By Raquel Spencer

Have you ever stopped and wondered why your desire for spiritual truth and awareness is so strong now, say, versus a decade ago? Most people would probably think it’s because they’ve matured, they have satisfied their basic needs, and the yearning for something more has kicked in with age. Well, that may be true to some extent, but the timing goes way beyond that.

As we entered into the 21st century, our lives began to take on a whole new energy. Part of this has to do with our placement within the cosmos. We are in a very specific window of cosmic history, one of which many native cultures, including the Hopi and Mayans, have spoken. Our alignment within the solar system and galaxy plays a role in the advancement of our consciousness. Where we are in the solar system influences the earth, her magnetic fields, the consciousness grids around the planet and ultimately our own fields of Light.

Science has recently reported new discoveries of energetic activity within all the known planets in our solar system. This, along with solar flare activity, galactic winds and new seismic harmonics, reported as recently as the last quarter of 2016, brings awareness that it is not business as usual on planet earth.

This scientific information, along with the spiritual awareness and increased focus on personal development, solidifies that we are truly in a time of expanding consciousness. But again, how does all of this relate to our own personal awakening?

One of the changes scientists have tracked over the last few decades is the shifts in the magnetic fields of the earth. These shifts are significant – depending upon your relative point of view. The magnetic fields have changed enough in the last two decades for all major airports to redo the markings on their runways to reflect true north. Although this may not seem like earth shattering news, it does reflect how dramatic the shifts are. While this is not the cataclysmic events predicted in some scientific conversations decades ago, it does raise our awareness and expand our understanding of our environment. So what does this have to do with the advancement of human consciousness?

We are bio-chemical, bio-electrical beings. We are actually, in very technical terms, the energy operating within a very complex mechanism or matrix that I refer to as the human supercomputer. We are influenced by our environment, which is evidenced in people’s reaction to EMFs, studies about electrical generators affecting our health, and similar ongoing research. There are many, many studies showing how our bodies and auric fields are affected by electrical fields. Earth is one huge magnetic field. As her magnetic fields shift and change, it affects our own personal energy fields. Staying aligned with the natural field of energy which surrounds the planet works to enhance your own personal energy.

Earth is our ride through the cosmos. Unlike man-made fields of energy, which often tend to harm our body, it is prudent to intentionally seek to harmonize and entrain with the earth’s magnetic fields. Gaia is a sentient being, often referred to as “mother” earth. As she evolves within her natural environment, the solar system, the natural changes also assist life upon her to evolve as well.

This, along with all the other cosmic activities (solar flares, etc.), is providing a measurable physical conduit/catalyst for change. This is part of the “universal support” or grand plan to provide a new energetic structure for consciousness to evolve.

I was told, very early on in my work, that the magnetic shifts and changes happening within the planet would have a profound effect on human consciousness. I was shown this now well-known analogy: if you put a strong magnet next to a CPU computer chip with stored data, the information is stripped, wiped from the computer chip.

As bio-electrical supercomputers ourselves, our ability to evolve with and maintain our level of consciousness is dependent on staying in harmonic resonance with the magnetic fields of the planet. In other words, it is necessary to keep in sync with the magnetic shifts happening on the earth, so our own personal energy fields continue to be functional at the highest level. If the difference between the natural magnetic fields of the planet and your own energy fields are too wide, your ability to hold higher levels of consciousness is greatly diminished. You’re a massive human supercomputer, bio-electrical being of Light. Your body, your energy fields, the consciousness grids that make up your experience need to be harmonically aligned with the earth herself.

This revelation spawned an energetic technique and practice that I have shared with many spiritual seekers for more than a decade. This technique helps to keep you aligned with, and in harmonic resonance with, the earths earth’s magnetic field and will increase your ability to hold more Light and information within your own personal matrix. Simply stated, it is imperative for you to keep increasing your level of consciousness. The physical intention to align with the harmonics of the earth is essential to keep your physical hardware – i.e. your supercomputer, utilizing and interpreting higher levels of consciousness to enhance your spiritual awareness and connection.

Within the core of Gaia is a crystalline energy field of Light. This is the “heart” of Gaia’s consciousness that feeds into the ley-lines and consciousness grids around the planet. This crystalline frequency, when accessed properly in a conscious and deliberate way, can serve to nurture, support and ground you into higher frequencies. Think of yourself as a human lightning rod; you are the conduit for consciousness bridging the cosmic energies through the human matrix of Light. When you are connected and in resonance with Gaia’s heart frequency, your own fields are capable of anchoring and holding more and more Light as information, knowledge and wisdom. Remember — you, in technical terms, are truly a human supercomputer of Light; a massive bio-electrical, bio-chemical matrix of consciousness manifest into human form.

