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A November to Remember

2017's November to Remember is Going to be the Experience of INFINITE Lifetimes!

The Ordinary is About to Transform into Extraordinary

For This All-New Experience, Jarrad Is Offering the Greatest Series of LIVE Master Classes and PERSONAL WORK That He Has EVER Offered!

The first TIME I INVOKED THE New Opening to the 5th Dimensional Symbol, I felt a warm loving sensation throughout my entire being. My physical temples released so much energy, I felt like I was melting into PURE LOVE. It was the strongest energetic reaction I have had to a physical symbol since I began channeling with the Quantum Healing Symbol years ago.

I had recently began working with individuals channeling their own personal HOME symbols — clearing lineage, connecting in new ways, creating astounding miracles, and through all of that energy, this was building and opening, creating a new space of potentials and possibilities, and I too, felt HOME.

As I continued channeling these new Home and Starseed symbols, I experienced download after download of energy. In my physical life, new opportunities for personal growth opened — doors that had been shut for years, sprang open, seemingly overnight! And of course, as the larger dimensional symbols began to come in, my computer key board conked out on me, and all of my lights flickered from time to time. The lights continued to do that each time I brought forth the energy in new symbols. Even while recording the journeys, my equipment was going bonkers. That's how BIG this awesome energy is. It's the energy of the Infinite Self, and it's really something to experience!

This month is one of my all-time favorites, as it is what I lovingly refer to as "Super Packed" where we dive into some of the more Expansive energies coming in right now and learn how to integrate and really BE the Infinite Self through Mastering Energy, Meeting the Unmet Self, and Becoming a True Master of Conscious Creation.

Stepping into the 4th Dimension was the first new symbol to be channeled during this new series, and it was followed by an experience I can only describe as grounding in years and years of work, while simultaneously integrating, and opening. It was a Quantum jump the likes of which I have not felt in a very long time — really bringing the "energy" into the physical. It was followed by some massive Energy work in the form of this entirely new series, which I believe literally transforms our creative charge and resets and infinitely ups the quotient of what we are capable of creating in this reality. It is the energy of miracles made manifest!

These are just a small sampling of EIGHT all new journeys, a new video, and tons more which is in store for this month as we DIVE DEEP INTO THE WORLD OF ENERGY… AND DEEP INTO THE WORLD OF YOU!

A November to Remember

So what is "November to Remember"?

For starters, it's one of the greatest series of master classes I have EVER offered to date. It includes Personal One-on-One work, as well as Live calls, Daily Healing, your own energy symbol and activation, all-new tracks, a BRAND-NEW VIDEO activation and energy journey from Jarrad, along with so much more!

As you expand, heal, and go deeper, NEW spaces open up that allow for an ever-growing experience of energy… lovingly termed "woo-woo" because the experiences are outside the realm of what most consider every-day life.

The All-New Journeys included in this month are the most powerful journeys I've experienced to date as they represent a very large physical representation of the expansion which is occurring at a very large and wide level.

The Extraordinary Is About to Become Your Ordinary!

This all-new experience includes EIGHT Brand-New, Extremely WOO and OUT OF THIS WORLD Energy Journeys meant to help you expand your abilities to consciously create in this world as well as to deepen your connection to Source and your understanding of Dimensions, and so much more!

Whether you want to:

  • Know What it's like to open up to channel
  • Move Energy through Your Being
  • Find Out What Happens when We Transition
  • Experience Inter-Dimensional Travel
  • Live FULLY CONNECTED to, with, and AS Source
  • Understand and Access a Wide Variety of Dimensional Space
  • Learn More about Non Physical Existence

This is the Experience of INFINITE Lifetimes!

You'll get all of this:

  • A Personally Channeled ONE-OF-A-KIND Symbol/Formula from Jarrad!
  • 20 Minutes of Remote Energy Work Every Day
  • The Never-Before-Released Stepping Into the 4th Dimension
  • The Brand-New Opening to the 5th Dimension Encoded Activation
  • The ALL-NEW Bridging the Sixth Dimension Journey
  • The Arcturian Self and 7th Dimensional Consciousness Journey
  • All-New Andromeda and the 8th and 10th Dimensions Journey
  • Brand-New Information in the Lyran, Cosmic Star Seeds, and the 11th Dimensions of Existence Journey
  • 4 All-New Hours of Master Classes and LIVE CALLS devoted to a further exploration of Woo and You in all new ways!
  • Membership Access to the private Members-Only Site for November where you can create a profile, ask questions, post blogs, and detail your daily journey
  • Limitless Light Language Exploration
  • The Complete, Expanded Creation Formula PDF and Audio Activation kit
  • An Expansive Manual for Life in Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation
  • Bonus Journeys to provide foundational Support and Growth

plus so much more!

The personal symbols and Light Language Activations alone are priceless! Add in EIGHT all-new Journeys, THREE new calls of COMPLETE EXPLORATION of the Woo, daily membership interaction, plus bonuses, and this is guaranteed to be one of the most value-packed and EXPANSIVE months ever offered!

Be a Part of This Never-Before-Offered SPECIAL EVENT!

