This Is What The Month That You Are Born Says About Your Life! shares:

There are a number of ways to determine our personality traits from the way that we dress to our astrological sign, however, did you know your birth month also has something to say? According to scientists and other experts, your birth month actually has a lot to say, from the career path you may choose to your overall demeanor as a person.


Those that are born in January are typically go-getters that have a strong work ethic in everything that they do. January born people are also very opinionated people that can be headstrong and stubborn. Due to such traits, they are typically natural born leaders.


People who are born in February are inherently creative people that are intelligent and clever. They are free-spirited and rebellious, however, their loyalty has no bounds. While they may be quick to anger, they have a hard time showing it.


If you were born in March, your imagination has no bounds. While many may take you as the quiet type, it isn’t that you don’t want to talk, it is that you are so lost in your imagination that you can’t take your focus anywhere else. Those born in March are most likely to enjoy quiet time by themselves, however, people cling to them because of their peaceful attitude.


April people are typically more attention grabbing. While they don’t take orders very well, they are natural born leaders that love adventure and a good time.


Those born in May can be considered indecisive, as they may be headstrong about one thing on a certain day, and then change their minds completely the next. As a more social birth month, those born in May absolutely hate spending their time alone.


People born in June can be quite sensitive. While you may consider it to be debilitating to be so sensitive and so in tune with others, people tend to cling to this aspect of your personality.


While you have the sensitive nature of a June born person, you are a bit more sociable and extroverted than the June born person.

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