Thousands of thoughts run through our mind every day and most of the time we are not consciously aware of them. The most disturbing point about this fact is that our thoughts shape our life, so, if we don’t control our thoughts, we can lose control of our life. Instead of allowing our thoughts to be influenced by other people or reacting to what is around us, we should use our thoughts to empower ourselves and create on purpose. Below is a strategy to break this pattern by changing the way you phrase things and by talking to yourself.

Clean Slate


What’s the best way to break this pattern, you ponder? First thing as you come out of your slumber. As we wake up in the morning (or from a nap), we do so with a Clean Slate. A Fresh Mind. Until we start reminding ourselves of what we have to do, what went wrong the day before or things we are worried about. Here’s where we can create some Magic; in the spirit of moving through our day with purposeful, deliberate creating, we can simply refuse to take on this negative chatter. Instead, as you wake up, bring things to mind that put a smile on your face. Something easy and fun, like a playful puppy or a stunning view or recall the scent of a forest after the rain or the sound of the ocean, seagulls and all. Linger on the delicious details as long as they make you feel good. And remember that there’s assistance if you need it; Put on a guided meditation or a favorite YouTube video. Breathe. The smile that this puts on your face may only last for a minute, but the next day it’ll be two minutes. The following week it may take you through your morning shower. It’s like gently strengthening a muscle.

Self Talk

What decides how long that feeling of Ease will stay with you? Self Talk. The thoughts you think about your Self as well as the World around you. In a non-judgmental way, just be aware of those habitual thoughts starting to creep back in. But now, know that they only hold as much power as you give to them. “I’ve GOT to call that lawyer today!” can be turned into “I think calling that lawyer in the next couple of days will give me some peace of mind, and I like peace of mind. I like feeling at ease. Yeah, I think making that call before the day is over will make me feel good.” And “I so suck at this” can easily be turned into “Yup, this is not my forte, but that’s ok – there are other people around me who are good at this and they can help me. I’m good at so many other things. I always figure things out. No need to stress.” Mmmm. Be gentle with your Self. Make it a new habit to check in with your inner dialogue on a regular basis, maybe each time you become aware of hearing music or see a dog or touch your hair – what ever works for you.

By catching these thoughts early, before they gain momentum, we re-claim our sanity and sense of being centered, feeling empowered. How refreshing, that it is in OUR hands!