Membership Access Opens November 1st, 2017!

** Symbol Work Will Begin Immediately **

Discount: 91% Off

Total Value: $3,427

You Wealth Special Offer: $297

Sold Out

30-Day money back guarantee**

No refunds after Synbol has been created

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Item 1: Your Own Personally-Channeled Creation Formula/Symbol

**For Any Subject or Energy You Want!**

That's right, THIS NOVEMBER you have the opportunity to choose ANY TOPIC you want. From Health and Wealth to Expansion, Expression, and Beyond, YOU can choose any topic you'd like to expand into and receive a PERSONALLY CHANNELED SYMBOL!

Let's say, for example, you choose "Abundance". This won't just be about abundance; it will also contain massive energies related to what needs to shift and release from your field, as well as what needs to be tuned, shifted, and manifested.

Likewise, whatever topic you choose, will contain massive amounts of energy, as well as an activation so that every aspect of your being begins to shift into a state of allowing and creation. These will be your OWN PERSONAL CREATION FORMULA.

Your symbol will represent the multi-dimensional expansion of you through your chosen topic and energy. By invoking these personalized and tailor made symbols — just like you would the creation formula — you will be able to have your OWN PERSONAL CREATION FORMULA to help you expand in any area you choose!

I Will Actually Tap into Your Energy Field and Create a One-of-a-Kind Symbol


These symbols are a physical expression of the Language of Light, and are composed of Strong Energy — So Strong, that the first time I channeled symbols for a large group, I went through 5 laptop computers, three cell phones, and blew out a television.

The energy of these symbols will represent communication from you outside of time and space and will carry energetic signatures and activations to help you open up to the new places and spaces you are wanting to birth in this experience.

Note: In order to get as many of these completed by our start date, I will be beginning the process as soon as your topic is chosen, and I will begin sending symbols and activations out, in the order in which requests were received, immediately.

As These Symbols Are Physical Expressions of the Language of Light, I AM ALSO OFFERING AN ALL-NEW ACTIVATION TO ACCOMPANY YOUR SYMBOL

Item 2: Personalized Light Language Activation

Each Symbol will be accompanied by a new Light Language Channel that will Activate your Symbol and Energy as well as help take you to new places of expansion and awareness during our November Journey into the "woo." These activations will be bigger than just the energy of the topics you submit, and will carry Massive Amounts of Energy and Transmissions from Source.

These activations will have the energies of your symbol encoded through an audio process, so each time you listen, you will be able to expand your ability to allow and create!

Item 3: 20 Minutes of Remote Energy Work per Day!

You've felt the Energy on Calls, Journeys, and Meditations, but what if you had 20 minutes PER DAY of this beautiful, supportive Energy, helping you to integrate into this new space and leave the old behind?

These brand-new tracks will help to move you into a calm and open space, free from the reactive mind, and into a space where you begin to open up to more miracles, healing, mastery, and abundance — simply put, we are opening the Universe.

Along the way, you will be FULLY supported with 20 minutes each day of peaceful and gentle remote energy work to help you integrate quickly and move beyond the stories and illusions, and into a receptive state for healing — and then releasing that paradigm — entering into an active state of conscious creation!

This is your chance to have one of the most Amazing Experiences of your life… Again, and Again, and Again!

My Hands Were Pulsing Energy

The degree and intensity that my hands were pulsing energy was crazy to me and out of this world!!!! I am a Reiki Master and have never come close to feeling the activation of love and light on such a multi dimensional level! And every time I activate myself for healing sessions, I am instantly right back to the same intensity levels and feel more and more expansive!!!


Feels Miraculous to Walk and Dance Again

This program has taught me… to heal crippling bursitis in my left knee — and it feels miraculous to walk and dance again without crutches, pain-killers or major surgery. The doctors are amazed at these results and I am empowered to move forward ~Thanks to Jarrad~ the Keys to Creation of Health and Joy and Choice are now in my hands!

For me, this program has Activated the very Keys of Creation to Miracles in my life! …writing just a few words about the miracles of Jarrad's amazing Energy feels like trying to fit miss piggy into a size two.

Caroline D.

In This Amazing Backdrop of Healing Energy, You Will Begin to Explore the First All-New Musical Frequency Journeys of This New Series, Starting with…


Featuring — for the First Time Ever — a Guided Source-Activation Video to Help You Activate, Integrate, and Experience Your Self in Wider, Expansive, More Abundant, and Vital Ways!

Here We Go!

Item 4: Stepping into the 4th Dimension

Journey and Symbol

Unify with Source as you choose connection in a new way, allowing pain bodies to dissipate, and duality to lift as you move into a new space of Warmth, Trust, Joy, and Love, as you say "Yes" to Higher Feelings of Pure Source.

Release from disharmony, lessons, Karma, and the template of re-creation so you can make way for new possibilities and potentials, releasing from old habits and cords, while opening you to create from Pure Inspiration, Love, Health, and Support.

Ground into Your Golden Light Body and Open the Door Way to Conscious Creation in New and Joy-Filled Ways!

