Until recently, I had no idea that you could fairly easily teach your brain to be happier. As most of us could have guessed, researchers have found that positivity (having a positive outlook) makes us happier. I didn’t know that positivity is also proven to make people more successful.

Luckily for us, there are simple, proven ways researchers have found for us (even pessimists) to be happier by training our brains to think more positively.

Give compliments.
You know the person you see doing a great job busing tables? The admin who can juggle way more than seems humanly possible? The store clerk who has a great attitude? Tell them. You know the kid who is exceptionally well behaved? Tell her parents. In general there are too few compliments going around. Complimenting is an easy way for you to make someone’s day (and help shape how you view the world).One simple way to ensure you give at least on compliment a day — When you open your inbox for the first time of the day, write a short email or text (one paragraph max) praising someone.

Keep a gratitude journal.
Every night, write down three things for which you’re grateful. This can be as easy as sending a nightly email to yourself.

Perform a daily act of kindness.
As you perform random acts of kindness you start noticing opportunities to be kind, which feeds into positivity. Acts of kindness can range from calling a friend, to writing a card, to holding open the door.

Training your brain for positivity takes time, but what an opportunity.

And, how awesome that helping others can have such a great benefit to ourselves.

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