Gabriella Disendorf of My Empowered World writes:

We live in a busy, fast-moving world where people do not have time to think about themselves but are forced to go on with their lives without any opportunity to reflect on possible problems, unfortunate situations and the ways these things affected them emotionally. With this much regression, it is no wonder that stress is one of the main causes for many health issues, both mental and physical. Without releasing stress and having a proper period of battling with bad feelings, people accumulate negative energy that is weighing them down in every aspect of their lives, thus putting strain on other things that might be good, and even opening the path to break downs. All negative feelings that are main ingredients of stress attacking the body and mind have to be confronted and dealt with in a best way possible for an individual.

Stop for a moment and think

It does not matter how busy you are with work or what tasks you have to finish by the end of the day – when something bad happens you have to slow down and make time to reflect on what is hurting you. This might sound strange but it is best to feel the pain to its maximum the moment it starts pressing on the chest and make it clear to yourself why you are sad, what you lost, what happened that caused this, etc. If you immediately face the problem and give yourself time to feel emotional about it, it will be easier to fight it straight on later, without having unresolved feelings and negativity clouding the mind and consequently body, and stress filling up so much that you feel like you are about to burst.

Surround yourself with people you love

It is important not to seclude yourself when you are vulnerable or stressed but talk to people that support you and make you laugh. Surround yourself with family and friends and say out loud what is bothering you. Sometimes even cursing can help and it would not be too hard to let all the stress out this way when you are in a familiar environment. Releasing the stress this way gradually will show amazing results because people who love you will always be there to offer advice and try to make you smile. And when you find something very funny, laugh as you would normally – do not let the stress take over completely every function of your body and allow your mind some time off.

Exercise and eat well

You might not be quite sure what exercise and diet have to do with feeling stressed and helping with balancing the mind and body, but the truth is that moving your muscles and sweating help you get rid of all the negative toxins in your body that are secreted specifically because of stress. Moreover, physical activity makes your heart stronger, thus helping with chest pain whenever stress overcomes you. Some simple exercises such as those recommended for stroke victims are all it takes to help you combat stress when it comes to working out. Furthermore, a balanced diet will provide a regular bowl movement and enough vitamins to boost your immune system, making you feel strong and energized. “Healthy body healthy mind” as the saying goes.

Do something for yourself

First of all, you have to tell yourself constantly that you will stop living in the past and start looking in the present. Live for the moments of joy, no matter how brief or simple, that are happening now! What’s more, make something interesting happen in your life. Let go of made-up rules and regular schedules and take a risk. Go clubbing, sign up for a class you are interested in, buy something that you have wanted for a long time but did not have the courage to get, go for a walk in nature, sit in the park and read a book – it can be anything you want but you never got to it because of the sense of forced control.

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