Item 5: Opening to the 5th Dimension

Journey and Symbol

The 5th Dimension is domain of the Violet Flame, and is the space of the open heart, where creation is instant, and time and space reveal itself as nonlinear. It is the space of synchronicity, love, and opening in a whole, new way, as we move into a new understanding of who we are, and what we desire at the level of our heart, unencumbered by stories or limitation.

Jarrad explains the tri-fold flame of the fifth dimension as he takes you on a journey into the space of 5D opening, merging the "Higher Self" with the individual self, fulfilling the laws of divine love, and opening you to instant manifestation at a new level of creation.

This journey includes an Incredibly Powerful Heart Opening and Activation to help magnetize love, stability, and greater ability to manifest.

Item 6: Bridging into the 6th Dimension

Journey and Symbol

As we open the tri-fold flame of the Ascended Heart, and we open the pituitary/pineal glands to receiving the Light of the One, we begin to enter the 6th Dimension of Consciousness, which is where we have access to star gates, downloads, and infinite awareness of timelines and transcendence, while still in physical form.

This Powerful Journey is also an Activation of Deep Inner Truth which releases and Lifts aspects of self which are not in harmony with Light and Love of the Truth of Pure Source Energy, so that we may begin to know ourselves both as an Individuated Presence of Source, and as One with All Life, releasing lifetimes of Trauma, so we are left with our own Bright, Shining Light, in the now, activating our memories of what it is to be "Home."

This journey goes all the way back to our Soul "Origin" and creates Wholeness and Love throughout our entire field.

Item 7: The Arcturian Self — Understanding The 7th Dimension

Journey and Symbol

7th dimensional consciousness is the space and place of knowing who we are, free from judgment, in a space of total love, understanding, and transcendence, while also knowing and understanding who we are through the eyes of Source Energy.

This knowing and Understanding gives us a new sense of clarity and purpose, which enhances our creative experiences in this lifetime, as well as other lifetimes, as we become aware of our true nature in new ways.

Note: This journey tunes the electromagnetic field which opens us to new thoughts, as well as new understandings and awareness of ascension, which enables quantum shifts at a massive level. It also contains a Light Language Activation.

Item 8: Andromeda & the 8th and 10th Dimensions of Multi-Space

Journey and Symbol

Welcome to space beyond the singular understanding of our universe. In many ways, the 8th dimension is a multi-dimensional version of the multiverse, itself. This is the space wherein past, present, future, and parallel all converge into a singular collective identity, much like the branches of a tree all merge into a singular trunk, yet that singular trunk has many roots. The 8th and 10th dimensions are very much gateways into realms of massively expansive consciousness: love at the galactic level, and beyond.

These bridging dimensions form the templates for the divine masculine and feminine templates throughout the entire universe, and this journey includes a massive journey bringing power to the heart and heart to the energy of power, balancing all aspects of our own energy bodies in ways which allow our true divinity and connection to truly be known to us in experiential ways.

Through this journey, connect to the moment you chose to come into this life, uncovering, growing, and remembering that part of you who can look deep into your own eyes, and say Yes! I choose you!

Item 9: 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Consciousness

Journey and Symbol

Truly Knowing Self Love

A new understanding of the Pleiadian energy emerges from this channeled journey, as Jarrad describes new terminology, and takes you on a journey directly into the Pleiadian system to meet an Ancient being from the Pleiades, itself!

Journey into this Beautiful 9th Dimensional Space of Truly Knowing Yourself as the Consciousness of Pure Possibility, Pure Harmony, and Pure Love.

Item 10: Lyrans, Cosmic Star Seeds, & the 11 Dimensions of Existence

Journey and Symbol

One of the most misunderstood energies on this plane is that of Lyran energy, which is Truly the energy of Unity and Oneness. It is the Energy of a Loving Creator. Lyran energy is one of the oldest and most ancient Star Seed energy in this Cosmos, and indeed, many starseeds on earth, including star seeds rooted in Pleiadian and Orion energy, are rooted in Lyran energies.

Lyran energies have a deep desire to love and communicate unity consciousness, and that's what this journey is all about.

We also explore the multitude of multiverses and the galactic time and space perspective, wherein the individual expresses and expands in a multitude of ways.

The 11th Dimensions are the spaces of All-Source, and throughout this journey, The Entire Universe is explained in an Amazingly Powerful way in a space that will absolutely inspire and heal!

Item 11: Creation Bon Fire

Journey and Symbol


Birthed from a Deep Space of allowing, this journey, originally channeled live for a group of five hundred plus, is an intimate embrace of You at the deeper levels, allowing nourishing, love, wholeness, and healing, at all levels.

Allow Source to cleanse and clear your being — body, mind, space, and whole — that you may enter into a life of abundance and expression, opening your throat, and opening to joy and transmutation in new ways, which allow you strength and gnost: true connection, forgiveness, love, wholeness and joy.

Release all cords and attachments, so that you can be filled with the Love and the Light of Source, creating you as Sovereign, Loving, Strong, Joyful, and Clear!

Item 12: 22-Minute Video Technique


Often times, we create on loops. We re-engage old patterns in a "two steps forward, one-two-or three steps back" energy which comes from a deeply held mechanism of protection.

