Andrea Schulman of Conscious Life News writes:

Sometimes, we make a bigger deal out of our problems than we need to.  While we might be concerned and worried about how we are going to take the next step to resolve a pressing issue, this anxiety actually only makes it harder for us to find the answers we are looking for.

By holding on to our problems with overthinking and worrying, we play a tug of war with the universe.  We send the message we don’t believe we can be guided to the place we want to be, and as a result we block our intuition and prevent the answers from coming to us.

When we relax and go with the flow, guidance comes easily, and problems that seemed insurmountable before naturally resolve themselves without much effort or strain. For quick, effective solutions to our problems, it’s always best to let go.

With that in mind, here are 10 affirmations to surrender your problems to the universe.  The next time you are feeling anxious or worried about how to deal with a negative situation, take a few moments to reassure yourself with a few of these statements.

As I always mention, when picking affirmations be certain to use ones that feel good to you. Affirmations only work when they feel soothing, so please take care with the statements you select!

  1. “It’s not my job to figure everything out.”
  1. “I am eternal, so this problem is small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.”
  1. “I am supported, loved and cared for.”
  1. “Things always work out for me when I relax and let go.”
  1. “There is a solution to every problem, and the universe knows exactly what the solutions are.”
  1. “I am guided by the same forces that align the stars and keep everything in the universe orderly and harmonious.”
  1. “I’ve been shown the way to many blessings, triumphs and resolutions in my life.”
  1. “When I stay calm, the answers come to me easily and effortlessly.”

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Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher who now specializes in Law of Attraction education.  Subscribe to her newsletter and follow her on Facebook for more information!