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Discovering "The REAL You" with the Energetic Membrane

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Connect with Your Global Heart Through Quantum Energy Healing and an Understanding of the Science Behind It!

Live a Happier, Healthier and More Fulfilling Life by Activating Your Energetic Membrane

This NEW discovery will help you to:

  • Connect at a higher and more encompassed level to your "soul's journey"
  • Entice a new beginning, different from all your other lifetimes, so that you can achieve everything you truly desire
  • Be more emotionally expressive and engaged within yourself and others
  • Feel free of all other past "duties" that held you down emotionally, even the ones you didn't know about!

Mona was able to go into my energy field and pinpoint exactly where she saw blockages and move them. I felt a warm, buzzing feeling. Then kind of spacey. 30 minutes later I felt more free and happier than I have in years. My wife Cherie and many others had the same EXACT experience! She is incredible

Darius Barazandeh

Host and Founder, You Wealth Revolution

This Is a Huge Discovery!

Mona Delfino has been a Medical Intuitive Healer for over 40 years, and recently discovered an Energetic Membrane that wraps around our electromagnetic field!!

As a Heartmath trainer, Mona knows that we can measure and detect the electromagnetic field around and generated from the heart. HOWEVER, the "membrane" is associated with the bigger picture!


In this context, "Membrane" means memory. Therefore, we hold old ways of living for the sake of memory and protection from many lifetimes! The field around the heart has more current events, and that's why we HOLD memory, even if it's subconscious!

That is called our "Electromagnetic Field." It has been studied, tested, measured and proven by Dr. Rollin McCraty with the Global Coherence Initiative to know that the force behind the magnetism is the heart. That very heart that lives in YOU has generated your whole life. It generates manifestation, change in perception, intuition, and most importantly, change in your "field."

The Global Coherence Initiative works directly with the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek, Calif. Being a Heartmath trainer and mentor for several years, I began to take it "a step further" with the energy healing work, and that's when I saw the membrane. It was when a very sensitive 8 year old boy, who had physical issues since 5 months old, began to react to the amount of work I was transposing in his physical body. I soon realized it was too much for him as he was nauseated each time I went in.

I began to work in his field… and the membrane appeared. I have learned so much since I started my very own journey of self-discovery into how the membrane works.

It is similar to all of the energies you have carried throughout many lifetimes:

  • How did you feel through it all?
  • What lessons did you change or see differently over the lifetimes?
  • How do you want to shift patterns that you realize you "came in with" ?

WE FOUND THE SOLUTION! No more do we have to feel stuck or disconnected. We are now ready to engage in "THE SKIN OF THE SOUL!"

Listen to Mona Explain This Exciting New Discovery!

We have to open our minds and live by our experience in order to achieve our potential and to truly heal. If you are ready to explore and participate in your healing, then let Mona help guide you in finding the way.

Bernie Siegel, MD.

To me the greatest challenge has been understanding the illusion of all that we perceive as "reality." Someday when all of us reach that Galactic stage of development and awareness. Meanwhile Mona presents you a path that should be exciting and ultimately help you reach Enlightenment!

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

President of Holos Institutes of Health, Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine

In this exciting new package, Mona teaches you how to understand the language of healing so that you can activate more connection between your heart and your mind. She also shows you how to activate your energetic membrane so you can start your greatest journey as soon as possible, then follows that up with a special meditation activation that you can use daily.

You also get a targeted 30-minute session with Mona as she helps you individually tap into the power of your energetic membrane! And as part of this package, Mona has prepared a special audio series for your global heart — The Eclipse's Gift — where Mona teaches you about the new earth vibration created after the eclipse of 2017 and how it affects your past, present and future!

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Item 1: The Language of Healing

Item 1: The Language of Healing

Value: $188

4 MP3s

Runtime: 45 minutes

Words and their associated meanings are automatic in our minds. As soon as we hear a word, it goes directly into the Source within ourselves, which then associates that word with a meaning. These meanings come from our past associations with that word and can create a discord within ourselves if not correctly targeted in our heartbrain's definition. We need to look at words from a spiritual standpoint and transform their meanings from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension.

In this series, Mona helps you identify why the way we use words and their meanings can be unhelpful to us in our personal healing. By showing you the Quantum keys to energetic connection, Mona helps you to understand the meaning of these words to guide you in the Language of Healing and help create your most harmonious life.

