The world is a place where one is demanded to work to achieve every goal they set. In most cases people have very big dreams that require a lot of energy to achieve them. Only a few people manage to achieve their dreams while the majority settle for something below their expectations. This does not mean that achievers have any extra thing that the rest of people do not have; it is just that they work a little extra harder. You might wonder where they get that strong energy that keeps them active all the time. Do you want to also achieve your dreams? Then below are the ways to get more energy from morning to evening;

1. Take a glass of water before you sleep

In as much as sleep is good for our health, too much of it can harm our dreams. I am a victim of sleep who cannot easily wake up on a cold chilly morning in the name of just doing personal work. There must be something serious to propel me to wake up as an exam the next morning and submission of important documents that I am supposed to compile before 7 o’clock. This makes me a slave to sleep and unable to control myself. Sometimes I promise myself to wake up very early but when the alarm rings, I lack that energy to get out of my blanket. Are you having the same problems? Just drink a glass of water before bed and you are sure to wake up even before the alarm. In addition to this, train your brain the waking time by waking up at a specific time every day for one week and you will never need an alarm again.

2. Coffee makes one active

Coffee is a product treasured by most of those people who work for many hours. They take it to keep them active every time their rate of production decreases. Drinking coffee in the morning immediately gets you out of that blanket, making you alert and energetic. This is a proper way of starting your day.

3. Turn off the lights before retiring to bed

Most people have difficulty sleeping when the lights are on. This leaves them half awake and half asleep hence are unable to have the optimum amount of sleep. Early in the morning when the alarm rings, they are unable to wake up because of the strong sleep that was piled up from the time you started sleeping. This makes a person a double loser because, they may not wake up early and are also unable to do many jobs during the day. To ensure maximum energy from morning to evening, sleep early with the lights turned off to enable you to have adequate rest. Make sure also that your room is, at least, dark at night by using heavy curtains.

4. Do physical exercises in the morning

Physical exercise in the morning is something that has been greatly embraced by people. Visit the gym at 5 am and see what I am telling you. Exercise helps in building strong bones and decreasing excess fats that could easily slow you down. Do your exercise with excitement to improve your brain activity.

5. Do not stay hungry

Most of us have very busy schedules such that they do not even have time to eat. Eating is far much more important for your health and life than all those activities that take most of your time. Therefore, ensure you have all meals and be sure to remain strong in your work. According to biology, it is food substance that is broken down to yield energy. If you continue ignoring meals you might end up having low output in your critical work.


We all wish to be successful in every aspect of our lives but, success never comes without energy getting involved. The way you sleep or wake up in the morning is what determines the amount of energy you will have during the day. Always strive to start and end your day well using the above tips.

About The Author

David Gomes completed his M.S as a Professional degree in California institute of Technology. He is Health and Wellness Expert. He loves to write on a variety of topics such as joint health, weight loss, beauty and skin care for blogs and on line publications sites, also loves latest technology, gadgets fashion and style. David also takes pleasure in riding bikes, likes to eat, especially the fresh veggies and organic food.You can connect with his on Facebook and Twitter.

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