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Auracle Healing Cards

If you could ask your God Self any question about your life, what would it be?

The Auracle Healing Cards are a bridge which helps support this Loving dialogue between you and your God Self (soul), your Guides and Infinite Light as ONE.

Working with the Auracles is a very powerful way to experience a truthful conversation through Colours you choose because they are the expressions of your language of Light.

They will help you to BELIEVE in yourself by Awakening you to your Brilliance and inner Light.

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Awakening You to Your Brilliance and Inner Light

Each of the 56 Auracle Healing Cards with 112 beautiful images and Mandalas contain the Living Energies of Colour, Light, Sound, Sacred Geometries, and Prayers of Light; which combined bring you the fullest experience of personal awakening.

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Each Auracle Healing Card is an expression of the Human Condition. As you choose your Auracles, they reveal intricate Truths, teachings and experiences on various levels which help you align with your multi-dimensional Essence.

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Using The Auracle Healing Cards can Bring Clarity and Awareness which:

  • Opens your Heart to deeply profound insights, allowing un-Loved parts of your Self to rise, be forgiven, and healed.
  • Restores emotional balance, peacefulness, and serenity.
  • Assists in dissolving lower, fear based vibrations or thought forms ruling your actions which do not resonate with Love.
  • Helps ground your visions, allowing you to do what you Love in life with Joy!
  • Brings empowerment on your life path with new levels of direction and focus.
  • Opens you up for receiving Self-Love, Compassion, Kindness, Nurturing, and to Honour your life.
  • Awakens you to deeper states of intuition.

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As well, the Auracles will:

  • Open gateways into the Mystery of your unconscious mind to Awaken your Infinite Potential.
  • Shift your perception of Self and Life into elevated states of awareness.
  • Bridge Divine Realms into your feeling body, making it possible for the first time to have a living dialogue with your soul, and to interact physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and etherically (through spatial matter) with your Guides and Infinite Light… all who are a part of you.
  • Cause particle re-alignment within your DNA through the Sound of Love.
  • Help you evolve back into the "Iridescent Self", and remember who you are.

Package A

Discount: 80% Off

Total Value: $962

You Wealth Special Offer: $197


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30-Day money back guarantee**

Package B

Discount: 76% Off

Total Value: $1,091

You Wealth Special Offer: $267

(Shipping Included*)

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30-Day money back guarantee**

Package A

Item 1: 30-minute Private Auracle Reading with Leslie

Value: $225

During your reading, you will be asked to choose 4-6 Auracle Healing Cards or Colours from the Colour Chart found below. Your personal story will unfold and dialogue with your soul, your Guides and Infinite Light will begin. Leslie will translate what your soul is conveying, and how you wish to bring resolve. During this time, you will also receive healing transmissions of Light, fusing your cells with Unconditional Love, or Love without judgment, through each Colour frequency chosen. Before the session is over, Leslie will give suggestions on how to tap into your Divine Blueprint (why you are here), accelerate your healing process and expand in soul awareness.

Item 2: 56 Auracle Healing Cards and Their Meanings

Item 2: 56 Auracle Healing Cards and Their Meanings

Value: $725

The PDFs are intended for use of transmitting a constant wave of healing vibrations into your sacred space or environment. By printing your Auracles from the PDF, you don't have to take them down from any healing space you've created in your house, your office, your bedroom, meditation room, etc. These PDF Auracle Healing Cards give you the opportunity and the freedom to print out and work with the Colours you choose on demand. Truly a gift of healing transmissions that gives time and time again.

These are just some suggestions as to how to utilize the PDF Auracle Healing Cards. Because these are out of the box and unlimited in their use, it is up to you to discover how to use them for yourself in the best way that works for you.

To use from your computer:

  • Choose an Auracle Healing Card Image or Mandala and have a gazing session with it.
  • Use your Auracles as wallpaper for your desktop or for your cell phone since they emit the healing vibrations of Love, and will also protect you from harmful EMF penetrating your cellular structure. This is especially important for mothers who have newborns and young children since they carry their cell phones and have some type of electronic device wherever they go.

If you choose to print these, I would suggest printing them no larger than 8.5 x 11 because it begins to pixilate beyond that. They look beautiful printed on photo paper and laminated.

