I have been watching these technologies for years. They are finally coming together. I plan to make them available for rich people like you! And regular folks, too.

One of my projects is to create a new medical research foundation to study longevity, and find the most effective ways of combining these and other therapies. I am thinking about establishing it in Puerto Rico, with an alternative MD I know who is also a professor at a medical school there.

Some of the treatment modalities I have for reversing aging (I can’t give out too much proprietary info on some of these yet):

1. Epithalon: A short peptide chain which signals the pineal gland to produce another hormone, which in turn causes the cells to produce telomerase.

Do you know what aglets are? They are those little plastic things on the ends of your shoe laces which keep the laces from fraying. Well, your chromosomes have aglets, too. They are called “telomers”. Telomers get shorter each time their cell divides, until the cell cannot divide any more. That means that the cell can no longer replace itself. This causes much of the signs of aging, and the body changes that we call aging.

Telomerase is an enzyme which causes the telomers to grow longer. And by lengthening the telomers, many signs of aging disappear. Wrinkles disappear. Skin elasticity and thickness returns. Prostatism and erectile dysfunction resolves. Eyesight improves. Skeletal flexibility. Mood improves.Depression and what I call “Walter Mathau Syndrome” or Grumpy Old Man goes away. Organ function returns. Many things improve.

Epithalon was first used on aged soviet scientists. Markedly reduced their death rate. Using high doses can take off decades in only 2 weeks.

Someone mentioned TA-65. This is an extract of the Chinese root Dong Kwai. THis is a good idea, but there are no trials which shows that it actually works.

2. Low Glucose Diet. Glucose is a known toxin to the body. High levels of glucose cause “glycosylation” or glucose sticking onto proteins, DNA and other molecules.

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