Stress is something we all face at sometime in our lives. How do you handle it? The Empowering Team feel this article and the linked articles are powerful ways to handle the stressors. Our appreciation to the Institute of HeartMath for all their research and empowering tools.

It’s true that more people than ever are working out—at the gym, club, or home. Yet we tend to neglect something just as important as physical fitness, our emotional well-being. Organizations such as HeartMath have spent considerable time and money researching various forms of stress and how to resolve them before they damage your body’s systems. “You can start recognizing and lowering the stress in your life and begin dealing compassionately and effectively with depression, anxiety, anger and more,” HeartMath says.

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  • Who hasn’t heard about the dangers of stress? It is pervasive and can be life threatening. So much of modern life contributes to it. Start combating your daily stressors now. Take our stress test now!


  • When anger controls us, it can be highly destructive to relationships, happiness, and health. There are simple tools to stop it when it surfaces and prevent it from reoccurring.


  • It’s natural to experience some anxiety occasionally, but did you know serious forms—anxiety disorders—affect an estimated 40 million Americans? Learn simple techniques to begin managing your anxiety.

Time Pressure

  • There’s never enough time: It’s overwhelming, discouraging. Start listening to the ways your intelligent heart tells you enough is enough and begin re-energizing your life with a few simple tools.

Increasing Energy

  • Eat healthy and exercise for all the energy you desire. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for many people. Increase energy and resilience with the power of the heart and balanced emotions.


  • Depression is a modern malaise researchers say may be doubling every decade. You or loved ones can begin emerging from the loneliness and hopelessness of depression with these techniques.

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