These printed Images and Mandalas can be used in the following ways:

  • Place them on the nightstand next to your bed for a healing night of sleep.
  • Create a sacred space or healing grid.
  • Create an Altar.
  • Hang them on the wall in your office space, meditation room, bedroom, living room — wherever you wish to receive the benefits of the healing transmissions, and shifts within your consciousness into elevated states of awareness.
  • Use them to set healing grids for your pets.

I AM Held Unconditionally As I Journey through Life (Pink Angel Meditation) — MP3

Value: $22

This beautiful meditation brings you deeply and profoundly into the Pink vibration of Unconditional Love which will expand your Heart awareness. Pink is one of the three vibrations which carries a consciousness within the Christed Light. When this vibration enters into your cells you will feel nurtured and safe as if you are being held in the arms of your Divine Angelic Mother.

Auracle Prayer of Light & Gratitude — MP3

Value: $22

This beautiful prayer came in to express Loving Gratitude to all Guides coming through the Christed Consciousness who help us walk our path of Light, as we are in Co-Creation and would not be anywhere without them. When we experience and express these emotions of Love and Gratitude, it expands our Hearts and boosts our immune systems resulting in Peacefulness, Balance and Spiritual Alignment. It has been encoded into the Auracles tens of thousands of times, and carries the vibration of Unconditional Love which will shift the sound in the very core of your DNA.

Package A

Discount: 80% Off

Total Value: $962

You Wealth Special Offer: $197


Sold Out

30-Day money back guarantee**

Package B

Includes everything in Package A, PLUS:

Item 3: Auracle Healing Cards Set [Physical Cards to be Shipped]

Item 3: Auracle Healing Cards Set [Physical Cards to be Shipped]

Value: $75

Each Auracle Healing Cards Deck contains:

  • The Auracle Healing Cards are 4"x 6" with a different image on each side of the card. A total of 56 cards with 112 exquisite Healing Images and Mandalas.
  • The accompanying Guidebook is 6" x 9" with 191 pages of uplifting messages, profound spiritual insights, answers to your questions and a simple explanation on how to do readings.
  • You also receive a 6"x 9", double-sided colour chart with quick reference to each colour.

The Auracle Healing Cards are specifically used for readings, healings and meditations. Each of the 112 beautiful Images and Mandalas in the Healing Deck contain the Living Energies of Colour, Light, Sound, Sacred Geometries, and Prayers of "Light", which combined bring you the fullest experience of personal awakening.

As you choose your Auracles, they reveal intricate Truths, teachings and experiences on various levels which help you align with your multi-dimensional Essence.

This brings Clarity and Awareness which:

  • Opens your Heart to deeply profound insights, allowing un-Loved parts of your Self to rise, be forgiven, and healed.
  • Restore emotional balance, peacefulness, and serenity.
  • Assist in dissolving lower, fear based vibrations or thought forms ruling your actions which don't resonate with Love.
  • Help ground your visions, allowing you to do what you Love in life.
  • Bring clarity and empowerment on your life path with new levels of direction and focus.
  • Open you up for receiving Self-Love, Compassion, Kindness, Nurturing, and to Honour your life.
  • Awaken you to deeper states of intuition.
  • Bring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connection to your Guides.

Each Auracle Healing Card reveals the Jewels or patterns of Colours within the treasure chest of your soul. As such, they are reflections of your own Divinity, mirrors of your Beauty, Uniqueness… your Infinite Self. They bridge Divine Realms into your feeling body, and make it possible for the first time to have a living dialogue and to interact physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with your Heart, your Guides… and Creation.

Package B

Discount: 76% Off

Total Value: $1,091

You Wealth Special Offer: $267

(Shipping Included*)

Sold Out

30-Day money back guarantee**

Special Added Bonus Expires Sunday at Midnight

I Embrace My Spirituality and Seek Connection to the Divine In All I Do (Violet Flame Meditation) — MP3

Value: $22

This beautiful meditation will help you to feel the vastness of your Self by connecting more deeply into the Universe from which you came. The Violet frequency creates elevated states of awareness through uplifting thoughts forms. The more expanded your consciousness becomes, the more easily you will let go of toxic, fear based thoughts because they do not sustain the vibration or Sound of Love within you. This process is called transmutation in which the distortions in your DNA creating harmful thought forms are being shifted into those of Illumination.