In this Brand-New Video, Jarrad will show you techniques to shred old tapes, open your field to manifesting and creating, as well as provide an activation energy to help you expand your field, and release limiting vibratory thought loops.

These easy to learn techniques are the same tools Jarrad himself used to begin changing his own inner and outer world over fifteen years ago, and can help you open to immense clarity, connection, manifestation, and so much more!

Item 13: Three (3) Live Calls & Light Language Channels with Jarrad

If you have not participated in one of Jarrad's Live Event Calls recently, you will be in awe of just how much new information and support is included. Nothing is held back during these amazingly loaded 21 days of growth and heart-opening. This is a space for LIFE-CHANGING expansion, and to help go even further, we will be having 3 in-depth, LIVE calls — FILLED with amazing energy and remote frequencies, where you'll get to call in and explore and play in this vast, expansive, energy of the ascended heart, creation, and anything you choose — moving into a whole new world.

These calls are SPECIFICALLY geared towards connecting you to the full-on, infinite vibrations of Source Energy, opening you up to these multi-dimensional energies of expression and creation as well as maintaining FULL ON SUPPORT throughout the entire 21 days in November through guided meditations, one on one questions, Light Language Downloads, and so much more!

The intention for these calls is to take you further into the healing and knowingness of Source while opening you into the infinite love of who you really are — beyond all stories, entering and becoming the blank page — and creating a space of Instant Awakening, Healing, Love, and Expansion. We will be going deep and doing work for everyone on these calls.

PLUS, You'll also get Access to something that people from all over the world are calling ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!

Item 14: Total Access to Jarrad's Private Membership Site

Get Individual Guidance!

Jarrad has created a wonderful membership site specifically for this 21-day immersion! You will be able to communicate with Jarrad, as well as other conscious creators, in what has become one of the most celebrated sites on the web! Blog, post photos, get access to bonus material, and more!

Ask as MANY questions as you'd like. Last November in a program, Jarrad answered over 1700 personal questions — in just that one month. THAT IS HOW ACTIVE HE IS ON THE SITE! This is FOR YOU! You get to meet and greet and feel supported by not just Jarrad, but by many fellow creators who have been in your shoes

Even though we don't officially begin until November 9th, you will gain instant access to the Downloads, New journeys, Daily Energy Work, and all of the Bonus Material.

And, in Order to Give You the Full Set of Tools for Massive Expansion, and to Really Help You Ground and Build on What We Are Creating, Jarrad Is Also Going to Include:

Item 15: Grounding

As you ground, you also expand. With that knowledge, comes the knowledge that through grounding you can access and become more and more of who you are. You are actually able to move and expand multi-dimensionally and to "go further out there" as you embody more and more of this lighter, higher vibrational energy here in the now.

So many of us want to be "out there" where the vibrations feel lighter, better, and where we feel freer to be ourselves. For so many on this plane, grounding can feel like something of a lesser vibration that serves to hold us back or keep us "locked-in" to a place or space we may not be comfortable with. Enter the truth of, As above so below.

This is very much a journey to not just help bridge the space between the third and the fifth dimensions, but to FULLY move into and BE in the fifth dimension, AND BEYOND, from the physical embodiment, while also learning how to create and harness the power of conscious creation right here, right now.

Item 16: Limitlessness: Light Language Activation Journey

This Fascinating Exploration into The Language of Light takes you into a state that can only be described as Pure Limitlessness.

One of the Longest Pure Expressions of the Language of Light, This Activation is one of the MOST POWERFUL ACTIVATIONS AND ENERGY TRANSMISSIONS to date!

Unite inside and OUTSIDE of time and space — seeing the all AS the all, experiencing multi-dimensional consciousness like never before.

This is one of the seminal seed journeys into multi perspective awareness and awakening to higher realities and the relationships with Self, Alien, Other. THIS IS THE KNOWINGNESS of Self as the Creator and Creation of Time and Space — a place wherein we remove the veils of lifetimes — allowing you to see and experience ALL THAT YOU ARE at every level of being!

Warning: This is ABSOLUTELY Powerful and Carries an Energetic Encoding of Bringing You Into Higher Realities. WOO Will Happen!

Item 17: Expression

Journey and Symbol

This is the journey of merging possibility with potential, potential with reality, reality with creation, and creation with Beingness. It is the ability to KNOW who you are, LOVE who you are, and BE who you are — creating a new space of love and acceptance from and by you, as well as the world and in each and every relationship.

Creating a beautiful vortex of Expression and Expansion, this IS the flowing of the Light at EVERY LEVEL, birthing new ideas, integrating at a deep level, connecting with Source and Self like never before, moving this energy into PURE EMBODIMENT, allowing the Light of Who We Are to reprogram cellularly, electromagnetically, and holographically.

This is a DEEP energy of the Expansive Experience of Source and the ANCHORING IN of the 5th Dimensional PHYSICAL reality.

Note: As this journey fully opens you to the energies of Expression and Love, Plenty and Wellness, and a Deep Knowing and Connected Feeling, as well as Wholeness, feel free to listen as often as you'd like.

