Stem cells are a truly amazing gift in your human design! What we’ve discovered in our research on Master Cells (a special kind of stem cell) is the key to growing healthy and ultimately growing younger. By using stem cells activated and regenerated with the quantum field allows us to literally grow back a surgically removed organ or gland.


A cell that upon division replaces its own numbers and also gives rise to cells that differentiate further into one or more specialized types, as various B cells and T cells.

Pink Stem CellsIn a recent conversation with my friend Jerry Crabtree genetic scientist at Stanford was that the scientists are working on the same things we are, just in a slow moving lab, with a ‘prolonged’ under the microscope review. Professor Crabtree’s laboratory is currently researching skin cells, stem cells and healing the nerves. His projection is it may take 20 years to bring this project to a successful result. What they are doing is turning skin cells into nerve cells. One of the possible positive uses of this research is to rebuild a nervous system for someone who has Parkinson’s disease.

This is a very exciting time in the field of genetic research, and parallels the Quantum research we are doing here. The Crabtree labs estimate 18 to 20 years of research and development prior to taking this extraordinary research out into the world to help folks. With our stem cell regeneration techniques we are seeing glands and organs being rebuilt, restored and regenerated and we are getting anecdotal* medical documentation. (*meaning we are not a lab nor do we have the funding to do 20 years of research yet our participants have medical reports that show unexplainable miraculous results).

In my vision of the Human Blueprint and the role of the master cell is key to everything else related to health, happiness and rejuvenation.

– Julie Renee

Happy WomanLet’s talk about what stem cells are and why they are so precious to us in the regeneration process. A stem cell by definition is an undifferentiated cell of a multicellular organism that is capable of giving rise to indefinitely more cells of the same type, and from which certain other kinds of cells arise by differentiation. Ok, so that’s what the dictionary tells us. This is the intelligent cell that virtually holds the secret to building new cells. For me it is the most beautiful gift from the human blueprint! Stem cells and master stem cells are cells that hold the regeneration information it is their mission and purpose to restore and regenerate the body.

As I and my Apprentices look to the poor functioning gland, organ or system we observe stem cells at a very reduced rate of function. As I analyze these cells they may have a nucleus functioning at a very low percentile. For example, 11% and to make matters worse organelles for example an absorption organelle (kind of like the stomach of the cell) may also read very low function. Perhaps the DNA itself may be damaged or broken and the interior and exterior of the cell may be struggling. Imagine a poorly functioning cell that is supposed to help you grow healthy. Can you envision what it will reproduce in such a poor condition?

By restoring all components of the cell using the quantum field and the perfect human blueprint to their 100% state, regeneration can now effectively and efficiently commence.

I’d like you to think about your Divine Human Blueprint as the spiritual model of your physical being. Since it is the blueprint, it is the 100% perfected version of you. The stem cells then, in this model are the very best version of yourself. Even when working with newborns, I see the stem cells are not at 100%. Activating the stem cell blueprint with the quantum field can transform everything.

Electric LeafAnother way to imagine the human blueprint is to think of kirlian photography and a torn leaf. The area where the leaf was torn away still appears in the image. Also think of those who have lost a limb, yet they continue to have sensations and pain where the limb was. It was because the limb is still there on the level of essence.

Now that you can picture the stem cell existing in your own blueprint envision the quantum field applied to the cell, we see amazing results with this simple and very effective technique. Because the blueprint exists regardless of outer appearances in what we call matter (all the physical components of the human design), we are able to use a unique process called Cellular Neo Genesis to bring the damaged or missing master stem cells back to it’s 100% “God” state.

A great example of cellular neo genesis is Holly who had a PET scan during cancer treatments that showed she had a failed adrenal the size of a raisin no longer functioning and according to medical science, failed forever with no hope of growing back. Upon applying quantum field energy to the master cells of her failed adrenal, we were able to produce a cascade of new cell growth and ultimately grow to full size and function her failed adrenal. Her radiologist medically documented this four months after the first certification of the failed adrenal.

Once the regeneration of the individual master cell is successfully completed we use a program in the mitochondria to begin the cascade of new cell growth. For every gland organ or system there are numbers unique to each of days of regeneration. The average days for growing an adrenal back is about 42. In contrast the brain 135 days and the thyroid 72 days of new cell growth.

This last example Cellular Neo Genesis was with an existing gland. In this case we found stem cells at extreme low function. The other versions of cellular neo genesis is of an entirely missing gland or organ. We see this when a surgical procedure removes entirely the gland or organ. Although we have not yet gotten consistent results from this procedure everyone who has gone through the process has experienced improvements. We use the identical technique to the one we use when a body part is damaged or extremely low in function.

I think of my own tonsils and which were surgically removed at age 3 and grown back 43 years later to full adult size ~ in a short amount of time. A more impressive example is our dear Carolyn who had her colon removed and was dying from seven infections in the abdominal area. Her procedure began with removing a. death energy, b. 7 infections and c. repairing the leaky gut by building cells in the large and small intestines. Caroline’s health dramatically improved and her desire was to have the colostomy bag removed so she might return to a normal relationship with her husband and a happy family life experience. With focused attention to her colon in the divine blueprint we were able to begin the process of cellular neo genesis and successfully grow back her colon over a period of time. Her personal goal of having the colostomy bag removed was realized and she is living a comfortable, happy, healthy life in wine country. Her doctors warned if they removed the bag she would suffer constantly from explosive uncontrollable diarrhea. Carolyn has never experienced a moment of discomfort and experiences a normal digestive process.

Colorful Cells
Working with stem cells is an exciting experience whether you are using a potent product like Swisscell (which is an oral stem cell supplement) improving vitality and longevity ~ made by my dear friend Burton Goldberg or you are in the leading edge of scientific research like Professor Jerry Crabtree my dear friend at Stanford. And one of our Quantum Healing students Bill Obrien who is bringing stem cell technology to burn victims all over the planet with his incredible serums ~ what we all are excited about is both potential and results! Everyone working with stem cells knows the untapped and incredible regenerative power to be experienced with proper activation of stem cells to the body.
Julie Meditation Pose
SIMPLE AND EASY using the quantum field to restore stem cells is the effective way to regenerate the body, skin, glands and organs. Humanity is ready to experience health, vibrancy and full energy with a bright and exciting future in store for everyone. Stem cell research is truly the wave of the future and we are so delighted to be presenting the easier, faster, more direct way to activate your stem cells. What’s so extraordinary about these breakthroughs are that they are already part of your original design and it is what you were gifted so you could naturally stay young and healthy for many years to come.
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I felt energies go from my feet to my head. Thank you thank you thank you! Love and Blessings to you and Julie.

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I AM vibrating

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The tingling through my ENTIRE body has just started to subside, and actually it’s still running.Energy coursing through me. My left side is still vibrating as I write. Wow. Thank you so much, Julie Renee. I don’t know what’s really happening but maybe I don’t need to know. I just feels fantastic.

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