Life is a balancing act. We have an outside life that consists of all the things we need to do, and how we show up in the world, and an interior life that tells us what we truly need and how to have a nourishing, related life with ourselves and others. Both of these aspects are important, so life is basically a tipping scale of inner-outer needs and desires that we need to somehow keep in equilibrium.

As a life coach, I see that many of my clients have a tendency to be either too “masculine” or “feminine” in their daily approach to life. Each of us live within these two complementary aspects of ourselves, and when we learn to access both of them and create balance, we experience a profound feeling of wholeness.

Our masculine side focuses on the external aspect of our lives and what we can have, do and express in the world. Our feminine side relates to the internal aspect of our lives and what we feel, how we love and connect to others, and how we relate to ourselves intuitively. Tony Robbins refers to these two aspects of life as “the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.”

In general, our culture is more interested in achievement and the adamant pursuit of external goals. But the tide is definitely turning now, and more and more people are realizing that purely focusing on the masculine, externally-oriented part of life leaves them with a lot of “achievements,” but a feeling of being internally bankrupt.

Similarly, there are people who focus on feeling good and attending to their inner-selves to a fault. They meditate, ruminate and procrastinate. They may have a great relationship with their true feelings and inner world, but their outer world is falling apart from lack of action.

Ultimately, we all need to integrate both of these complementary sides of ourselves for a productive and fulfilling life. We need to attend to our inner needs and also interact with the external world in consistent, courageous, tangible ways.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I tend to focus on goals and achievements and my “to do” list more than on myself and my inner world and needs?

Or do I tend to nurture my feelings and inner sense of things and shy away from taking the actions I know I need to take?

No matter how you answer these questions, the simple exercise outlined in the video above will help you to balance your masculine and feminine aspects . It’s a quick and easy technique you can use to tap into all of yourself on a daily basis.

Check it out and then put it into action and create the live of your dreams; a life full of achievement and brimming with fulfillment. After all, that is why you’re here, right?

About The Author:

Vicki Howie is the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ (find out what inspired her to create them here). Check out her new book “The Key to Your Chakras” here on Vicki is also the Creator of Chakra Love and the Chakra Life Cycle System®, as well as the Co-Editor of Conscious Life News. You can visit her website chakraboosters.comfacebook page and youtube channel for lots of free chakra info and gifts. Vicki’s biggest joy is to help you unleash your full chakra power and step into your highest potential.

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