It doesn’t matter what your goals are, if you want to achieve them, it’s is important to start moving the puzzle pieces of your life around, right now. Writer, Jason Demakis uses his life experience to explain how you can approach this. He aspires to be a fitness trainer but instead of waiting to earn his certification, he began living a healthier lifestyle immediately as he works on the steps necessary to achieve his goal. Below is Jason’s method.

Let me give you an example from my own life which illustrates this process:

One of my upcoming personal goals is to study for and acquire my personal fitness trainer certification. Rather than wait until I have the certification to begin living as healthy as possible, I already do that now to the greatest extent that I can. This in turn effectively allows me to be living the lifestyle of my goal as congruent as possible while I’m waiting to complete all of the action steps required.

I work out at home on days that I can’t make it to the gym, so I always have the habit of exercise to keep my momentum and attitude congruent with my goal. I naturally feel more motivated to seek out and study more information that will help further my progress. I also feel more inclined to talk to and network with others than I would be if I convinced myself that I “had to wait” until all my external conditions “were perfect”.

This is an empowering process for two reasons:

  1. It keeps you busy with constructive, productive work and action steps toward your goal.
  1. You begin facilitating action and behaviors that are congruent with your goal, and thus allow yourself to access its results sooner than later.

That second benefit is the key one; did you catch it? You’ll actually achieve your goals faster if you begin consciously shaping your current lifestyle in ways which are congruent with your end goal.

Attitude is Everything

You see, our attitude (or state of being) is like a lubricant of sorts. It reduces our friction and resistance to taking action. Without the proper attitude, we’ll rationalize away taking certain actions and performing certain behaviors, and thus cut ourselves off from experiencing any sort of new, exciting, or even different results that may be waiting for us.

All results are the consequence of actions, and we can’t experience certain new results in life if we constantly block ourselves from taking the new types of actions required to generate them.

If your goal is to start a business, but you have no experience, no knowledge, and no friends or other resources already in a particular field – you’re going to have a very challenging time manifesting your goal. It’s not impossible mind you, but it will be significantly more difficult to achieve on your own.

Compare this to someone who consciously places themselves in an environment more conducive to their goal. Perhaps they gather books on the topics they wish to learn, take a night class or seminar on business management, and seek out other local people who have already started their business from scratch, and are now profitable, successful, and wealthy.

Both people in the above example have the same access to the same information, even if one or both don’t go the traditional education route. The beliefs and assumptions of the individual are going to determine where one another allows themselves to take action toward their goal.

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your World

This brings us to our final point: your beliefs are ultimately what control your boundaries of behavior, and thus the types of results you’ll acquire in life.

More accurately: the types of results you’ll allow yourself to acquire in life.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, our behavior is constantly being dictated and redirected by thoughts and beliefs from within ourselves. These often subtle shifts occur without our direct awareness – but we pay the full price for all of the results they generate. We can slip and lapse on the choice of behavior end all day, but we have to endure and experience 100% of the results we kickstart into action due to those slips and lapses in behavior.

This is the main benefit of choosing to live as consciously as possible: to reclaim control over the subtle subconscious behaviors that are presently keeping us locked in place in life, while simultaneously keeping our highest goals and aspirations at bay indefinitely.

When you begin consciously incorporating elements of your goals into your life via habits NOW, you begin reprogramming your subconscious mind to become more receptive to your end goal. This further facilitates the manifestation process, and allows you to enjoy the most joyful, happy, abundant, and positive life growth experiences possible!