Christina Sarich of Waking Times writes:

Facing ever-growing levels of harassment from the current, crumbling power structure, a new breed of dis-obedient women is shaking up the world. No longer facing simple media slurs or targeted cyber-trolling, some of these women are even being murdered to keep the planet from knowing about the causes which they bravely champion.

One such warrior-woman is Ms. Gloria Ushigua. She has continued peaceful demonstrations and legitimate work that would save indigenous lands and environmental degradation despite intimidation, andrepeated acts of force.

Five men sat outside Ms. Ushigua’s home recently, shortly after her sister-in-law, Anacleta Dahua Cují, was killed. She believes her sister-in-law died due to guerillas mistaking her identity. The ‘hit’ they were aiming to carry out was on Ms. Ushigua. Over the past month there have also been escalating attempts on her life.

Dahua Cují was brutally murdered, and likely raped before she was killed. Ms. Ushigua was doomed for the same fate. Sadly, she is familiar with this type of treatment, as she has already been beaten by police, who used tasers and tear gas, breaking into her home to interrogate her for her peaceful, lawful actions in defense of indigenous lands.

Ms. Ushigua coordinates the Sápara women’s organization Ashiñwaka, that defends Sápara people’s ancestral land and environmental rights in the province of Pastaza.

Yet another human rights defender, Nilce de Souza Magalhães has also just been found brutally murdered in Brazil. She was a fierce opponent of the Usina Hidrelétrica Jirau, a rock-fill dam in north-western Brazil.

A man who claimed he wanted to ‘silence’ de Souza Magalhães’ killed her. He tied her hands and feet with ropes attached to large rocks in order to keep her body submerged in a river. She was found six months after the incident likely occurred, on June 21st.

Over 30 Killings of Environmental and Human Rights Defenders

Over 30 killings in Brazil involving human rights and environmental health defenders have been documented in 2016 alone, causing Global Witness to rank Brazil as the deadliest country in the world for these activists – many of them being women.

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