Angelic Confusion Solution

I don’t know how much of my life I spend being confused about this, that or the other.  And, I notice that I’m not alone. In doing the work I do, I see on a daily basis how situations confuse people and watch how the Angels figure it out for them. Our human emotional field prevents us from seeing what the Angelic Realm can.

It comes down to this: When we get an intuitive message in our heart, we have absolutely no control over what it is – what we can control is whether we listen to it or not. When we argue with it, or over analyze it with our mind or simply choose to not to listen to it, the confusion begins.

We confuse ourselves!

AHHHH! Trust me, I’ve seen how I myself can use logic or reason in my own life, to push away the often times not logical message of the heart. We don’t have to listen to the messages the Angels give us in our intuition, but I’m starting to think it might make our life easier and a lot more efficient!

On the flip side, sometimes the Angels will intentionally confuse us to make us wait – that can refer more to timing.  But what I’m talking about here is when we are arguing with what our soul knows is the truth.

It’s when we do that, we confuse ourselves.

by Debbie Johnson