Item 18: The Pleiadian Gateway

Journey and Symbol

As the last Journey in this series, you will not want to listen to this before you finish the other journeys, as it will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! This is an amplifying, re-encoding journey which activates spaces and places in the energy field that have been dormant for AEONS of time. This energy has seemingly been hidden… inaccessible in this dimension to all but a few. NOW, this energy is being made manifest on the planet, and THIS JOURNEY takes us straight into the Heart of the Living Universe — energy seeded on this Earth for thousands of years, yet at a vibration so high, we were, as a whole, unable to experience this energy… UNTIL NOW.

I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so I will just say this: This is one of the most heart opening, expansive, dimensional CATAPULTS I have EVER experienced within myself. The Broader understanding of Self Love, including a STEP-BY-STEP ACTIVATION OF THIS SYMBOL, will not only ANCHOR YOU FIRMLY into the 5th Dimension, but it will also create infinite growth, new neural nets, new spaces and places for tuning, as well as a whole new understanding and use of the Brain and the Energy Field of Pure Consciousness.

Plus, an AM and PM Track to Help You Integrate and Create like Never Before!

Creation on the Go

Morning Activation

This AM Ascension activation serves as an energetic easing into your day with beautiful energies of love, gratitude, and tranquility! Wake up with Jarrad in a vortex of positive energy and manifestation energy, as he guides you through a brief five minutes activation to Connect with Source and really set the energy for your day, allowing you to masterfully create the vibrant, abundant, well-filled day you desire.

and Evening Meditation

This all new PM guided meditation helps to release any stress and disharmony from the day, as well as any energies you may have plugged into or "picked up" which are not in harmony with what you are desiring to create. It also helps set a space for joyfully moving into the sleep space, while also actively setting the tone for the day to follow.

Both of These Come as Guided Meditations and as Energy Journeys Backed with Music!

Whether you are new to Energy work, or a seasoned veteran, this month is filled with new information, and brand-new ways to create and experience life in this world — and many more!


Frequency Radio Broadcast

For those of you looking for extra holiday support, Jarrad has added a 60-minute LIVE retreat into Pure Healing Bliss as he creates an amazingly calm environment for massive shifts though music and frequency.

This Truly One of a Kind Broadcast is everything you love about the 52 Week Frequency Challenge all rolled into one Amazingly Powerful Healing Session.

This is the Experience of INFINITE Lifetimes!

You'll get all of this:

  • A Personally Channeled ONE-OF-A-KIND Symbol/Formula from Jarrad!
  • 20 Minutes of Remote Energy Work Every Day
  • The Never-Before-Released Stepping Into the 4th Dimension
  • The Brand-New Opening to the 5th Dimension Encoded Activation
  • The ALL-NEW Bridging the Sixth Dimension Journey
  • The Arcturian Self and 7th Dimensional Consciousness Journey
  • All-New Andromeda and the 8th and 10th Dimensions Journey
  • Brand-New Information in the Lyran, Cosmic Star Seeds, and the 11th Dimensions of Existence Journey
  • 4 All-New Hours of Master Classes and LIVE CALLS devoted to a further exploration of Woo and You in all new ways!
  • Membership Access to the private Members-Only Site for November where you can create a profile, ask questions, post blogs, and detail your daily journey
  • Limitless Light Language Exploration
  • The Complete, Expanded Creation Formula PDF and Audio Activation kit
  • An Expansive Manual for Life in Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation
  • Bonus Journeys to provide foundational Support and Growth

plus so much more!

The personal symbols and Light Language Activations alone are priceless! Add in EIGHT all-new Journeys, THREE new calls of COMPLETE EXPLORATION of the Woo, daily membership interaction, plus bonuses, and this is guaranteed to be one of the most value-packed and EXPANSIVE months ever offered!

Be a Part of This Never-Before-Offered SPECIAL EVENT!

Membership Access Opens November 1st, 2017!

** Symbol Work Will Begin Immediately **

This Incredible Energetic Experience — Complete with Brand New Tracks, and Your Own Personal Symbol and Activation — Is Yours

For Just $297.00!

Discount: 91% Off

Total Value: $3,427

You Wealth Special Offer: $297

Sold Out

30-Day money back guarantee**

No refunds after Synbol has been created

Moving in the Direction of My Heart's Desires!

I purchased more programs than I even want to think about… Jarrad's journey's finally helped me clear the blocks & begin to move in the direction of my heart's desires! Jarrad's journeys make it simple, easy & fun to start manifesting my dreams!!

These journeys, personalized symbols & activations have truly been life changing for me!! I love, love, love the power of the journeys & frequencies as I feel the energy move through my body, heart & soul in such a powerful way! For me, there is no longer a need for other programs!!!


When you sign up BY NOVEMBER 1ST, 2017, you'll also get access to both the Spoken word only journeys, (8 more items!) as well as the journeys backed with even more energy and music — making this one of his largest offers of ALL-NEW MATERIAL EVER!

Join Now

And Begin the Expansion!