In addition, connecting with and utilizing the crystalline Light, heart frequency of Gaia can truly improve your health, vitality and clarity of mind. You want your own matrix, Light structure, supercomputer to continue to hold higher levels of Light (consciousness) as information, knowledge and wisdom. Our bodies were originally designed to be connected with higher states of consciousness. The process of awakening is to bring your own human supercomputer into a new level of functioning, which allows you to interpret Light information into your conscious awareness. Your ability to “run the software (higher levels of consciousness or Light), is only as good as the hardware you are running the software on….” Have you ever tried to run the latest version of software on an old computer? The results are often less than optimal. Or have you ever tried to access the 4G network with an old cell phone? The network is there, but without the proper hardware, you can’t access it.

The same is true of your own human supercomputer. Higher states of consciousness are available, but unless your personal human supercomputer can access and interpret the consciousness, your ability to reach expanded states of awareness are limited. Your body is key to the awakening process. Being in harmonic resonance with the magnetic fields of the earth is important for keeping your supercomputer functioning properly.

The technique is simple. There is a central column of Light which runs the length of your physical body from your crown chakra to your base chakra. This is a point of connection into the crystalline heart of Gaia.

To begin, bring your awareness into your heart. Literally bring your conscious mind into your heart chakra so that you begin to think from this location in your body, your heart. Take a deep breath and fill your heart chakra with white or luminous Light. Take another deep breath and open up your central column of Light, seeing or imagining it illuminated in your body. Take another deep breath and, very quickly, extend your central column out your base chakra all the way through the planet into the crystalline core of Gaia (at the center of the earth). Take another nice deep breath and connect in with the beautiful crystalline energy frequencies emanating from her heart. Really sense, see, feel this energy as clearly as you can. Once you are connected, quickly breathe this energy up your central column and merge it into your own fields of Light with the expressed intention to come into harmonic resonance with the heart of Gaia. Continue to pulse this energy into your own fields through your central column until you feel yourself centered and connected to her heart (some can even feel her heartbeat). Expand your heart and set your intention to stay in harmonic resonance through your day.

This technique is most effective when done daily, as Gaia is ever-expanding, changing and raising her own frequency. Our expressed intention and connection to her will amplify our ability to raise the frequency and energy that our own matrix of Light can hold on a daily basis. Simple, quick, easy and very effective – staying in harmonic resonance with the magnetic fields of Gaia will positively impact your consciousness, health and well-being. Of course, feel into this and follow your own guidance. This is not a grounding technique like many have repeatedly performed in the past. It is a daily energy practice to maintain your own supercomputer of Light.
Over the years, clients who have incorporated this practice report improved mental clarity, vitality and health. In addition, they experience feeling more grounded into their everyday reality, all while maintaining a deeper connection to their Higher Self.

Besides the changes in Gaia’s magnetic fields, the solar flares we are experiencing and the seismic activity within the planet also serve to increase our ability to access more Light as information within our physical experience. These cosmic activities are designed to break down and shift outdated energetic templates within our personal and collective grid systems to allow for new Light information, new levels of awareness to anchor into the minds of humanity. The old must release/break before the new can take hold.

This window of cosmic history spans several hundred years, providing the energetic structural support to change the course of human consciousness. The energetics of these cosmic activities serves to quicken the process of awakening. We are on the path to elevate consciousness, to expand our perceptions, to remember that we are all connected and come from the same source. Being aware of and utilizing this cosmic support to its fullest serves to enhance our journey of awakening.

These cosmic and planetary influences play a part in the evolution of consciousness. When we have some understanding of how they can enhance our spiritual awakening, we can embrace this knowledge and utilize it for our own advancement and peace of mind. Our placement in the cosmos at this time truly serves to assist us on a very personal and global level to move into higher states of conscious awareness.

There is no accident that we, the “light-workers”, are alive on earth at this time. The cosmic influences and our personal drive to remember our spiritual truth and nature is the perfect combination to affect global change and advancement. Keeping our own supercomputer of Light functioning at the highest level will serve each of us in our quest for happiness, health and well-being.

About the Author

Raquel Spencer is considered one of the “Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders.” Her no-nonsense approach to spiritual awakening and transformation provides a refreshing and grounded pathway for personal empowerment. A graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a B.S. in Business, Raquel life shifted profoundly after a 5 week unexplained medical coma. Her work assists us to expand our perceptions, embody our own unique soul essence and awaken to the truth that we are Multi-Dimensional Masters of Light. Her tagline says it all… “Guiding you through the B.S. and beyond so you can get on with what you’re here to do!” For more information, visit:

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