Why Global Healing Is About To Accelerate

How often have we truly wanted to forgive a situation, a person, or even ourselves only to keep reliving whatever occurred in the depths of our soul?  How does healing truly happen, and how can we let it unfold in a natural process that involves love for self and others? One traditional method from Hawaii is called Ho’oponopono.

On November 14, 2016, I expressed my deep feelings about Ho’oponopono through an article I wrote for The Mind Unleashed titled, Ho’oponopono: Healing for Ourselves & Our World.  During the Presidential election in the United States, I felt there was a deep need for healing, all around.

As we know from many spiritual traditions,  all experiences that take place are reflected: as within, so without.  I believe deeply, what occurs in the world to be a reflection of something in each and every one of us, which is also the basis of. The way the election season played out, and this is not merely a reference to the results, but the whole election process and season, revealed deep disharmony, disrespect all around, and pain within society for months to a year to now.

Through forgiving, we enlarge our future and we restore hope. We also release the burden of the hurt our heart has carried. As we set a daily intention to forgive, we can ask that any pain still remaining be sent out to the Universe to be blessed and restored to its natural state, that of love. We know love heals all, and this is a powerful intention.

What I have noticed, is at times for it to truly be effective, we must give it time and be patient with the process. We must practice self-love with ourselves and others.  Forgiveness and healing take time, and it can be an important tool to give yourself space from that which you wish to forgive. That being said, there has also been instant healing and forgiving through Ho’oponopono. We must stay open to how little or how much time our heart and soul needs.

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Source: http://themindunleashed.com/2017/04/global-healing-accelerate.html