Seth M of Expanded Consciousness writes:

Communicating with others can be a difficult task, especially when the person you’re trying to speak with makes it hard. But, communication is the foundation of any solid relationship, from your best friends to your romantic partners.

So, it would behoove you to know a few psychological tricks of communication that can steer conversation in a positive direction.

Here are five psychological tricks that will help you build better relationships:

When you get an answer you don’t like

Sometimes we get behaviors and communication that we don’t like. Like when a person lies to you, isn’t clear on something, or just leaves out an important detail entirely. When this happens, don’t ask for them to elaborate; remain calm and silent, and look them straight in the eyes attentively.

They will likely feel forced into finishing any thoughts that got left out.

When you get yelled at

Stay calm and passive when someone yells at you. When a person snaps at you, it’s because their first reaction to adversity is anger. If you remain silent and calm, their anger will subside, allowing them to feel a follow-up emotion from yelling at you: guilt.

This will often result in them apologizing for getting upset with you.

When you’re in group settings

Pay attention to how people react after a joke is made or when they laugh. When multiple people start laughing in the group at the same time, they will instinctively look at the person they like the most, first. Whoever they look at first can also mean it’s a person they would like to get close to.

Watch closely, and you can learn a great deal about those around you.

When you’re trying to catch someone’s attention

If you find yourself smitten by a particular person and want them to notice you, find something behind one of their shoulders to stare at. Then, once you see that you’ve caught their attention, look them in the eyes and give a soft smile. It works every time.

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