I like going to a Christmas service, usually to a different church, depending on where I happen to be on that day. It gives me a sense of community, a feeling that I am not alone. The Christmas spirit is unique. It signifies a new beginning, the birth of a very special baby, Jesus, the son of God, who  had similar experiences to us, people, when he lived his life on earth as a human. For so many years a Christmas eve service had been just a nice tradition for me, a chance to go out on a special occasion and sing Christmas carols together with other people. In a spiritual sense Christmas for me was a reminder of a Jesus’ life and of his sacrifice to introduce to people the idea of one Father God and his miracles.

As the sermon went on, I was lulled into its familiar atmosphere. And then came a statement from the priest: “In your lifetime none of you might have seen the angels, but they are real.”

I wanted to jump and to shout out so every single person in this audience could hear me

“Yes, they ARE real! I have seen them! I have spoken to them the way I speak to you right now!” I didn’t dare to interrupt the service with my passionate outburst. However, I decided to share it with the priest after the service. He seemed nice: I was sure he would hear me out. So, on the way out of the church, while the priest was giving blessings to his parishioners as they filed past, I said to him: “I would like to testify, I have seen the angels and they helped me!” The priest looked at me in a weird way, blessed me and smiled to the next person in line. Immediately it occurred to me that the angels might not have been completely real for him.

Are they real for you?

A lot of people talk about angels. Some believe they exist. Some claim they can feel them, hear their voices and some think they are a figment of people’s imagination or just a nice legend. Like many others, I used to believe that angels existed, but they were not completely real for me either until one miraculous occurrence happened in my life. One personal encounter with the angels changed my vision about God, Jesus, archangels, and angels forever. In fact, it changed my life completely, as the divine realm, in other words, the divine kingdom, stepped from my mind right into my heart. And when it did, a miracle entered my life.

Let me share my story with you…

It started a week after I enrolled into the School of Miracles, for a seven-month course which gradually raised one’s frequencies to a higher vibration. When your personal vibrations rise, they come into resonance with the frequencies of the divine kingdom and God, the Creator of All that is. I liked the idea and trusted that this course would open me up to new spiritual experiences. However, I had never thought it would happen the way it did…

Every morning I would go for an invigorating bike ride before my work. That fall morning was gorgeous but very foggy and cold. As I was cycling, I was enjoying a ripe smell of the foliage and the cool haziness of the beginning dawn. The road was slightly slippery, so I tried to take extra caution, gently negotiating the curves in the road. For a moment I thought, “I should probably slow down a little more.” Alas, the thought came too late. At the next moment my bike slid on the black ice, and I was thrown up into the air, and fell on my back with the whole force of gravity. It all happened so fast that all I could remember was excruciating pain in my whole lower back and my desperate voice screaming out, “God help me! Dear angels help me!” Then I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the will of God.

After a few moments I realized that I was still lying on the road. It was too early for anyone to see me. I could barely move. Luckily, my phone was in the pocket of my jacket; so I reached for it and called my husband to come and rescue me, which he did. I was in such an agonizing pain that all I wanted to do was to go back home as soon as possible. The adrenaline was still pumping in my blood when my husband helped me into my bed. Soon the fight and flight response of the body ceased, and I discovered that I couldn’t turn either to my left or right side, I couldn’t get up, I could barely breathe from pain. At this point going to the hospital was not an option as I would not be able to get back into the car. I felt as if I were a living soul trapped in a human body. My mind was searching for solutions, and it couldn’t find any. Pain… It became unbearable. I thought I might have broken my back. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even tell my husband how bad I felt not to alarm him even more. I asked him to go to the pharmacy and bring me extra strong painkillers.

As the day was fading, a long night came bringing its merciless embrace of pain over me. The painkillers were not helping. I was desperate yet again. At some point the pain became so bad, that all my attention dropped to my heart. I was not thinking anymore. It was my heart which was crying for help. I kept repeating to myself, “God help me, dear Father, please give me a moment of relief, a moment just to be in your loving hands!”

And then that moment came…

God answered my prayers… The next thing I could see was a gentle golden light brightening up the darkness of the night. The light was intensifying as if an invisible hand was turning up a dimming switch. The light was gentle golden, all penetrating, all encompassing. I couldn’t see the source of the light. It was just hanging in the room like liquid gold which had brightness and consistency. I was wrapped in the living golden love. I kept opening and closing my eyes, the light was still there. At the same time my pain eased, as I plunged into the bright presence of the Holy Spirit.

My heart was beating with joy, responding to my silent exclamations, “Wow! Wow! Wow!”

