Written by Jill Mattson

Many paths help people along the long road to enlightenment – overcoming the difficulties of negativity in this world of duality. With enlightenment, people rise above all negativity. Yet few achieve this divine state. Ancient masters preached that using your willpower to progress towards enlightenment was the SLOW way!  So what is the fast method?

Carefully crafted music was the “elevator” to sublime states of consciousness and lightning fast enlightenment. Sound and music are free, easy and pleasurable.

Special music was also the secret to health, emotional balance and mental superiority! Wow! How do we experience this musical energy?  Throughout this article there will be samples of this “energy medicine” – enlightening sounds for you to experience, but for now how about some explanation of how this works?

One component of such “divine” musical elixirs is frequencies. What is a frequency, exactly? Everything is energy and energy vibrates. By counting the energy’s vibrations in a set time period you get cycles per second (cps) – or the item’s frequency. For example, the cps of brain waves can be counted. Your muscles and bones are energies and also have waves – cps. Everything is energy, which has waves and can be counted. These cycles per second can be replicated in sound, and your body uses this energy just as it does the energy and frequency of something that you eat. You ingest sound. That is a fact.

In the musical sample below, the heavenly music is embedded with sounds associated with vitamins, muscles in your face and neck and collagen. Repeating listening allows your body to absorb these healing energies. Many report improved appearance – all over your body – along with healing experiences on every level.  Listen to On Angels Wings from the Deep Wave Beauty CD.

Here is the big news – so simple, yet so profound – waves in close proximity interact! Tiny, nearby waves interact with your own energies and they change you! Even to imperceptible amounts, two energy waves that intersect – change each other. This makes sense in that your thoughts influence your emotions and health.

In another example, tiny waves of music easily makes us dance or calm down. How often have you had the experience of listening to music and find it takes you over –  by making you tap your feet, calm down or dance a jig? We match the vibrations and rhythms within the music. We can listen to music – until we become the music. We become the “mellow feeling of the serene melody” or mirror the dance-beat.

Even though waves interact, we don’t pay attention to their impact, ignoring what we can’t see or is too low in volume to hear. We think that music is only entertainment and don’t know that we ingest sound. We are changed by little waves all the time – with no idea if they are in our best interests or not! Understanding the science of sound has benefits on so many levels.

Ancient sages understood the importance of small energy (sound) changes. They recognized that their cumulative effect was powerful. So they created formulas of frequencies (AKA – magic and Pagan spells). Tiny volumes of frequencies were accumulated into great volumes that made a visible change in matter. Today, historians deem these practices as superstitious and foolish, overlooking that ancient people were amassing many tiny volumes of energy, which creates changes in matter.

Here is an ancient example of how sound can alter our physicality. This healing modality came from an out-of-body experience, in which I awoke in a place that I believed was Atlantis. I saw children playing with toys – toy spleens, pancreases and other organs. I understood that the children’s ancestors were more evolved than the children were, and perhaps were not even homo-sapiens. Their ancestors were so clairvoyant and clairaudient that they easily saw the colors and heard the melodious sounds of body organs. They would immediately tune any frequencies in their bodies that slipped out of tune. Children were taught the sounds and colors of their own body organs, so they could use these sounds to have a healthy long life by tuning their body organs!

With today’s science it is possible to measure the frequencies of healthy body organs and you ingest sounds by listening to them! Listen to the mp3 of The Heart, from the Deep Wave Body Healing CD, to learn the ancient associations with the heart and also its sounds. What a tune up! The music in the background is in the key signature of a healthy heart! Ingest these life-giving frequencies!

Many ancient practices were designed to raise our “frequencies”, such as meditation, sound healing and chanting! This improved health, emotional strength and mental acuity, but how can you raise your frequencies?

Ancient clairvoyant masters saw that certain frequency patterns created bountiful, white light in one’s aura. This is confirmed today by taking an aura photograph before and after listening to such sound patterns. White light contains all component colored light frequencies, and this correlates to health and enlightenment (it correlates to raising your frequencies.)  One such special sound pattern is the ancient solfeggio tones and another is the numeric pattern of the Fibonacci numbers converted to cycles per second or sound waves. The following musical clip includes both of these sound patterns in the background of the ethereal and uplifting music!  Enjoy the sweet, clearing and high energies of My Soul from the Paint your Soul CD.

Another method of creating white light in a disciple’s auric field, was to recreate the frequencies of stars, and musically “play the heavens”. Try ingesting these frequencies in the mp3 below with: heavenly music, frequencies created by the revolution of planets in their orbits, planetary elements (which are also the major elements in your physical body) and low volume taped sounds from outer space. Imagine, advancing your consciousness simply by soaking up beautiful music, star energy and sounds! Many report healing on deep levels after listening to this music for a period of time! Listen to mp3 of Always from Star Dust CD

Another way to achieve enlightenment is to master the balance of all your emotions so you never interact with dark feelings. I’m sure you have tried to be positive, and know that it is quite difficult to avoid all negativity using our willpower! And yet, the Ancient Masters used music to create positive emotions, and clear negative emotions – without the use of any willpower or even concentration. How did they do this?

First, music makes us feel, but on a deeper level, each emotion has its own frequency. For example, there is a different speed of energy in hate versus joy. The feeling of joy is a faster and higher frequency. The ancient Greek sage, Pythagoras, perfected musical modes to create positive emotions and negate the troubling ones. This is also done in the following musical clip. Listen to Sceranthus from the Healing Flower Symphonies Vol. I that is embedded with a frequency of “being in the flow – with no worries of making any decisions”. By listening to this uplifting music often, you create the habit of being in the flow, and decision making is natural from this state of consciousness.

Music can you feel good and be happy. You can listen to music, even while doing other activities. Each uplifting, listening experience adds a drop of positive energy to your fields. Music that engages, entertains and uplifts you, can influence and enhance your journey of awareness and expansion… making this a much easier and enjoyable path for you.