience what Is, which has already been created.  Our 5 human senses and our Science are considering only the outcomes of our creator ability within the physical dimensions of Earth and using it to explain and define our very existence.  Present day science has been a perfect formula to maintain the quarantine and stabilize the status quo.  Science in it’s standard form on Earth at this state of affairs doesn’t get it and I’ve stopped asking them to.  I appreciate Science for what it does, appreciating it’s inherent and significant limitations.  Explorers don’t wait for what can be proven.  We Create, so it can be proven.

Divine intelligence comes through us from beyond the 5 human senses, from a deeper/inner level of wonderment and curiosity.  This is where authentic discovery and exploration begins, within us.  Based on our actions, behaviors and what we set in motion it then becomes physical, and able to be experienced by our 5 human senses.  So enjoy that meal, knowing it emanated from an inner vision, an idea.  Appreciate this read, understanding it flowed from a layer of divine intelligence within me.  Consider that each human also has a connection within to divine intelligence, possibly lying dormant because that is what this age has been about.  Get connected by getting curious, going within.

With love and gratitude and a playful kick in the ass if needed,

Jill Renee Feeler

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