Jade Small of The Art Child writes:

We constantly talk about what is wrong with the world and what needs to change, but turning those words into actions is easier said than done.

This Norwegian family decided that if they want to see a change happening in this world they need to start with themselves, to function as an example for others. And so they did.

In this short inspirational documentary, follow this amazing Norwegian family who call themselves “The Heart Followers”. Inside a glass dome, they transformed their lives into a completely sustainable way of living. A life that values simplicity, where everything is based on love. From the way their home is built and designed, the way they grow and put love into their garden and how they treat one another as a family. Love is their foundation.

Source: http://www.theearthchild.co.za/you-must-see-this-incredible-self-sustaining-norwegian-home-video/