I Engage In The Playfulness of Life Joyfully and Freely! (Yellow Meditation) — MP3

Value: $22

This delightful meditation will connect you to your Magickal inner child. It opens gateways into your playfulness, personal power and joy, which allows you to step into the Light of your own brilliance and individuality. As you connect more deeply into this frequency, the illusions of fear, criticism and separation will begin to dissolve because they are simply part of the program and script you've been given by your ancestral, societal and family lineage.

Package A

Discount: 80% Off

Total Value: $962

You Wealth Special Offer: $197


Sold Out

30-Day money back guarantee**

Package B

Discount: 76% Off

Total Value: $1,091

You Wealth Special Offer: $267

(Shipping Included*)

Sold Out

30-Day money back guarantee**


Readings with Leslie Sloane are magical. She gets straight to your core with clear and concise clarity and delivers the information in a strong yet peaceful manner so you are not even aware you are being guided into action oriented steps you will need to make. She gives you that little kick in the butt while sprinkling the information with faerie dust. I love readings with Leslie because her work is absent of ego, judgment or projection. I'm a Psychic Medium so I know the importance of a reading without ego, judgment or projection and Leslie is a master at it. That is the way readings are supposed to be; free of the earthly person who is delivering the message and just filled with the love and guidance of Spirit. You will truly get to know your soul during a reading with Leslie.

M. P.

Psychic Medium

After my reading, I felt a clear and deeply connected to my soul's truth. Leslie's cards instantly revealed my soul message. Her cards are layered with healing energy and can be placed anywhere on your body for rapid healing. I'm so grateful for Leslie and her magical deck of cards.

C. B.

From the moment I met Leslie I knew she was an extraordinary person! I am in awe of her knowledge, her vibrant personality that just shoots you up through the roof with joy just being in her presence! Her readings are so amazing — it's like she knows you better than you know yourself but you resonate with every loving word! She is always radiant, smiling, loving, funny, and so insightful. Thank you Universe — how did I get so blessed to find her?


Every time Leslie has held space for me, whether that be in an individual healing, a workshop, or a specialized ceremony, she has always brought a dimension of true love into the space. She has made me feel worthy of my own self and worthy of divine love. Her words and advice are always full of love and presented in a loving way, though she isn't afraid to call it like it is when that approach is needed. She has helped me grow immensely and I will always be grateful for that.


I've had healing sessions with Leslie and also attended her workshops. At first I was skeptical, how could this person who laughs all the time be a serious healer? Well, she does a great balancing act between her laughter and joy and the depth and broad scope of her work. During the healing sessions, I felt supported, loved, cared for, and later filled with joy and confidence. During her workshops (each one was different) I was stunned by the deep experience, the connection she made us feel to her and to all present. Her voice and tone changed, or that is how I felt, her words taking us deeper inside and at the same time connecting us to the universe. Highly recommended!

Daniella R.

As a Life Transformation Leader, Energy Healing Expert and Wellness Professional, I have studied and currently practice many holistic vibrational healing methods. Leslie's Auracle Healing Cards and Auracle's Color Therapies are beyond what even the most advanced light workers have ever experienced. These Auracles truly are infused with living, healing light energy that work to shift the body, mind, and spirit into coherence. Her readings and magical, layered, light healing creations align us with our highest vibrational soul messages and illuminated states of being. After spending time with Leslie, I am amazed, as I am left feeling lighter, happier, energized and more alive!

Bonnie P.

Germantown, Maryland

I have had numerous experiences with Leslie after a conversation where she has told me what color and card her guides are showing her. When I get home I shuffled my cards (eyes closed) spread them out and chose 4. The first two I pick are the exact ones she was shown! Of course when I read them I know exactly why. She is an earth angel with an extraordinary gift!

Sue U.

I cannot say enough about how accurate Leslie's readings are! Always perfectly fitting into what is happening in your life at that moment!!! The depth of the readings are astounding. The Auracle Healing Deck is powerful and has live energy that you can actually feel! Amazing! I love it!

J .P.

Working with Leslie is like talking to your best friend, only better. She touches on things that you didn't even know were there and then she brings them to light in a loving and compassionate way. She has a wonderful sense of humor and knows exactly how to tell you what you need to hear. "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!

Adam Kruger

Leslie possesses an uncanny ability to "see" and name the deeper currents moving in one's life at any given time. She is a gifted "reader" -adept and insightful, and knows how to give the healing that is needed. She is truly a delight…

And a talented Way-Shower, with a hearty dose of humor thrown in! You will fall in Love with Leslie, for that is who she is and what she is all about.

