From an Article on Body Mind Soul Spirit:

There are many reasons why it is more than worth your while to reconnect with your higher self. The top nine reasons (in no particular order of importance) are included here.

1. Your higher self (also known as your soul, your true self, your authentic self, your inner being) is your access point to your higher life purpose.

Everyone has a higher life purpose (that we are to fulfill during this time of awakening). You access your higher purpose by cultivating a deeper relationship with your higher self. The map to your higher life purpose is within.

2. Your soul is the “place” from where you access (and activate) your intuition and inner knowing.

Reconnecting within activates your consciousness. Your intuition and inner knowing are important elements that help you map out your higher life purpose. Your higher self already has the map and will guide you step by step, when you are ready to begin.

Want to gain confidence in your intuition? Cultivate a real relationship with your true self. Want to activate your consciousness? Cultivate a relationship with your soul. Want to see glimpses of your unique life plan? Cultivate a relationship with your soul. Want to gain true and lasting confidence in yourself?…You get the picture.

3. Your inner being is your access point to your wisdom from all time.

Your soul is infinite–meaning it’s been around forever. You can gain access to that wisdom by reconnecting within.

4. Your inner being is the place from where you make sense of your life and your “Sacred Contracts.”

By understanding your life and your soul agreements from a deeper perspective, you will heal and transform your life. Coming out transformed, you will then be truly, authentically grateful for having gone through your process (your life plan and how it helped you grow). There’s nothing better than gratitude when it’s authentic

5. Your inner being is the place from where you restore inner balance and wholeness.

Your soul is the place from where you restore right- and left-brain balance and wholeness (“lower level” human consciousness comes together with “higher level” or “divine” consciousness). To experience divine consciousness and bliss, you do not need to have a stroke in your left brain. Damage to your left brain will leave you dysfunctional. Keep your left brain (which serves you well) and reconnect within instead.

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