Seth M of Expanded Consciousness writes: 

Just like you hear so many people say, “There’s an app for that” when it comes to solving all of life’s problems, they should really be saying, “There’s a tea for that.” So many of life’s everyday, annoying problems that can be remedied by drinking different kinds of tea. From insomnia to debilitating cramps to headaches.

See if any of the six teas below can help make your life even just a little bit better.


If you’re looking to help out your digestive system and get rid of that post-meal pudgy belly, Fennel tea is the hero you deserve. It’s comprised of compounds that help ease gastrointestinal spasms, which makes it easier for gas to pass through your system, which in turn gets rid of the bloating feeling.

If you can’t shake a cough

Irritated throat? Coughing all the time and tired of it? You need Marshmallow tea. Brewing the roots and leaves of this magical herb into a tea is a remedy that has been handed down through generations for over a century.

When you need to calm your nerves

If you’ve got butterflies in your stomach and can’t seem to get rid of your anxious nerves, Chamomile is the tea for you. Its compounds act in a similar way as Valium’s. One study out of the University of Pennsylvania discovered that people with anxiety disorders reported significant relief from symptoms after taking a chamomile supplement over the course of eight weeks, when compared to the control group.

If you can’t sleep

If you want to fall asleep and stay asleep when you’re ready for bed, Lavender tea might do the trick. Research surrounding Lavender tea has found that even smelling Lavender has the ability to put people to sleep. It’s also been seen to reduce blood pressure and lower your heart rate.

For menstrual cramping

If you’re not a fan of Ibuprofen, ginger tea is an adequate substitute. A study conducted in 2009 discovered that ginger tea was just as effective as Ibuprofen when it came to relieving pain from period cramps.

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