Writer Zen uses the nature of water as a metaphor for spiritual preparedness and how to adjust and adapt to our environment. We should flow just like water, going wherever the current takes it, and changing form depending on what process it is going though. Sometimes we are led to places where we are confined, simply because that’s where life took us. However, just like water, we will not lose our identity.

Below is an excerpt of Zen’s article, read the rest of it HERE

“Water is the same. It goes where it flows. It sits where it’s confined or rests. It molds to circumstances, restrictions and environment, but it doesn’t lose it’s fluid, adaptive nature. It may be required to wait a while but it is always living kinetic energy awaiting release at any given time.”

Source: http://themindunleashed.org/2016/04/be-like-water-the-need-for-adaptive-fluidity.html

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