The Karma Trap: 3 Life-Changing Distinctions About Your Karma

The idea of karma is one of the most widely misunderstood concepts among spiritual practitioners, and within spiritually-inclined societies. In fact, karma is so widely misunderstood that I prefer to use the term “soul issues” instead. The latter phrase is a better fit, as I explain in Champion of the Soul. The following three distinctions, taken from that book, represent three key clarifications that can help you avoid what I call “The karma trap”. Though deceptively simple, these are powerful distinctions that have the power to change your life.

1. The karma trap

One of the great problems with the popular idea of karma is that many spiritual seekers will tend to look at their lives and the “bad” things they have done; at their unsatisfactory level of enlightenment; compare themselves unfavourably with spiritual masters – and decide that they must have more karma work through. The result is that they become full of self-judgment and guilt. And these things, yet again, take the mind into remembered pasts and imagined futures (where redemption is only ever to be found later on).

Such a naïve spiritual seeker might go to a regression therapist to dig out some mind-crap that he feels needs resolving. He might believe that this will help him to go about emptying the karma bucket. Then hopefully one day he can rub his name off the cosmic blackboard and God will reward him with a wonderful life of enlightenment.

In such a scenario the mind takes over, filling the person’s energy field with self-denial.

Inherent in this delusion is that God is separate, and that one must await the great judgment in order to pass some cosmic test.

All this exacerbates the sense of separation, and prevents the person from surrendering and becoming deeply present. It prevents the relaxation that invites joy into the heart,

In other words, the search for enlightenment or redemption through past-life resolution is self-defeating. It ensures that redemption always remains in an imagined future, and in the hands of an imaginary God.

This is the karma trap.

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About the Author

Marcus T Anthony (PhD) is a futurist of the human mind, writer and spiritual adviser. His new book is Champion of the Soul.