All over the internet, we can find various articles surrounding the 5th dimension those that describe a number of symptoms and signs on how to recognize if you are in fact experiencing a 5 D reality or those describing the sensations of how it feels when one is up in those higher vibrational realms.

But inquiring minds still want to know more of the process and what lies ahead.

Dimension defined 

Simply stated a dimension is a level of consciousness, energetically positioned together like the stripes on a flag, yet separate each one governed by laws and rules for that specific spatial of existence or construct. Our 3rd dimension is governed by linear time and is of a lower density. Within it, we are separate from Source and our connections to higher vibrations. At Our 4th dimensions, also called the astral plane or realm, we are no longer bound by the laws of linear time. Here we experience the freedom of movement can travel through this density in an instant from the present to the past or future event in the blink of an eye. We can connect with other higher dimensional beings, the deceased and learn life lessons during our rest or sleep states.

Reaching the 5th Dimension

Once we have mastered our lower densities or planes, raised our vibrations enough, we are then able to expand into the 5th dimension and connect with our higher self, and other dimensional beings of light existence. If we have opened our 3rd eye we will begin to see the world as it is such as more vibrant in colors, be in and feel more loving energies as well as manifest more easily and experience synchronicities more often. At this level we will be more in alignment with the divine plan of our life and will easily be able to create a happier reality because of the connection with our higher self.

Love from above 

This is the greatest time in history of creation to be alive not only have we entered into the Age of Aquarius, we have entered into another 2000 year cycle. We are aligning more with global unity, Oneness and consciousness and as we continue to do the work necessary for ascension the Universe is supportive of our evolution bringing in energies that will continue to assist and catapult us to our highest and best good.