Crystal Dawne of My Waking Path writes:

Our modern world is very open to casual sex.  Also known as free sex or liberated sex, it is the intimate physical union of two bodies without emotional attachments.   Any form of sexual coupling that is entered into, no matter how long or short which is without commitment, responsibility and most of all, love fall under this.

Casual sex comes in the following guises:

  1. One night stand (with someone you know or a stranger)
  2. Friends with benefits
  3. Sexual orgies
  4. Sexual experimentation and exploration
  5. Cyber Sex
  6. Porn Sex with masturbation
  7. Phone Sex Services
  8. Paid Actual Sex
  9. Random Hand Jobs and Oral Sex

Many engage in this form of sexual release primarily because they don’t want any “complication” which usually comes with having sex in a closed relationship. They see this as an easier way to enjoy sex without the litany of responsibilities and emotional, even financial baggage that come with being committed.  Males who are masters at this can even get away with unwanted pregnancies.

The media, through movies, TV shows, soap operas,  comedy shows, advertisements and music depict sex as fun, free and accessible (because you can do it with anyone), romantic, healing and all the good things you were programmed to believe. The internet, even books and printed articles portray casual sex as easy, natural, stress-free, liberating and fun. Our society has been fed the information that this is a primal urge which man cannot control and so, he has to release it.  In turn, he becomes healthier, happier, focused and productive.

People who freely engage in it usually believe that they are not hurting anyone with what they are doing because it is not forced or done without the other’s liking. Well, they are so wrong.  The word “hurt” is an understatement to all the negative effects of such acts.

Casual sex has never been as good and safe as we were made to believe.  The person’s spirit is greatly harmed.  When there is something sick or broken in one’s spirit, it will affect the physical body, including his social and psychological state.

Let me show you how this happens by first explaining what sex is in general.

We have been taught that sex is just the act of physical intercourse with another.  It may be done with an opposite or same gender partner.   It is first preceded by physical attraction, then arousal and ends with the act of coitus itself.  Well, sex is so much deeper than that.

Unseen Depths of the Sexual Act

When one has sex with another, not only do their bodies join.  Their souls or astral bodies unite as well. There is an absolute merging of the body, mind and spirit. There can never be a harmless random “casual” union because it involves a person’s whole being.  In the spirit or astral world, sex is seen as very sacred, not only because of the laws which religions have placed on it.  It is sacred because it involves the soul and spirit which are divine in nature.

Even if you had sex just for 30 seconds, it still involved the union of each other’s auric fields. And it has long term effects that will transcend one’s generation and lifetime.

During the sexual union, both bodies emit a certain degree of light.  When this is emitted, souls in the spirit world, waiting to incarnate on earth eagerly watch.  When there is much love and pure devotion between the couple, they emit very bright beams of light.  These forms of coupling attract incarnating souls that are of higher awareness and spiritual development.  Children born out of this union are kind-hearted, balanced and more loving. On the other hand, partners who do intercourse without love, emit a grayish light.  These attract incarnating souls that are less experienced and have very low spiritual wisdom.  If pregnancy happens, children born will become very insecure, problematic and rebellious.

Remember that the aura of each person engaged in the sexual act is open to each other.  Contained in one’s aura are the person’s personality, habits, attitudes, talents and capabilities, spiritual debts and karma, blessings and curses, illnesses and diseases (including sickness that will still manifest later in life) and all sorts of emotional baggage.  When there is complete union of the auras, all that one has in his auric field melds with all that there is in hers.

In a husband and wife relationship, it is a common occurrence that the woman easily senses if her husband is lying or has been unfaithful or is still in an extra-marital affair.  How do wives get this psychic ability?

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