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Globalism - True or false?

Globalism – True or false?

I am all for ONE WORLD where we have free travel, no borders, openness and no more wars EVER! However… right now there is a dark grid of energy called the ‘mutant matrix’ over the 3D grid. If we give global power to THIS small group of people…we will lock ourselves in this 3D grid.…

Attractive Human: How to Become One - Understand the Lives of Others

How to Become an Attractive Human: The Value of Understanding the Lives of Others

Just as we finished this New Year’s issue on creating leads, I came across an article in Stanford magazine titled “How to Become a Successful Human.” The article expresses the university’s concern about a growing trend it sees: fewer and fewer students are taking courses in humanities, instead favoring subjects with a more utilitarian bent, such as…

Q&A - Healing Energy, 5D Arcturians, Dimensions 1-12, Changing Grids, Planetary Changes, Source Field Energy

Q&A – Healing Energy, 5D Arcturians, Dimensions 1-12, Changing Grids, Planetary Changes, Source Field Energy

A great live stream… big questions answered on (my perspective and take of course) on Healing Energy, 5D Arcturians, Dimension Grids, Planetary Changes, Source Field WATCH NOW: If you enjoyed this, you may also be interested in:

Essence of Life For Self Healing | You Wealth Revolution

The Essence of Life

The Essence of Life is a source energy. It is an energy that flows from Spirit to animate life in the physical form. Because it is a Quantum energy, instantaneous healing or re-balancing can occur on all levels simply by basking in this energetic. Alcazar, the guide of The Stargate Experience, began to teach Julieanne…

Bio Field Energy – From MS to Walking

Start Your Day with a Miracle Story? Check out Debora Wayne’s amazing story of an MS Healing…and the truth about Bio Field Energy! ⭐Listen and Watch Now – After Years She Heals in Hours! (Bio Field Immersion Starting in January! – CLICK HERE) About Debora Wayne: Debora Wayne, founder of The Biofield Healing Institute® is an internationally-known…



BUT HOW DO WE PREVENT OURSELVES FROM BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF OR GETTING HURT? I do believe in feeling your way on what is in resonance and what is not and healthy boundaries and THAT IS OK TO SAY NO or BACK OFF. Society would have us think now days that if we do not…

Sacred Mother Earth

Our Sacred Mother Earth!

Our Sacred Mother Earth has been preparing us for some time now to shift into a higher vibrational frequency. She has been doing this by raising the frequency of her own natural heartbeat which is measured by the Schumann Resonance. It was first measured over 50 years ago and remained constant at approximately 7.8 Hz…