Braving the Wave of Vulnerability: How Opening Up May Actually Not Bring You Down

Tamara Rant from Conscious Life News writes:

I posted a video earlier on my personal Facebook page that speaks to being pretty damn vulnerable. I haven’t done a video in almost a year and I’ll say this one gets a little deep into some teary-eyed vulnerability. Instead of my usual need to first critique myself, cut and edit footage, etc. before posting…I just let it out and then I just put it out…for all to see.

In other words, I made a conscious choice to be vulnerable. And even though stuff like that can be scary as shit, and you will always have that part of you telling you why not to, why you can’t…once you do…something shifts. Sometimes turns on and a connection is made…or rather a reconnection to a really REAL part of yourself. And I’m happy to say that facing the fear of letting go is what has provided me the strongest sense of security I’ve felt in a long time…

I knew I had been ignoring that voice within for far too long pressing me to take a chance and show up more in my own life. To quit preaching not to judge, and start talking to and treating myself with more respect, honor, and appreciation. I think this is perhaps one of the most terrifying things for people to do. We don’t think twice before crossing oceans for our loved ones, but we will barely skip a puddle for our own peace of mind…until we have no choice.

Usually, the Universe will give you hints to things it’s trying to bring to the surface and get you to look at. If you’re reading this then you probably know this is how the Universe will always communicate with you, but only as long as you are listening, right? Well, that is at least what many of us believe.

The Universe will actually continue speaking to you at this disco I call life, whether you’re listening or not. But since you’re surrendering your rightful spot as the DJ, the same old song will keep playing over…and over…and over…

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About the Author

Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to