I love kissing, don’t you? It’s the ultimate way to communicate, but unfortunately, we sometimes think a kiss is a kiss is a kiss, which just isn’t the case. This simple four-letter word can have infinite variety.

Some kisses are platonic, while others are anything but.

Even a kiss between lovers can be many different things: tender, touching, sensual, stirring, outright raunchy, and much, much more.

Today, I’m going to shed a little light on intimate kissing, by describing 16 key kinds.

So, drumroll please….

Here are 16 Types of Intimate Kisses & What They Mean:

(1) Quick Kiss on the Lips – I’m busy and/or stressed, but I still want to connect with you (or I feel obligated to kiss you since it’s a habit we do).

(2) Kiss on the 3rd Eye (mid-forehead) – I revere you spiritually and want to protect or take care you.

(3) Eskimo Kisses (rubbing the tip of your noses) – I want to be playful with you

(4) Trail of Sweet Little Body Kisses – I love your body (when done slowly North to South, it’s a great tease…).

(5) Basic French Kiss (mouths open tongues exploring together) – I want more of you, let’s take this further.

(6) Dip Your Partner Kiss when one partner dips the other like in a dance (by supporting and tilting their head back)  – You make me feel playful and confident.

(7) Suck on One Lip Kiss – I want to orally pleasure you not just here, but everywhere.

(8) Yummy Kiss (where you kiss your partner with candy or fruit or something else yummy in your mouth, and give them half) – I want to share everything with you.

(9) Sucking Partner’s Tongue Gently Kiss – I’m very comfortable with you and I want to be the submissive one.

(10) Tongue down the throat Kiss – I want to own/dominate you and be the dominant one

(11) Feet Kisses/licks/sucks – I want to be adventurous. Another possibility: I have a foot fetish.

(12) Kiss on the Hand – I respect you and want to move slowly sexually.

(13) One Leg Up Kiss (sometimes a woman kicks up one leg when she kisses) – You make me feel feminine

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About the Author

Vicki Howie is the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ (find out what inspired her to create them here). She’s also the Creator of Chakra Love, the Chakra Life Cycle System® and she’s the Co-Editor of Conscious Life News.