Special Added Bonus Expires Sunday at Midnight

Special LIVE Saturday Afternoon Journey with Jarrad

During this Amazing Event, we will not only have our Regular Live Calls, but we will also gather for a Special Saturday Event, to listen to journeys as a group, amplifying the energy, while also possibly exploring some new themes with bonus material, as needed.

This will be an excellent way to gather new understanding and have wonderful new experiences with the material in a time frame set aside to go deep and expand with Love and Infinite Possibility

Discount: 91% Off

Total Value: $3,427

You Wealth Special Offer: $297

Sold Out

30-Day money back guarantee**

No refunds after Synbol has been created

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This Program Has Changed My Life!

I intended to have a good relationship with my husband, as I felt I had many emotions to clean up. [After receiving my symbol and personalized activation] I feel more complete with my relationship and a softening of my heart toward him which wasn't available to me previously. Sunday evening we booked a trip to be with my family for Thanksgiving. Not only do I see the shifts in me, I also see the shifts in my husband. The last time we spent Thanksgiving together with my family was about 25 years ago.


Reconnecting to a Deep and True Part of Myself

It's actually a bit challenging to describe in words what it feels like to have your own personalized symbol and recording from Jarrad. I actually wasn't even expecting the guided journey and was thrilled to have that included with the symbol. The first time connecting with the symbol and hearing the journey was like reconnecting to a deep and true part of myself that I've always known and yet also feels like I'm meeting for the first time. It's like looking into a mirror and experiencing a version of me that I hadn't really paid attention to, but is perfect and amazing!

Feels Very Intimate, Personal and Powerful

I have listened to the recording many times and it's always like hearing it for the first time. There is something new being offered whether it be with hearing the words for what feels like the first time, or a positive feeling that it generates. It's a new way to connect with myself and it feels very intimate, personal and powerful. Whenever I'm feeling "off" or not quite like myself, I play the recording to help me remember who I really am and reconnect to my light. It's an awesome tool to have available when you forget who you really are! So thankful to have this experience, not to mention all the other gems Jarrad offers in his program. I am so impressed with the authentic way Jarred shows up for his tribe. He invests all of himself, his time and energy in full dedication for those he serves. It's quite beautiful to witness his unique contribution to our collective awakening. I am grateful!!

Jennifer Cunnings

Energy Alchemist, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Helped to Awaken My Soul and Return to My True Self

I've had quite a few personal creation symbols done by Jarrad for the past few years. They started out being more simple, and over time as I evolved and as Jarrad himself evolved by leaps & bounds, they became more fancy looking & sophisticated, always so beautiful & unique in their own ways. My symbols from Jarrad are quite powerful and often make my head woozy when I first get them, as I take time to integrate each symbol fully in my body, while also listening to the audio recording repeatedly for the first few days. My new symbol from Jarrad has brought forth more Heart Expansion, Clarity & Confidence, Lighthearted Joy & Playfulness within my being, & helped to awaken my soul to return me home to being my true authentic, best (bold & beautiful...lol) self that I can be!

Emily Lai

Symbol Is Exceptional and Has Become an Old Friend

This new symbol that Jarrad birthed for me is far and away the most powerful of all that he's done for me, and there are quite a few. The activation and the symbol were very emotional for me; more so than any of the previous ones, which I believe were in preparation for this symbol. It is potent and profound, yet gentle & tender. I've been drawn to re-listen over & over each time feeling more & more expanded and filled with pure potential. I truly feel at a very deep level that I have fully connected with my soul in a very unique way. This symbol is simply exceptional and has become an old friend already. Jarrad is truly gifted and never disappoints! I am so glad I found him on Darius' program.


Gently and Completely Grounded in My Authentic Self

I have had some intense and wild (in a good way) experiences with some of the symbols. This Newest symbol of being home in my self is completely different. Each time I look at my symbol (hanging on my studio wall), I am standing in sunshine, warmth, ease, breath. Whatever might have been bothering me a moment ago does not exist. I stand gently and completely grounded in my authentic self. I stand grounded in Source. Thanks, Jarrad, for bringing this through!


Manifested Income That Is Double

Thanks to the beautiful Symbol Jarrad made for me, My Bank Account is Flowing with The Abundance of Self Love made manifest with the measurable results of money. My Income has doubled! Yes, I created this and it is just the beginning because Jarrad has taught me to Create from The Infinite Abundance of The Divine Love that Flows through me. He has helped me to open the doors to create healing Miracles with myself and others in the past and this is the first time it has manifested in an Income that is double to the exact penny!


