Our Sacred Mother Earth has been preparing us for some time now to shift into a higher vibrational frequency. She has been doing this by raising the frequency of her own natural heartbeat which is measured by the Schumann Resonance. It was first measured over 50 years ago and remained constant at approximately 7.8 Hz throughout this time. In the last couple of years however, it has been spiking at unprecedented levels reaching over 100 Hz on occasion. She always drops back to her resting frequency after a few days, otherwise we would become overly agitated and anxious. She is entraining us to a new level of brainwave frequency so that we will become more open and aware of the wonderful opportunities awaiting us through synchronicity and converging timelines. Have you noticed how people are showing up in your life at exactly the right moment in time recently? Our interconnectedness is now revealing itself very clearly through Mother Earth’s-and our- evolving consciousness.

People have been working with the Planetary Crystal Grid system and Ley Lines over the past several years to assist in the clearing of these grids which were once distorted by man to serve a need for power and control. The natural flow of energy through these electromagnetic currents, sometimes called Dragon Energy lines, creates a highly beneficial feeling in the human body and aids in the healing of wounds and blockages that we carry. Sacred sites across the planet lie on these Ley Lines creating sacred energy vortexes which enhance our spiritual growth. The Stone Circles were created at different locations on the Planet to amplify and anchor these energies into Mother Earth for the benefit of all, especially for those who visit these sites. Recently, we have been engaged in restoring one of the most distorted Ley Lines in North America, returning it back to its original innocence before the first distortion. This process not only brings us into co-creation with Mother Earth herself but clears the grids for further upgrading and amplification.

Another amazing opportunity to co-create with Mother Earth comes through the process of physical alchemy, working at the open furnace at 2,000 degrees Celsius with boiling metals and minerals. Most people think this is a metaphor for human transformation which it is, but it is also a real process, transmuting base metals like iron, lead and tin into gold and silver, under the right conditions. And those conditions require the alchemist to join in conscious co-creation with Creator and the metals and minerals of Mother Earth. I have had the honour of standing beside one of the few fully-functioning medieval-style alchemists alive on the planet today. You can only survive the experience if you go to the furnace with an open and pure heart. Many who have done this process for personal gain have perished at the hands of the elements!

This is deep and profound work and over the last four years we have been gifted with a process called the Gene Keys which enhances our ability to work closely with the new frequencies coming into the planet, creating a solid underpinning energetic framework. The Gene Keys unlocks the genius inside each of us, by guiding us on a 33-step process called the Golden Path. This process reveals the child hood conditioning and repetitive patterns we live by that keep us trapped in a life of dissatisfaction and drudgery, and how we can set ourselves free. To live life in the most miraculous and heart-centred loving way. Richard Rudd the founder is himself a genius and has unselfishly opened us up to the possibility of reaching enlightenment in this lifetime. One of the most powerful elements of the Gene Keys is that they can be approached from any point of view or belief system. They are all encompassing!

Each Gene Key has three levels of frequency: a Shadow, a Gift and a Siddhi or Divine essence. There is one Gene Key that deeply connects us to Mother Earth. The 15th Gene Key has the shadow of Dullness. People with this key cannot stand the mundane aspects of life, so much so that when wanting to connect deeply with nature, they never give themselves enough to time to really connect at the deepest level. However, once we slow down sufficiently and give ourselves time to pause, we step into the gift of Magnetism and now we start attracting all the elements of nature to us; the birds, animals, trees, and the Earth itself. Ultimately, when we slow down enough and commune at the deepest level, we create Shambala, our own Garden of Eden within, the most glorious natural connection to our sacred Mother Earth. Then, we are able to live a life fully grounded and aligned with spirit, one where we’re able to meet life’s ups and downs with equanimity and grace.

About Peter Tongue

Peter Tongue has been on a Spiritual Path for much of his life. Early explorations of chemistry and astrology quickly evolved into studies of alchemy and the afterlife. Over the years, he has gained much insight on humanity’s innate ability to transform itself as well as the illusory veil that separates us from other dimensions.

Peter was an Educator for thirty years and a High School Principal for thirteen years, during which time the Indigo Children provided him with first-hand accounts of their spiritual experiences as well as the limitations they were facing within the traditional school system.

Inspired by these exceptional young people, Peter left his career in formal education and turned his attention to walking his true spiritual path while helping others to walk theirs. He now counsels individuals and groups in spiritual emergence, overcoming obstacles, and finding one’s true life purpose. He is particularly attuned to the new children, helping them discover the gifts within their supposed “challenges”, as well as bridging communication between them and their parents, helping each to find a much deeper understanding of the other.

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