I have spent over 40 years studying health issues and the human body and have come to the conclusion that Nature, no matter how old we are, has made sure that we can remain perfectly healthy – always.

The body has ALL the necessary resources for this!

If we help the body to maintain optimal functions, the way Nature has created them, no viruses or negative influences can upset the body’s balance. But it is important to understand what you personally can do to maintain this balance. Most people think it is enough to eat correctly and exercise, which of course is important and should not be forgotten, but the absolutely best thing you can do for your body is to strengthen it on an informational level.

More than anything, the human being is an information system which handles biochemical processes. Just like in technology, the human body operates like a super complicated biological computer.

Each cell in a living organism exchanges information via ultra low radio waves. Science has proven that the cells emit and receive radio signals and that the cells are both transmitters and receivers simultaneously.    A healthy human body has an effective and perfectly operating biological system in which waves are synchronized and the biochemical and cellular processes of organs and tissues function well.

The body’s information system normalizes the body on a cellular level, facilitates the cooperation between organs and systems, strengthens the immune system, governs the synthesis of hormones and other biological substances.HumanBody

Most health problems begin with errors in the information system, caused by negative environmental factors, negative thoughts or technogenic frequencies. These errors can then impact the normal functions of the body negatively, weaken the body’s own healing power and lead to various diseases and premature aging.

As the body is controlled by the information process, the restoration  back to health must be done on an informational level, which allows the body to heal itself. In the future, many health problems will be solved in this way. But already today, we have methods that can restore the informational structure.

Health is created from energy and information, which is where we find the potential to a long, healthy and happy life. Because health is not only the absence of disease, it is also connected to everything in life: family, business, relations, education, personal development… and in order to succeed in these areas, we need energy, clarity of mind and psychological balance. And all these things are ours only if we are healthy.

According to my experience, health issues begin long before symptoms are visible. That is why, if you experience lack of energy, sleeping problems, irritation, concentration problems – do not wait until disease occurs before you start taking care of your body!

And when you understand that the human being mainly is a complicated information system, which controls the body, and that imbalances in the body originate in the information system, you also understand that this is the most important part to work with.

And you do this by changing your thoughts, changing subconscious patterns, work with your DNA, strengthen your spirit and make sure that the body’s fluids are structured and the cell membranes healthy.

The result of all biochemical reactions in the body is energy, created by the cells to perform their functions. A cell is just like a little person, who has to perform work and needs adequate energy to do so. Lack of energy will lead to poor functions.

BrainsNeedsTo strengthen our cells we need to give them:

  • Correct information
  • Adequate nourishment
  • Enough oxygen
  • Healthy cell membranes
  • Structured and easily-flowing fluids
  • A well functioning communication  between cells and the brain,
  • Sufficient detoxing,
  • Enough pure and living water.

If we do all this, the cells will be energized and able to do the rest, i.e. the healing, restoration and rejuvenation.

Physical exercise and the right food are important for health, but making sure that your cells have enough energy and doing mental work are much more important. Think about that!










To your radiant health!

Boris Aranovich

About Boris Aranovich:

Boris Aranovich is a Russian- Swedish scientist, a radio show host, an internationally acclaimed speaker in the alternative health field, a well-known author of 14 books, including “Effective Breathing for Modern People“, Doctor Mind” and “Be the Master of your Health”. Boris has been professionally active for 40 years within the field of alternative medicine and has created a number of therapy- and wellness modalities used by thousands of people worldwide. Boris continues to develop new innovative health practices at his company Manniskans Resurser AB.

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