Brought to a New Level of Being

I call Jarrad my earth bound guide, for good reason. He is the real deal. I started listening to him in 2014 when I had sciatic nerve pain which progressed due to continuous spasms from having Cerebral Palsy, and became bedridden. The doctors couldn't do anything for me, I was on 22 pills, and a pain patch. I bought his program, and when I would listen to his meditations, and journeys I could feel the healing power. Just listening my body would relax, my head would tingle, I would get warm. Last November I was able to stop all meds except for 2 1/2 pills at bed. Jarrad, is a big reason for that. Through him I started meditating, through him I tapped into my inner being. I am now a coach, I am well into my awakening, and when I received my personal symbol, and activation… WOW! As soon as I opened my symbol I felt that warm tingly feeling like coming home, and the activation was so amazing it brought me to a whole new level of being. Also, the community Jarrad has put together is not like anything else. It's unbelievable, and must be experienced to fully understand the level in which Jarrad delivers

Susan Boartfield

Feeling Limitless… All that I AM

The first day I saw my Symbol I got a tickly feeling inside. The very first time I listened to my Symbol Journey it felt truly for me, I became excited while listening. I felt the expansiveness building and I felt the urge to burst out laughing and when I gave in to that I simultaneously cried, like I was finally seen and I had finally found a way into who and All That I AM. I felt the most tremendous relief like it was finally ok to be me—Limitless

Janet Woodward

Power Felt From Personal Symbol Blew Me Away!

I've never known anything like the shifts I've had this month. The power I feel in my personal symbol is getting greater and greater and it blew me away from the start! And for the first time in my life I have stopped fighting. I see so clearly where, how and why I reacted to stuff and blamed others. Even more though, I'm experiencing new feelings. I thought I was dead. I am so excited to be waking up. Holy cow!

Caroline Thake

The Gift that keeps on Giving!!

I first learned about Jarrad a year and a half ago but I wasn't able to work with him until this past June. I don't think I really knew what I was in for—what a fabulous treat it's been!! The frequency tracks and meditative journeys Jarrad creates will absolutely shift your life in ways that are so unexpected—deeper love of self and others and with that, the expansion of all that you are into All That Is—truly feeling the connection with Source, as Source. Receiving my symbol was quite an emotional experience for me because there was so much love oozing out of it. I didn't think it was possible to become more expansive, more connected, more loving; I Am truly feeling and experiencing what it means to be a Multidimensional Being. I don't know that any of us can truly say enough about Jarrad and the loving way he cares for us, teaches us, and supports us in becoming All That We Are—he is definitely "The Gift that keeps on Giving!!

Alisa Petit

Beyond Incredible

My personally channeled symbol has opened me up to the limitless possibilities here and now… Jarrad's work in this world is beyond incredible and I believe the more who experience him, Jarrad will change the world.

Chelsey Jackson

A Flood of Unconditional Love and Acceptance

At the beginning looking at my symbol and listening to the activation let me feel like I have been called by my name the very first time, like I have been seen the very first time. I was overwhelmed by the flood of unconditional love and acceptance. Every time I look/listen I feel the energy flowing deeper and deeper into my system and yet I know this is just the beginning.

Samara Schreib

Experiencing the World as a "Newborn"

The activation made me go unconscious for a moment and since then, I am meeting more of myself, found a new level of peacefulness (seriously it's like so quiet and soft and complete right now)… I also have the feeling of experiencing the world as a "new born". And I am more receptive to my intuition, inner vision and guidance (versus doubting myself) and then everything is more in synch. This symbol is like a message from myself, allowing me to fully receive myself. How loving is that?




Experiencing a personal symbol created by Jarrad, goes beyond anything that I could have ever imagined or expected. Each time I gaze at my symbol and listen to the activation, I am taken on a spectacular journey that defies description. First time I experienced the energy of the symbol, I spent about 5 minutes just sitting there thinking WOW… WOW… WOW…

Kim Persons

Released Worry About the Unknowns

Every time I look at my symbol I feel joy in my heart. In the last week, I have been sleeping very deeply… There are a lot of unknowns coming up in my life over the next few months and between the symbol and support from Jarrad, I have little worries about these unknowns and almost an excitement to see how they turn out. I know everything will be fine and probably a whole lot of fun. This is very different from where I was a short time ago.

Deb Chichester

Energy of the Room Was Vibrating with Divine Love

Receiving the symbol gave me the inner knowing that I could shine my light into the world. I felt the energy of it surround me. It was uncanny — it was all of me and yet more of me that I hadn't even realized was me. I felt whole and loved and confident. Every time I invoke the symbol, I can feel something new emerging. I placed a copy in a book I use at work so that the energy was present and all I can say is that when I sang the songs in this book, people were moved to tears and the energy of the room was vibrating with Divine Love. Thank you, Jarrad


Floating and Grounded in 5D

I feel like I am floating and very grounded at the same time and more in 5D than ever. Thanks Jarrad.


Feeling Love Beyond Measure and Limitless Bliss

Jarrad shares with such an open loving heart and nothing but love and joy can come through him. My symbol is amazing and brings such peace and love. I am overwhelmed with the incredible blessing of having my own personal symbol and activation. I know I will never be the same and it has touched me deeply and completely! This is love beyond measure! This is limitless bliss! This is the joy unspeakable I read about so many years ago!

Thank you is not enough to express my profound gratitude!

