Christina Tiplea of Embracing Simple Blog writes:

There are so many little ways you can create happiness, but I think there is also something to be said about enjoying the simple pleasures in life that already exist in your day. When I take the time to really relish these moments as they present themselves, I find that the simple pleasures are what bring great happiness to my life.

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” – Paulo Coelho

When I think of simple pleasures, I think of all the little things I enjoy that either don’t cost a thing or are very inexpensive. They are the most unassuming moments, but things I truly find immense pleasure in. I thought it would be fun to share some simple pleasures that come to mind for me, and hopefully this will inspire you to reflect on the little things that bring pleasure to you as well!


  1. Climbing into a bed with freshly washed sheets
  2. Receiving snail mail that isn’t a bill
  3. Driving with your windows down
  4. The first bite of a decadent dessert
  5. Laying down on a blanket and watching the stars
  6. Popping bubble wrap
  7. Running through a sprinkler
  8. The feeling after a great workout
  9. Stepping on that crunchy looking leaf
  10. Holding hands with a loved one
  11. Flowers beginning to bloom on a spring day
  12. Dining by candlelight
  13. A relaxing shower after a long day
  14. The feeling of accomplishment after finishing a big project
  15. Enjoying a home cooked meal around a table with your family
  16. Watching squirrels or birds chase each other
  17. A stunning sunset
  18. Freshly basked cookies right out of the oven
  19. Reading a book that resonates with you
  20. That first glorious sip of coffee or tea in the morning
  21. Blowing bubbles with little kids
  22. Doing a cannon ball into a pool
  23. When your favorite song comes on the radio
  24. Bringing a smile to someone’s face
  25. Hot towels right out of the dryer
  26. A long walk in beautiful weather

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About the Author

Christina Tiplea is the writer behind the Embracing Simple Blog. She is a freelance writer & marketer, wife, and mother who currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago. She is passionate about living well and finding new ways to make life easier and more enjoyable. To Christina, living well is all about creating a full, joyful, and fun life with her family without necessarily spending a fortune to achieve it.