You will also receive an introduction audio to help you understand how to use the new 5th dimensional meanings in your healing practice.

You will receive the Language of Healing audios for:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Humility
  3. Spirituality
  4. Creativity

Item 2: Energetic Membrane Guide & Activation

Item 2: Energetic Membrane Guide & Activation

Value: $372

2 Videos

Runtime: 40 minutes

Mona provides a 25-minute video teaching tool to help you tune in and access your very own Energetic membrane. She explains the theory and practical application of how your Electromagnetic Field works in conjunction with your Energetic Membrane and how to create an opening to help change old patterns and shift to a state of recognition and connection.

Also included is a 15-minute guided video meditation where Mona consciously connects you to your OWN Electromagnetic field. You'll feel the difference through this physical activation!!

Item 3: Eclipse's Gift — 3-Part Audio Series

Item 3: Eclipse's Gift — 3-Part Audio Series

Value: $141

3 MP3s

Runtime: 45 minutes

The Gifts of the Eclipse are many for understanding how to recognize our role in our pasts, and then recognize that as a period of learning. We need to embrace the past as we move into our co-creative future by becoming the best we can be through wholeness. We are expanding and the Eclipse provided us with this NEW BEGINNING!

Session 1 — Lessons from Our Past

In this powerful session, Mona explains the reason why you may have felt overwhelmed by the eclipse event. She delves into the reasons why you may have cried and felt humbled. She explains how the new feminine energy of Virgo will now play a much bigger role in dealing with how we can feel about past events. Mona then takes you through a healing process for dissolving blocks within your past so that you can create a new beginning.

Session 2 — Lessons in Our Present Moment

Mona shares what she saw and learned from the Eclipse, which jumped out the moment it became totality. The importance of the present moment, how we perceive ourselves, our old ways, and how we can become WHOLE by expanding our old boundaries into acceptance, allowance, and NEW joys!

Session 3 — Creating Our Future

The freedom we have always been seeking (but forgot about) is here! Some of us have wondered if we could ever become "unstuck" from the way we have always done things. Well this is it!!!

When recognition becomes known consciously from how you can truly be free by opening to the unknown, you walk into trust within yourself and begin to live freely. By doing this all together, this sparks a new path, a different direction and a global healing from a co-creation standpoint.

It must happen within to be felt without!

Item 4: 30-Minute Private Energy Healing Session with Mona

Item 4: 30-Minute Private Energy Healing Session with Mona

Value: $100

Via Phone or Skype

Mona's ability to read your needs, whether they be emotional, mental, or physical, has been described as "uncanny". She will tune in to the situation(s) that may have been there since birth, or even from other lives. Blockages in the body come from blockages in the psyche, as well as the physical. Our ideas on survival came from a decision somewhere in our life, and Mona will read it. These "truths" are significant to your healing and help you to realize these unconscious choices we have made, thereby releasing you from that binding and freeing you into your Self. Many are discovering the absolute necessity of recognition in their lives today as they are ready to make the leap into the freedom within.

When you have a physical session, it is like a fully-clothed massage. Mona reads the areas of the body needing your attention. She will go into who, what, when, where, and why to produce relief. Sensations run through the body as it releases. This is typical as energy begets energy. You leave feeling lighter and clearer… ready for your desired way of living. Asking questions, having a conversation as to how you are feeling, etc. are part of the package.

A phone conversation is like being touched with a wand as you hear and feel your healing happening right over the phone. This is just as powerful as a hands-on session because truth and energy know no bounds. This reading will still affect your physical body for the change, or shift, to develop within you.

Note: Private sessions are not recorded. You are welcome to record your session using your own device.

Discount: 82% Off

Total Value: $801

You Wealth Special Offer: $147

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Guide to Understanding the Electromagnetic Field


Runtime: 18 minutes

Listen in with this POWERFUL video where Mona helps you access your own Electromagnetic Field that is completely generated from your heart!

Mona will take you through a guided meditation with Christ Consciousness so that you can tap into your heart's Electromagnetic Field energy to help yourself unblock the obstacles between you and your passion.

You will also learn how the Energetic Membrane is designed to help us understand the heartbrain connection to our lives!

