Written by Macaya

What happens to you when your mind starts spinning out?  Do you have anxiety?  Shortness of breath?  Complete mental break down?

It is your birthright to be in a state of peace.  When you realize you have Infinite Power to change your mental/emotional state, you get to create your reality the way you would like it to be.

Having tools available to use when your mind is going crazy allows you to take control of your mental/emotional state so you can come back to a state of peace, bliss and ease.

Here are the top 3 tools to bring you back in to a state of peace of mind.

1. Breathe

We often discount the power of the breath.  The breath can change your physical and mental state in an instant.  The next time your mind is spinning, take 5 deep breaths.  Fully inhale to the count of 6, hold for the count of 6, exhale to the count of 6 and hold it out for the count of 6.  After 5 repitions of this, you will have calmed your brain to an alpha state and able to be more present in the moment.

2. Ask Yourself “Is this true?”

The mind is really great at latching on to an idea and shouting it at you over and over again.  Most of the time these thoughts are not true.  In fact, if anything you think is not making you totally blissful and ecstatic, it is NOT true.  The next time you are having thoughts that loop over and over again ask “Is this true?  Is this really true?”  And see what your body says.  If your body feels light and expansive it means it is true.  If your body feels heavy, tight and contracted it means it is not true and you can let it go.

3. Clear Out Your Limiting Beliefs and Emotional Charge

Every untrue and looping thought is created from a set of limiting beliefs combined with an emotional charge.  True Self-mastery requires a way to clear out your lies, stories, beliefs and emotions that no longer contribute to the expansion of your life.  The quickest and most effective tool I have found to do this is The Accelerated Light Healing Clearing Tool – RICH.

RICH stands for





We can use this tool to bring up a set of limiting beliefs and emotions and then Release and Clear them from your body and energy field.

RICH.  Then it Integrates any parts and pieces of you that flew away or were lost when ever you experienced trauma this lifetime or any other lifetime and reality in to you now.  Finally, it Harmonizes  your physical body and energy body to vibrate at that new higher level instantly.

The next time your mind is spinning out, ask “Is this true?”  If it is not, clear your beliefs and emotions with this statement:

“Everything that is making me believe _________________, RICH.”

Take a deep breath and notice how you feel after you do this.  Most of the time you will feel calmer, tingly, more joyful, more blissful and feel like you have more space in your life.

When your mind is going crazy, remember you have Infinite Power to change your mental/emotional state.  By using the tools of breath, awareness of if what you’re thinking is true and The Accelerated Light Healing Clearing Tool – RICH, you can gain control of your reality and shift your focus on what you would like your reality to be like so you can have and create everything your desire.