Then I felt someone pushing my head face down into the pillow, gently and lovingly, yet firmly. I couldn’t move my head, but I could breathe comfortably. “What is going on here? I want to see what is happening,” came my thoughts. And then I saw angles. Two angles were standing on my right-hand side. They were huge and transparent. I couldn’t see their faces, but I could feel their love and desire to help me. One was holding my head down and the other one started working on my spine. He was shifting and turning the vertebrae, twisting and putting them into place. The interesting thing for me was that I could feel it all. I could physically feel every twist, every turn, and every move. It was not pain, but a physical sensation as my body was being released from the pain. I could breathe better as the energy started moving better through the whole body with these manipulations. Because I am an acupuncturist, I started following and taking note of the points the angels were working on. My mind was registering combinations of points I had not known before. I also acquired 360-degree multidimensional vision, and I could think in a very focused way. I was the same person taken to a different reality. I thought I was taken to one of God’s quarters, which my vibrations were high enough to reach.

Meanwhile the angels were working silently, but in their silence, they were giving me a professional perspective on what they were doing without words. I was mesmerized that it was so easy now to turn when they turned my body left and right. Previously I heard that angels had a lovely sense of humor so I dared to ask, “Do you also have non-transparent angels in your realm? Perhaps a colorful one so I could have a better look at you?” One of the angels replied “Hm… and chuckled!” As the job was done, both disappeared without saying a word…

The interesting thing was in that reality I had a sense that I already knew it all. It was so familiar, yet I was waiting with anticipation for what would happen next.

“Hello!” I heard a voice coming from my side.

“Ah?” I turned my head and saw another angel, a colorful one. He was wearing blue pants and a red jacket. The colours were quite vivid but transparent, as if I was looking at a hologram. I looked at his face. He resembled one of the famous Russian actors about whom I had read in the news the day before. He looked just like him yet dressed differently. There was also a slight difference in the facial features. Later, I found out that angels liked to present themselves in the form which a person would find pleasant. In fact, as spiritual beings, they don’t have to be present in any form, but they don’t want to scare us, so they chose the form from our thoughts which we would find pleasant. After all, angels are our friends and our helpers.

This time the angel and I had a longer conversation. I learned from him that in the divine kingdom I worked together with his master. He also told me that when I became old and feeble, he would come and accompany me back home. I laughed and told him that I didn’t mind getting old, but I minded getting feeble. We laughed together, joked, and spoke more. It felt as if we had known each other for ages. There was a sense of a long-term friendship between the two of us.  I could have stayed chatting like this forever, but he said it was time for him to go back.  

I looked around, as I wanted to explore and to remind myself of the place, of the realm I used to know so well. I went out of the room I was in and breathed in the air of the night garden filling my lungs. The garden was filled with fragrant night aromas. The gentle night light was streaming through the leaves of the huge trees. I ran and then soared; I was free to fly. I was free to be myself. I enjoyed my familiar ability to fly. I had seen it in my dreams before, but now it was real. I never experienced that kind of freedom on earth when each of my cells felt as free as my breath. I took a few more liberating breaths in and out…

At the next moment I found myself back in my bed. Weirdly my back pain eased. It still hurt but not to the degree it hurt before. It felt as if my vertebrae were fixed. Breathing was more relaxed, not as tense, and shallow anymore. The most extraordinary thing was that something happened within my heart.  It opened to accepting myself as a forever happy being of light and love, as a divine child who came to this earth for an experience but whose real home was there, in my Father’s kingdom. I felt like a different person.

From that moment on I knew that God, Jesus, angels, and archangels were REAL. And when my heart accepted it, the divine kingdom opened up for me too. Other miracles started showing in my life. I realized that before it was only me who didn’t let them in. The life of the divine kingdom was always there, waiting for me to open my heart to receive its presence and its love.

Now let me ask you, “Would you like the Divine kingdom and angels to be real for you?”    

About The Author

Inna Van Der Velden holds qualifications of a Bachelor of Science, Licensed Acupuncturist, PhD, an International Healer, a Spiritual Instructor and a writer. 

Inna is trained internationally, mastering over 20 healing modalities, holding degrees, diplomas, and certificates from 6 countries of the world.  

Due to her extensive training Inna got a deeper understanding of the Divine nature behind all healing.  

Inna’s living teacher, Michael, taught her how to claim your birthright as a Divine Child and build a direct channel with the Creator of All That Is, the Source, God.  Then you can experience His energies as well as get a healing from the inhabitants of the Divine Kingdom, angles. Moreover, you can build our own personal connection with the angels and start communicating with them. 

Recently Inna published two books for family reading: Tarra: Mission to Earth and the Family Companion, which immediately shift both children and adults into the energies of a Divine Child and help them create miracles in their lives. 

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