Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for participating and asking your questions on the Facebook page. I appreciate your honesty, vulnerability and openness. We will continue to do these Q&A’s every month. Look for a post on Facebook the 2nd Monday of every month and answers for those questions picked will be published on the blog the 2nd Friday of every month.

Before I answer these questions, I want to explain a bit about my process of choosing the questions and how I work. I am a Psychic Medium/Spiritual Teacher and I believe that the gifts I possess also exist in you. It is my goal as a Medium and a teacher to help Guide you to live a life full of purpose, joy and peace from your heart and soul. A life of truth. A life you came here to live. A life I was Guided to live by my Guides and now want to share with all of you.

This time I picked the questions based on a couple of things. First I went to where my Guides led me. Second I also took into account some questions that I feel many of you would benefit from the answers. I won’t always be doing it this way but for the first time out of the gate, I chose to do it this way. I give a ton of information and techniques in my readings that everyone can benefit from using. I do these Live Facebook Readings in my Membership Group and my members love them because they get to read everyone’s answers and they apply them to their own lives. You are all in a soul group and you will recognize similarities in each other.

Thank you again for this blessed opportunity. If you would like to read more about me, please visit my website at http://www.marilynalauria.com/ or my Facebook page where I play a ton of games at https://www.facebook.com/marilynalauria1/

Now for the questions.

Rob Wortmann writes:

My biggest question is, how can I free myself once and for all from scarcity mentality?

I love this question Rob!

I truly do. Why? Because I understand it from a personal level. When I read, I only take things from my Guides so I don’t give you personal opinion but I wanted you to know, I understand the question and yes, you can get past this! My Guides are telling me you have been working on this for a while especially in the last 3 to 6 months. They said you are already moving past it because you are so willing to change the way you are living. They said you are tired of the story you have been living and want to create the Abundance you know you are capable of having. They let me know this has to do with your self worth and they would like you to work on the value of who you are. They tell me you are a very compassionate person who deeply cares about other people.
I see a young boy around you. What that means is you are actually good at helping or Guided other young energies. They want you to not be afraid of what it is, you truly desire. To allow yourself to feel what it would be like to have these things in your life. They tell me that disappointment from past experiences is keeping you in scarcity consciousness. I want you to start saying, “Up until now I struggled with Scarcity Consciousness.” This will help to release you from the pain of the story. I would also like you to work with the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Really work with it every single day. They said it’s important that you make time for yourself each day to work in this book. You can take the weekends off but they’d prefer you only take Sundays off. Please let me know if this answer helps you. Much love to you.

Valerie O’Brien writes:

I have the ability of claircognizance (inner-knowing), which I am getting more and more confident in trusting. I want to develop my ability to hear and see as well. I do get the ringing ears, but that is as far as it as gone so far. I’ve had a couple of visions during meditation, but they never last very long. My question is… How can I enhance and develop this abilities within myself?

Hi Valerie,

I love this question since I constantly am teaching people how to use their gifts so they can move their own lives along. I will start with developing your clairaudience. Clairaudience can be tricky because people sometimes get confused that their Guide’s voice will also sound like their own voice. I usually tell people to pay attention to the energy behind the voiced answer or communication, and the location in which that answers falls. For example: I hear in both ears but in the beginning it was my right ear that was opening. When my Guides speak to me in my right ear, it is the spot where my ear meets my head that I hear their answer. If I hear things in another location, I usually know that is my own inner thoughts or possibly my higher self. This is where the energy behind the answer comes in handy.
What do I mean by that? You need to feel and understand the energy in your Guide’s answers. My Guides answer in a very neutral way. The feeling is full of peace. It’s not full of excitement, it’s just peaceful and neutral. There is no emotional attachment to the information. Pay attention to the ear that is ringing. Notice what you are thinking about at the time it is ringing. Feel into the energy of the ringing and actually copy the tone, and speak it out loud. This will help you open your hearing as well as show them your willingness to learn. There are so many exercises I can give you to learn how to open up. Please email my assistant at [email protected] and ask her for the Clairaudience lesson from my membership program for free. This will help you develop your gifts further. As for clairvoyancy, again there are many tools but the first one I would have you do is work with your third eye every morning and night. See your 3rd eye like a room with 4 walls a ceiling and floor. Color the walls in the indigo color and write your name on them. Decorate your 3rd eye room any way you like and dance around it. This will help you to own your gift of clairvoyancy. I love teaching people how to use their gifts. Thank you for your question.

Steven Green writes:

What am I called to do? I’ve always felt I’ve something important to contribute — if that’s alone or as part of a group — and how am I going to know if/when this will come into my awareness? This is and always has been a very strong feeling. I know I’m here to do more.

yellow-qanda-sqHi Steven,

Right away when I tune into you I feel like you need to engage your intuition more. Your 3rd chakra needs attention and love. How do you do that? Focus on your third chakra and really allow yourself to see the radiant yellow color that comes from it. Anytime you see something yellow in nature that you like, look at it and bring that energy into your 3rd chakra. This will help you to pay more attention to your intuitive hits. I also feel like you need to spend some more time doing the things that you love to do. Pay attention to what that is, that is where your work lies. I do feel you would work great with a group because a team would help support you in making a difference in this world. You have a very big heart. “A tremendous heart,” Spirit says.
Have you ever thought of volunteering and helping organizations who work with world hunger? I feel like you need to make a big difference and you would do best with an organization that is already in place. Even if you work for a company that didn’t do charity work all the time but that was a focus of their revenue. Or helping a large corporation find places to gift their funds. Different things come up around this so I’m going to ask you to explore major corporations that tithe their money to incredible charities. Research and explore what people offer and how they are helping. This is going to give you some great ideas of what is available to you. You don’t have enough information to form a decision and you can keep waiting for Spirit to come down and give you an answer. Well, I’m acting as Spirit for this reading and I’m telling you look into already formed organizations. 🙂 I feel you would thrive working with an organization that does incredible work. The vision I get is of you standing by a truck or plane with resources on it, and you are delivering it to a country or disaster situation the greatly needs it. I feel like you organize the team and help them facilitate the operation. Explore this. Try it on for size and see how it feels.

Thank you everyone for the opportunity to read you. Remember take what you like and leave the rest. If you want to learn more about what I do and the different services I offer, you can go to http://www.marilynalauria.com/.

Much love to all of you.



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