Discount: 82% Off

Total Value: $801

You Wealth Special Offer: $147

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Truly Read My Energy and in Tune with My Spirit

I had booked an energy session with Mona as I had been feeling rather overwhelmed, stressed and holding a lot of fear and sadness from the death of my parents. I felt it was bubbling over and affecting how I was as a wife, mother, friend, colleague and person.

Mona was able to tell me things about myself that she couldn't possibly have known unless she was truly reading my energy and in tune with my spirit. She found blockages in my adrenal glands, thyroid, stomach, throat and lymphatic symptoms.

I feel so much more open and free… Even my husband, Darius, says he can sense a shift in my energy. I implore you — if you are looking for a top-notch energy medicine practitioner, please don't look any further.

Cherie Barazandeh

MASSIVE Shift in Energy Field!

Mona is incredible. I scheduled a session with Mona as I had a lot of fear and confusion about my health and life. I have been working with lots of other techniques to shift the things holding me back removing one layer at a time. This required so much work and seemed to go on for years and yet there were still things presenting themselves.

I have never had such a MASSIVE shift in my energy field and the way I feel with anything I have ever done before, and I have explored a multitude of avenues before this. I cannot recommend Mona highly enough for her abilities and her beautiful energy. I will be forever grateful. If you are stuck in any way then I urge you to contact her NOW. MONA WILL SET YOU FREE!


London, England

Pain Diminished to Almost No Pain at All

I want to thank you so much for your help. I was in a lot of pain with flu-like and intestinal issues. You were able to fit me in your schedule and I deeply appreciate it. Shortly after our session, I was able to fall asleep for about an hour for the first time all day even though I was exhausted from vomiting, diarrhea, and a fever. You found that my issue was really bladder and kidney infection. I followed your instructions by taking hot apple cider vinegar baths for 3 days, resting, etc. What really was amazing was that when I woke up from my nap right after our session, the pain had diminished to almost no pain at all. My fever disappeared the next morning and it just got better each day. The fourth day I felt normal again. Thank you so much for using your healing powers to help those of us who haven't been able to always get it by ourselves!


Acid Reflux Is Totally Gone!

Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and GERD, a painful acid condition in my stomach. Over the years I actually got an ulcer on my esophagus from acid coming up from my stomach at night as I slept on my side, it just sat there and ate a hole in the tissue. This made it very difficult and painful to eat. Over time scar tissue developed and it became a stricture that would close up and prevent food from descending, actually going into retroperistalsis sending the food back up. I would have to drink water to get it to go back down and push (painful!) thru the stricture so it could go into the stomach. This went on for the last 15 years and nothing I did or any change of diet that I tried helped or relieved the issue.

One energy session with Mona and everything was GONE!!! Two days ago I ate pizza and there was not only no acid but I didn't need to drink anything to get it to go down properly!! I can eat anything now and everything works like it did when I was in my 20s!!! The stricture is totally gone! The acid reflux is totally gone!! The hiatal hernia is gone!!! I am finally free to eat like a normal person!!


Beautiful Warmth Around Heart Space

Thank you so much for this amazingly informative and value-adding call. I felt beautiful warmth around my heart space. I am grateful for making a heart connection.



Feeling Healed, Empowered, Enlightened

She is The Quantum Shaman! What a powerful healing capacity, energy is her friend. I know she wants to shamanism the Humanity and I am a living proof of that. I feel healed, empowered, enlightened after my sessions with her.



Racy Worry Thoughts Removed

Mona is AMAZING! She removed all those racy worry thoughts with her magical ways. Something keeps coming up for me which I know has come up for me to connect with others with a different strategy other than struggle. I LOVE Mona.



Migraines Cleared

Just in case you don't remember, seventeen days ago you cleared my migraines. So, thank you. For giving me the possibility of a life I had almost given up on. For changing everything about every day, which is not an exaggeration. I would like to book another healing session please. There is still so much shifting happening, but I think it's time to keep going.


Danced, Pranced, Sang and Gave Thanks and Praise

Thank you so very much for today's session. It was wonderful! You were spot on with everything you told me. I felt so comfortable with the truth of your being. While I did not experience anything profound during the session I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me and felt a great peace. When I stood up I felt great — no back or leg pain. I danced, I pranced, I sang and gave thanks and praise. I fell asleep sitting in my recliner and slept soundly for several hours. It felt heavenly after years of no sleep. In gratitude to God for you and to you for sharing your gifts so freely and beautifully. Looking forward to be able to get back to living my life's purpose very soon.