Maggie Crane

Every Cell Shifted and Expanded with Magic

The first time I looked at my symbol and listened to the activation I was filled with joy! The entire symbol swirled and twirled around through every cell in my body, shifting and expanding them with the magic that I had asked for! I felt each part of it and all of it at the same time becoming one with me. Jarrad's voice, in the purity of the language of light, invoked the symbols off the page and into my being. Just a few days later, as I sat in meditation, my third eye started twitching! I felt a clearing and cleansing and stretching and reconfiguring of my pineal gland, such that I had never felt before. These symbols are powerful and empowering. And Jarrad is always there to guide, support and love us through it. I am so grateful to him!

Aliza M.

Amazing… Whole Body Vibrated!

It's hard to put into words about how I felt when I first received my symbol but I will try…

Amazing! When I first looked at my personal symbol I could feel my whole body vibrate, so much so I had to take some deep breaths, center and ground as it was intense (in a really good way). It blew me away how much energy I felt just by looking at it! Very powerful… my 3rd eye, heart center and palms vibrate every time I look at it. Awesome!

I was very impressed with the detailed audio and activation! It was very individual and personal, it was not a generic explanation, it was very specific to my request for my symbol and Jarrad explained in depth what my symbol meant for me personally. He REALLY put his time and heart into it and I am forever grateful! All of that was certainly enough but the icing on the cake was the light language activation! All I know is that every time I listen — I feel amazing! Thank you Jarrad for being a light in my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karen Pedini

The Butterfly Effect of Love

Jarrad created a symbol and activation for me that transformed my "vision". They tapped the domino that created a cascade and added so much more. The synchronicities and manifestations are amazing. I feel seen, heard and present in ways I had forgotten. My symbol is beauty, joy, love and laughter. My activation is expansion, integration, light and love. My experience? The Butterfly Effect of Love


Jarrad's Most Powerful to Date

The symbols and journeys are Jarrad's most powerful to date.

Judy S.

Resistance Is Gone… Transformational!

The symbol and the activation are very precious to me and have been transformational in ways I am only beginning to understand. I am beginning to feel who I Am. I am beginning to understand the Truth of my Being… At this moment, my resistance is gone and the joy of Being Love, of living in Love has become a very large part of my reality. I can't thank you enough. I would not be in this place and space without all of your help and support!


Feels the Vibrations of Symbol Activate

Words cannot express how phenomenal this experience with my personal symbol is. My whole body feels lighter and I can actually FEEL the vibrations of my symbol activate when I listen to the audio. Amazing!! Thank you so much, Jarrad!!


Brought Tears of Overwhelming Joy

My first glance at my symbol brought tears of overwhelming joy. Each time I look at it and listen to the activation new aspects dance to the surface and it is ever changing and alive. So happy for this new experience. Thank you!

Kris Abelman

Moving Through Difficulties With Grace and Ease

Jarrad, can't thank you enough for coming into my awareness at the perfect time. The past five months have been very challenging for me on multiple fronts. I have dealt with all the adversity far better than in the past. I truly believe the daily energy work you've been doing and the various frequency tracks I've been listening to have made all the difference in my ability to move through these difficulties with ease and grace. Many thanks to you for stepping in to your destiny to help others!

Nancy Kaiser

A Feeling of Coming Home

Experiencing my symbol the first time felt like coming home. I have been shifting and expanding every day since. The best part is it doesn't end, it keeps going up a notch everytime I listen. Some days subtle and some days wham! In a weird way it sometimes feels like I Am my symbol. Just this morning I was thinking I feel like I am in love with myself and it blew my mind to realize how much has changed in such a short time. So how can I put into words how grateful I am? It is truly a gift that just keeps giving.


Experienced a Cobalt Blue and Purple Lightshow

Wow, the first time I looked at the symbol and then shut my eyes as I listened to the activation I saw a most beautiful light show! Cobalt blue and purple and many colors. A huge feeling of peace and serenity! Each time I revisit my symbol and activation I just feel lighter and happy! Thank you Jarrad, you are amazing!!

Theresa Herbert

Feeling Peace, Excitement and Expansion

When I look at my personal symbol and listen to the audio message that came with it, I feel an interesting mix of peace, excitement and expansion. I feel like this symbol, along with other parts of Jarrad's program, have really helped me trust and know that I am a co-creator of what I want in my life. I truly feel blessed every time I use my personal symbol. Jarrad has such a kind heart, and is so genuine.

Susan Mercier

Staying In My NOW to Create the Reality of My Dreams

My first experience with my personal symbol was overwhelmingly beautiful. I was tingly and buzzing, and I could feel each of my bodies moving into complete alignment to receive the energy. The second and third sessions instilled in me a total trust and faith that everything IS all right. All thoughts related to the past or future are easily released and I AM far better able to stay in my NOW to create the reality of my dreams. Now things related to the topic I chose for my personal symbol are unfolding at a brisk pace. I couldn't be happier. Many thanks to Jarrad for letting us choose our own topics this time! xoxo

Judy Jones

Experiencing Energies of Limitlessness, Abundance, Peace and Joy

Every time I experience the energy of my personal symbol, I feel myself expand into the vastness of my multidimensional being, connecting with all the beautiful energies and potentials available in higher frequency bands of my greater Self. I feel my heart open and expand as I connect with the energies of limitlessness, abundance, peace and joy.


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