Is your ego sitting in the driver’s seat of your life?

If so, you definitely aren’t alone! All of us (at least sometimes) hand over the control of our lives to our egos.

Now, to be clear, your ego isn’t a “bad” thing.

Egos often get a bad rap. But when we identify our egos as “bad” we are, in essence, shaming a critical and important part of ourselves.

After all, having an ego is just a part of the game of being human. We are spirit consciousness shining into an individual life, and our ego is what perceives ourselves as being “ourself!”

Without an ego, we wouldn’t identify ourselves as being separate from each other, from the whole of the humanity or the whole of the universe.

So, an ego is a necessary part of the game. In order to have a separate human experience, one must have an ego.

But, with that being said, when we let the ego do most of the work in our human life, we are cutting ourselves off from a tremendous amount of power! After all, we are a grand spirit consciousness simply shining itself through our human experience.

And the grand spirit consciousness (God/The Universe/However You Choose to Name It) is infinitely capable of so much more than our separated ego ever will be.

So today, I’d like to share with you 5 signs that your ego is running your life. When you encounter these signs, there’s only one thing you need to do. RELAX!

Let the grander presence take over. Or, as some Christians like to say: “Let Jesus take the wheel.”

Signs Your Ego is in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life

1. A never-ending stream of problems is coming your way.

When given the job of running our lives, egos really just don’t know what to do. Instead of allowing themselves to be guided to favorable outcomes, they frequently attempt to “figure out” the way to get from A to B.

This is a total crap shoot, as there are limitless options one can take around any corner. The exact route from where you are to where you want to be is imperceivable by the ego, as it requires one to see all options and outcomes simultaneously.

For this reason, egos in the driver’s seat typically run into more problems than they do solutions.

2. You feel frustrated and overworked.

Naturally, if an ego is running into a never-ending stream of problems it will cause us to feel tired and agitated.

There’s nothing more exhausting than trying to get somewhere you’ve never been before without directions, a map or any knowledge on how to get there.

3. You suddenly come down with an illness or an injury.

An ego in the driver’s seat will frequently cause the body to experience strain or illness. This is the body’s way of screaming at us “Take it easy! What you are doing isn’t working!”

Sometimes the body will literally incapacitate us just to get us to take a break from all of the effort the ego is dragging us through.

4. You find that people annoy you or that you just don’t like other people.

Egos, again, perceive themselves as separate. It is much easier to dislike other people when you believe they have nothing to do with you, and that who they are is entirely separate from who you are.

5. Other people’s comments come across as criticism.

If the words other people speak are interpreted by you as being harsh or unkind, it is the ego that is having the conversation.

Egos tend to feel the need to defend themselves. Instead of understanding that we are all connected, and all messages can be interpreted positively, an ego tends to see outside input as an attack on itself.

Now, please note these are just signs that the ego is running the show. These signs do not mean you are a bad person or that you are incapable of letting the grander presence help you along! 

We all encounter these kinds of issues from time to time. All they are are signs that the ego is currently in the driver’s seat. But, we can put the ego in the passenger’s seat whenever we choose.

When we choose to relax in the knowing that the grander conscious presence is working on our behalf these signs will reduce and/or disappear. From a state of knowing that although we are separate humans, there is something bigger we are connected to we let the ego do it’s true job: perceiving ourselves as individuals.

The ego isn’t designed to figure everything out. The ego isn’t the grander conscious presence. So, it isn’t capable of seeing all of the solutions and all of the answers. It can only perceive the here and now.

When we rely on the ego to navigate our lives, we cut ourselves off from a lot of the power of the grander conscious presence. Instead of letting an all-knowing power do it’s job, we second-guess the process, we try too hard, and we ignore the guidance coming our way.

So please use these signs to your advantage. If ever you see one popping up, all it means is it’s time to relax. Remember there is a bigger presence working on your behalf, you don’t have to figure it all out!

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

About The Author:

Andrea Schulman is a a former high school psychology teacher & the creator of ‘Raise Your Vibration Today.’ Andrea teaches people how to become masters of their minds through the Law of Attraction. Check out the full-length video tutorials on her membership portal and learn how to create a beautiful life with intention.

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