Ions are a pinnacle point that expands through time zones and particle form. Through the Ion,
intelligence moves into a portal gateway that holds specific technology activations. These
activations are connected to the technology of the DNA and have 12 (36 in the most advanced
creation of the 12) templates of light geometry. The 12 technologies within the DNA are held in
a coding that is activated when the ions release activations. Technology used in these terms
can be seen like a grid of information that holds specific frequencies of intelligence.
When the grids of the ion and DNA technologies come together, a specific frequency moves
into the vibration held beyond the ion into a space that holds the ability to integrate frequency
through a specific level of consciousness. This is when time splits and the momentum of what
you experience as life moves into a bio-light existence. The light held in this way of being is
unlike the light you experience now. It is based beyond the spectrum of color, brightness and is
unmeasurable in speed or space. The fields are highly gamified (feels like a game or breaking
through the illusion of form) and create a cell-like structure beyond form that connects to coded
light membranes or tissue in a universal template. This is plugged into the Divine template and
becomes a higher evolved state.

The Super holograms (The Matrix) within the experience of man are dependent on the
agreement of physical presence. This agreement holds waves of frequency that bring particles
into density. The dependence on these waves will break down to its origin and neutralize into
waves of frequency recorded in the DNA technology. The pulses of light that move through the
ionic technologies within the software system of the DNA are creating organized shifts breaking
down the holograms or image structures creating density. The hologram then becomes
neutralized and the membrane extends into the Divine template or grid and the holograph opens
the circuit connected to conscious thought transmission. The passing of information to other
beings is held in super holographic experience of the body.

When conscious thought meets the intelligence of the ion technology and this technology meets
the technology of the DNA, man will move into the vehicles of energy, Divine expression.
Expression of the energy created from the specific activations are held outside law or the loop
geometries held in density (breaking quantum physics). The light body can only be fully
expressed when reflection of information is diminished. The light body cannot be achieved
through the illusion of the super hologram. The experience of a hologram must be expressed
through the technology being activated through the union of ionic technology and the technology
held in the DNA. (Divine Expression)

When activating specific coding in the DNA and connecting this energetics into the super
hologram a frequency is turning on DNA intelligence. When this begins to happen, You will
move through the experience of different levels of identity within the frequencies consciously.
This can have both effects on the body and the mind or phycology of existing. It will feel as
though you are moving beyond time and space yet still anchored in the 3D reality. This will be
so until full expression of the Divine Template is achieved. You can use your reality as a
beacon by reading lower frequencies as they come into your field of reference. Just by being in
this awareness, lower frequencies are neutralized allowing higher frequency realities in the
super hologram to appear. Allow yourselves to enjoy the miracles of higher frequencies that
hold ionic intelligence beyond the experience of density. Mastering this experience will be
another step of moving into the light body. The supernatural existence in reflection bends the
holographic grid (The Matrix) held in lower frequency patterns. It is a huge service to humanity
and all beings stuck in the time space continuum. It is time to break the Matrix.

About The Author

Jewels started her walk with spirit at the age of 16 when she had a chance encounter with a woman that saw her gift as a “seer” Through the synergy of connecting with her soul family, she was revealed a method to transform cellular intelligence. With over 27 years in Vibrational Healing and multiple accreditations, Jewels’ developed her Super Power of Tracing energy patterns to find the beliefs or programs that keep us in the cycle of aging and disease. She Created DECU Cellular Readings, OMcodes and Now EvoStar Technology. These cutting edge methods lead us to finding the true power of becoming the New Human!

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