How many times have you heard a spiritual master or guru share that the secret to getting what you want is ‘quiet the mind’?

Or maybe you’ve been told that goal of your spiritual journey is to ‘transcend’ the mind.  For years I believed that my mind was a ‘lower thought’ field that needed to ignore on the path to higher spiritual awareness.   I am share something controversial: its faulty advice!

Now before you close down this article and stop reading, please note that my #1 goal is to live in the heart.  However living from the heart does not mean that we should ignore the mind’s powerful manifestation abilities. In my own life I spent the better part of three years trying to follow the advice of some pretty well known spiritual teachers and ‘quiet my mind’.  As I result I stopped listening to my own ideas, inspirations, solutions and ignored exciting rivers of wisdom that flowed into my thought fields.

What’s even more surprising is that this advice actually slowed down my growth and achievement.  Can you believe it?  My life actually became harder!   I’ll tell you why in a moment but first here’s a let’s be CLEAR:  Your mind, your thinking mind, your logical mind, is NEVER going to give you the fulfilment, the deep understanding, the deep forgiveness, the deep connection to Spirit that you seek. It never will.  Your mind is simply the wrong tool for that particular job.  However, in this article I’ll show you exactly what it is the right tool for!

Connection and fulfillment are not part of the mind’s job description.    So don’t use it for that. Ok?  Now you may be asking, “Well what do I do with my mind then, Darius?”  Well there is one thing the mind can do really well.  Your mind can get your from point A to point B better than anything else on the planet.  In other words your mind is one of the greatest problem-solving and solution creating tools that you’ve ever been given!  When combined with something you really desire in your heart…it’s virtually unstoppable!

Alright, so now you are probably wondering: How do we use our minds to correctly manifest, create solutions, reveal opportunities and set in motion new possibilities?  First, we need to avoid the most common human mind traps (which I refer to as Rule #1 and Rule #2), then I’ll discuss how to properly utilize this power in Rule #3.

rule1Rule #1: Never use your mind to compare yourself to others.

Comparison is almost automatic to the mind.  It’s similar to how a dog likes to chew on a bone.  However once you allow your mind to ‘chew’ on the comparison bone you’ll always end up weakening your power.  The comparisons usually go like this: 1) you are better than them or 2) you’re not as good as they are or a combination of these!

The end result is usually a feeling separation which dilutes our own true power and natural feelings of love.   So remember to avoid using your mind to compare yourself, your life or your stuff to others, ok?

Rule #2:  Don’t use your mind to dwell upon the past or worry about the future.

Any time you bring up the past in your mind at will automatically bring up certain thoughts.  These thoughts probably something like this, “Hmmm..I wish it was 10 years ago my life was so much better back then.  Things seemed brighter, the world was a better place, I was younger, etc.” Sound familiar?

Similarly if you think about the future you’ll likely go down this track:  “What will my future be like? What if I am not ok financially or health-wise?  What will happen to my loved ones, etc.? ”

I heard this saying many years ago and it bears repeating: “living the past is depression and living in the future is anxiety”.  So in light of these ways we should not use our minds, let’s examine Rule #3.

Rule #3:

Once you have an idea, desire or goal that really feels aligned with your heart (and you are sure) then you can begin to use Rule #3.  Remember no comparisons and no past or future questions.  Instead simply begin to feed these desires to your mind in a statement, “How can I ________________?”  “I am capable to do _____________ because ____________.”.

Here’s an example: “How can I write that book I’ve been dreaming of?”   “I am capable to write that book because I have great experiences to share and passion.”.

rule3Ask these questions at two very special times: right before you go to bed and right when you wake up in the morning.

Keep a little notebook by your bed and ask your mind for PROOF as to why you can do what you are seeking.  Your mind’s sole job will be to find the answers from whatever sources available.  Here’s another great question to ask: “What are 3 things I do to make this desire a reality?”

Your mind will feed you the steps.  I’ve gotten some incredible insights that I can’t even explain.  Some believe that our minds are connecting to something called the ‘super conscious’ – a deeper place than your ‘conscious’ pool of wisdom.  The more you have passion and a deep heartfelt desire the deeper the reservoir of answers ‘infinite intelligence’ or the ‘zero point’. After you experience what this technique is truly capable of you may never see yourself the same way again!

So remember find a dream that truly fills your heart, then ask your mind to formulate the steps to get from Point A to Point B.  Your mind if used properly must find and the deliver the answers to you.  The more you ask the questions the deeper and more profound the answers become.  Soon you’ll be operating on a whole other level of connection to unseen forces and invisible realms of power.

I hope this article helps you get a little closer to using your mind’s amazing power in a way that empowers you to live a limitless life!

Much Love and Light,