Change is the only certainty in life. Because we are constantly growing, evolving, and expanding in our human experience, change is inevitable.

We have two choices when a change comes about:

To lean into it and flow with the energy, or to resist it and try to keep things “comfortable” and “easy”.

Of course, some changes are easier to embrace and some we would rather resist and pull away from. But in order to grow and get the most out of life,  it’s those “hard to swallow changes” that we need to experience more than anything. We have a tendency to pull away from the unknown, but by doing this we can actually cut ourselves off from so much that the world has to offer us.

Think about it, we are in a state of constant change. The sun rises and sets, seasons change, and our bodies grow. We accept these things because it’s something we feel we have no control over, so we flow with it. We trust that as these things happen everything will be okay, and will work our in the best way for us… but this is how ALL changes work. They all benefit us, some may teach us more than we feel we are ready for at the time, but it doesn’t make a shift any less necessary.

What are some ways to help yourself move with the flow of change?
1) Accepting that change is inevitable is a great first step. Notice how things are constantly changing around you and everything still ends up working.

2) Be open to change in general!
Let yourself change little things all the time. Make it fun, make it a game for yourself. The more familiar you become with things changing, the less scary those big ones will feel, and the more underlying control over yourself you will feel. You are always fully in control of your life. You assign meaning to everything, so allow yourself to step into a space of loving change. It’s the best possible thing for you! This will make any shift infinitely easier. You can do this by going to different places for morning coffee, wearing a different clothing style than what you typically wear, or doing little things like that to embrace changes coming about in your life.

3) Try not to over-analyze.
We try to plot out each and every moment of our future, but in doing this we cut ourselves off from the possibilities of life. We can stifle growth. We become upset if everything doesn’t unfold according to OUR own plan. However, it’s important to remember that all you can control is yourself, your thoughts, and your actions.

Here’s an exercise for when a change begins to come to light:
Try to shift your perspective for a minute. Imagine you are someone from a different planet with absolutely no beliefs about this world or what is occurring. Let yourself objectively view the change for what it is! You’ll probably be able to see how it’s moving you forward.

Remember that the farther you run from something, the scarier it seems. As fear grows, the more powerless you feel. So when a tough change comes about try thinking “what would be so awful about this thing happening? Would it stop me from living my life?” In most cases, you’ll find that the answer to this last question is probably no; making any fear regarding the change irrelevant to you.

When a change is staring you directly in the face, and you think you are not ready for it, what’s the best thing for you to do?
Remind yourself that you are attracting the best possible things to you. The Universe has a funny way of “dotting it’s i’s” and “crossing it’s t’s.” Everything seamlessly works. If you trust in this, and believe that things are GOING to work out no matter what, you’ll get through anything. You have up to this point, haven’t you?

Think for a moment what it would be like if NOTHING ever changed, if things stayed exactly the same… seems uneventful right? Allow things to get shaken up a little to help you get the most out of life!

Things can change so quickly, you may wake up thinking one thing and go to bed as a completely different person with a whole new plan. Your plan can continue to shift and grow and evolve. That’s what makes life so fun! Continue to learn. Continue to grow. Continue to expand. Embrace changes to get the most out of life!

About The Author:

Abby Cahoone is committed to helping as many people as possible with their individual journeys toward happiness, love, and light. Creating a positive and empowering mindset is core to her beliefs and actively creates new ways to help people into their inspiration, confidence, and growth. Abby started this journey at a very young age and is thrilled to be on this journey for the rest of her life. Abby Cahoone, owner of Be Enlightened Studios, resides in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

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