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Enjoying the video myself, I loved seeing just how many people in my network were impacted by it. Even individuals that barely publicly engage on social media took the time to like, comment, or even share this video, demonstrating just how well it managed to find its way into our collective heart.

Here are 3 things I took away from the video and our response to it that I think can serve as valuable lessons for us all to consider.

1. Genuine Positivity Is Contagious

So much of what we are regularly exposed to on both television and the internet is rooted in negativity. Whether it be a harmless accident that is causing traffic delays on our commute, or something as serious as a shooting in a small community, it’s hard to navigate through current events feeling good about ourselves and the world.

What I feel made this video truly stand out was that it featured something that absolutely no one could take negatively. The woman in the video, Candace Payne, was simply having an unexpected great time with this child’s toy and sharing that experience with the world.

Our reaction shows that we do love seeing things that make us laugh and uplift us, so let’s continue to do more of that to help combat the influx of negativity consistently being thrust our way.

2. A Laugh A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away

Laughing is not only incredibly uplifting, but also quite healthy for us. In fact, here are 6 Good Reasons To Laugh Everyday.

No matter how your day was going before first watching this video, I guarantee it took a turn for the better after laughing along with Candace. While a deep and hearty laugh can be hard to come by at times, finding the little things to laugh at and brighten our mood is actually quite simple.


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