Quality of Life Improved!

I have to say that our last session was no less spectacular than the first! That same day I stopped using any antifungals and in the last week it's been amazingly fine… meaning no outbreaks, no itching, no horribly burning/itching blisters, no rashes, no NOTHING!! My foot is completely healed and I fully expect the toenail to grow back normally in the next couple months!!! And a bonus is that the rash on my bra line is totally gone too!!

In addition, I went a bit too far the other day and tried to wrangle 5 sheep into a trailer to transport back to the homestead. Several of us were working together on this but the sheep almost did us all in by being more crafty than we were and jumped way over our heads when they saw no way of avoiding capture!! Little buggers!!! We all took nose dives into empty air (they are quick) and wound up doing face plants in the ground, and I have to say I was really worried about the next few days as I could tell I was going to be pretty sore. And while my low back was and still is sore, and my shoulders are still sore, and my hips are still sore, and my legs are still sore… my upper back which I really thought would be painful hasn't given me a single peep of discomfort!! You mentioned something like a spear or knife in my mid back (behind the heart chakra) and abdomen and took both of them out and I've not felt that awful pain since!

From the bottom of my heart I thank you!!!! My quality of life is so much better now, I am so happy to be able to do things I've not done in years! Today I'm going to rebuild a rabbit hutch and move it to a shady location. By myself!! At 61!! I'm now unstoppable!!!! Yippee!!!


Feeling Grounded and in My Body… Ready to Be Who I Am

I just wanted to leave some feedback about my call with Mona Delfino just now. I don't open all my emails, but I am so grateful I opened this particular email that talked about Mona's gifts. I immediately set up an appointment. This call is what I have been waiting for to move through a point that I have not been able to get through myself. I knew what was wrong and I knew what I needed to do, but I just couldn't do it! It has been years of working on being stuck in this particular position! Mona was spot on with what was happening and I could feel the energy moving through areas that have been tight and wound up. She guided me through freeing myself from a past that I couldn't sit with anymore. I feel so grounded and in my body, literally ready to be who I am without all the judgement, pain, suffering, and defensiveness that has kept me where I am. I have had sessions with many healers, but Mona went deeper and with more intuition than I expected. I will definitely be calling her again, she is so supportive. Thanks for providing such a wonderful network of healers. It truly is a blessing to have people in the world that help raise the vibration of our humanity and I am so happy to be a part of it.

Christine J.

Energy Shifts Integrated Calmly and Completely

I found your story regarding the stem cells absolutely incredible. I also felt so comfortable listening to you — the energy shifts were integrated into my body in such a calm and complete way that I feel like they happened at a cellular level and subconsciously, I was not even aware of them as they were happening but afterwards I knew they had happened. The only thing that I noticed was at one point the ground shifted under my feet as was sitting at my desk. Lol! I also felt like I know you really well. Even your face looks familiar to me — like an old friend or acquaintance that I had forgotten about.


Back Pain Is Gone!

I had my session today with Mona, she was right on target and the energies she moved thru me were amazing. I really felt the difference my back pain is gone. Thank you for bringing Mona on your show, I looked up her website and can't wait to get her book, and her YouTube videos are a great help. She is so very kind.


About Mona Delfino

Mona Delfino's headshot

Mona Delfino is an Energy Medicine Practitioner who has worked on thousands of people across the world. She is a sought after speaker and healer who takes medical intuition to a whole new level! Mona is also bilingual in the Sacred Language of the Human Body. She's an author and Shaman who woke up in consciousness at 6 months old, and has been hard at work helping others ever since! Mona's passion is to be the catalyst for healing and self-empowerment on ALL levels, who teaches "the magic of the medicine within." She is a certified instructor and trainer with the Institute of Heart Math, and a Medicine Woman with the Native American Church of Nemenhah.

She loves the art of Alchemy and is a bridge builder who brings together Science and Spirituality, Ancient and current healing techniques, Quantum Medicine and The Aloha Spirit. As a spiritual priestess, her background is extremely dynamic and her track record of exceptional readings makes her "The People's Healer." Mona offers individual healing sessions that are done over Skype, phone, and in person. She also holds spiritual retreats that are timely and relevant for all who attend. Current topics include the Spiritual Immune System and Parenting our Children in the Age of Transformation.

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