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With some people, making friends is comparable to playing a strategic chess game.  The normal meet-and-greet, sit and eat rules don’t apply until you pass the first barrier: shyness.​Ever wondered why the shy, reserved kids in class were always the least popular?

Perhaps even the most outcasted?  The truth is, in the Western world, quietness has never been seen as a virtue.

Instead, it’s perceived as a strange, unfriendly phenomena, and frequently misunderstood as being cold and aloof.  It seems that most people just don’t seem to be up to the challenge of befriending and gaining the trust of a shy introverted person.

Our world is about quick fixes, instant gratification and speedy convenience. The shy introvert doesn’t deliver that.  But for those who have glimpsed the pearl inside the oyster, the shy introvert is the source of intrigue and fascination, but also frustration.  How is it possible to befriend such an insular, secretive and quietly mysterious type?

​Below you will find some tips, tricks, and do’s and don’t’s from the perspective of a shy introvert.

Befriending the Shy Introvert The shy introvert is typically a loyal, thoughtful and worthy friend. Whether you’re pursuing a friendship with them to either develop a romance or gain a companion there are a few things you should know first.

The shy introvert can be understood as a highly reserved person who shows signs of sensitivity, cautiousness, distrust, fear and timidity in social situations.  This can be for a number of reasons, for instance; upbringing, environment, culture, or genetic disposition.  Yet it’s a great error to assume that because the shy introvert is not friendly, open, or willing to talk to you at length that they are:

1#  Uninterested or indifferent.
2#  Disliking of you.
3#  Boring, dull, or rude.

In fact, many shy introverts harbour secret desires to know and be known, yet lack the confidence and skills to do so.  This is not to say that they don’t try.  As a shy introvert in school I managed to befriend multiple shy people, including a painfully shy schizophrenic girl who barely moved or blinked when you talked to her, out of fear.

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Aletheia Luna is the author of “Old Souls: The Sages and Mystics of Our World” and “Quiet Strength: Embracing, Empowering and Honoring Yourself as an Introvert” and is the cofounder, editor and author of popular self-discovery website  As a transformational mentor and holistic writer, she has helped to guide thousands of people all throughout the world on their paths of self-acceptance and wholeness. 


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