What does success mean to you?

How did you develop your beliefs about success?

How did you learn to judge yourself and your capabilities?

It is scientifically known that within the first 7 years, a child gets the majority of his or her programming and beliefs.  Generally, 80% of who we become is directly influenced by our imprinted memories, beliefs and experiences in the first 7 years of our lives.

You inherit your first set of programming directly from your parents – they pass down the information and genetic materials.  The next set of programming comes from your environment.  Your brain acts like a computer and begins to absorb information from the environment the moment it becomes active.  Your brain is curious and learns based on experiences and associations.

parent-childIn the first 7 years the primary examples for you as a child are your parents and the people who are around you on a regular basis.  A network of trust is formed with these people.  As a child, you heard their conversations, watched how people and especially family members treated each other, how they reacted to situations, how they behaved, how they treated you, etc.
As a child you also noticed what made them happy, sad, afraid, worried, anxious, angry, joyful and other feelings people around you expressed.  You noticed their beliefs around success, money, health, wealth, love, different faiths and the world.  Your brain absorbed everything, did its own calculation and formed its own conclusions.  A big chunk of your newly formed beliefs were influenced by the people around you; especially during the first 7 years of your life.

  • What type of comments or arguments did you hear growing up? These shaped a big part of your communication, judgment, self-love and acceptance.
  • Did you experience or notice any type of physical, emotional or verbal abuse during your first 7 years toward you or around you?
  • Did you experience your mother or a mother figure needing to do everything for everyone?
  • Did you notice your father or a male figure controlling the money in the family?
  • Did your parents experience lack and limitations in any area of their lives?

All of this information was analyzed by your brain and your energy field; and it became a part of your programming. Much of this programming is subconscious as you simply absorbed it and accepted it.

There are so many other things that happened in your childhood, especially in the first 7 years that created fear, anger, judgment, lack and limitations in you. These patterns tend to repeat in your life.

Take a few minutes to notice the following questions and whether they apply in your life.

  • Are you attracting the same type of scenarios in life over and over again?
  • Do you create success but cannot maintain it?
  • Do you experience a lack of fulfillment?
  • Even though you do a lot of spiritual work do you keep going in a circle and not really move forward in the ways you truly desire?
  • When you achieve success and create abundance or attract love or enjoy vibrant health, does something seem to “go wrong” and create disharmony in your life?

shape-worldYour experiences shape your world. Your beliefs help you to create your reality on an ongoing basis. Your memories of what happened, how things happened, what you have been taught and what you have observed while growing up provide you with information that shapes your experiences and creates the path you are currently following.

When you change your relationship to these experiences, heal your memories and see them from a different perspective, you are able to dismantle and dissolve old and inherited programs around lack and limitations and attract new opportunities and solutions.

You are a part of the global network. As you change your own programming, let go of your old beliefs that no longer serve you and enhance your human operating system with empowering instructions, you can attract more love, joy, harmony, vibrant health, abundance and align with your higher purpose more easily.

How do you begin?

Well, begin by focusing on what you desire. Not where you are now or what hasn’t worked for you so far. Create a vision of your ideal or your dream life. Each day, focus on that vision for 10 minutes with your thoughts and feelings. You will begin to attract possibilities and solutions to manifest that life faster.

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