Tracy C.

A reading from Leslie captures the essence of what my soul is desiring for me to know and grow into. It's like 3 years of deep meditation on steroids. I like fast, accurate, and applicable… and Leslie never fails to deliver. I may cry tears of recognition and relief but I can also count on that special twinkling of humor that is Leslie's brand… and gets me laughing silly as well. As a teacher, gems of wisdom and knowing from ancient mystery schools and beyond fall upon those with ears to hear. Don't miss an opportunity to be delighted, entertained, and transformed by the Queen Fairie herself… Ms. Leslie.

Haumea Hanakahi

Talking with Leslie is like reuniting with an old friend — or a deeper, wiser part of your own soul. Bubbling over with a rare combination of ancient wisdom and playfulness, Leslie radiates love, understanding and healing energy. Her enthusiasm and joy for life are contagious.

Kim T.

Wow! What an honor and privilege it is to receive this high reading. I have found Leslie to be not only most intuitive reader but also very much aligned with my high possibilities and her reading helped me to aligned myself with my highest good. I love that her readings not only provide me with clarity and hope but also give me clear tools as to how to move through my challenges (using her healing cards). I will forever remain grateful for the reading and healings that Leslie has provided me with and for the difference that these have caused in my life! Thank you, dear Queen Fairy Leslie.

Jari Pohankova


Truly Felt like My Soul was Talking to Me

I've received a few Soul readings from Leslie. And just to share a recent experience — as I was going through a health crisis, she gave me a reading that revealed what was at the emotional root of my condition. Everything that she said was RIGHT on! And her reading revealed a clear path that resonated completely with my core, my heart. During the phone session, I felt the healing transmission coming through and in that moment, my heart rate lowered to a more normal range and I had tears of release. I rested after and the transmission continued. Wow! Plus, the vibration of Leslie's voice carries such joy, optimism, and love that it really helps to assimilate the information on multidimensional levels. I used the PDF Auracle Healing Cards that she sent me and they've really helped in my process of going deeper and releasing things that I didn't even know where there. Thank you, Leslie Sloane, for helping me to hear my loving and accepting Soul!!!

J. A. Gonzalez

Leslie is absolutely divine. She is different from any other healer I have worked with. Leslie channels frequencies of sound, smell, color, sacred geometry and light. Leslie's Auracle healing cards are physical manifestations of divine healing that we can all use for transformation. The resonance of Leslie and her work, touches the soul for past present and ongoing healing. My in person healing session and card reading inspired, awakened and infused my entire being with light.

Marla Frees

Transformational Psychic Medium and Consciousness Coach

My Auracle card reading with Leslie was SPOT ON for where I am in my life right now and what I am doing. It totally resonated and I was excited how the cards worked together to tell the story and how I could use the cards to further my healing to fully be on my Authentic Path. The energy in the cards sings to my soul and while I don't always have the words to completely understand, there is a feeling of inner knowing, peace, safety and expansion in using them. I'm using them daily and they are so amazing and continue to be exactly the card I need that day.

Jyll Hoyrup


Although I had a very short reading with Leslie after the purchase of my Auracle Healing Cards, I felt a beautiful resonance in my Heart. This inspired me to sign up for her Level 1 Workshop to understand them in a much deeper way because I can feel them.

S. Miller

Leslie's wisdom and depth bring forth clear guidance with every session

Janet B.

After having seen many ok psychics, I was a little skeptical when a friend suggested to see Leslie. She kept saying that Leslie is "different" so I gave her a try… and boy was she right!! I have never experienced a reading like I did with Leslie and her Auracle Colours Healing Card deck. These are not regular readings as the cards themselves contain codes for healing and awakening your soul.

I was so impressed that I bought the deck and began to use them in my healing practice. And when a friend came over and picked up the deck for the first time, she immediately had to sit down because her crown and third eye opened up immediately upon viewing the geometry and codes on the front of the cards. These cards continue to affect my clients in ways that even they have a hard time putting into words. Truly amazing cards channeled through an amazing healer.

Kevin Ackad

Los Angeles, CA

Experiences with the Auracles

An Open Source Mystery School within a STUNNING DECK of Sacred Mandalas!

As a twelve year facilitator of colour therapy and a huge fan of Auracles Colour Mist Sprays, I have to say The Auracle Healing Deck is one of the most comprehensive and awe-inspiring sets of cards ever. It has personally shown me & others where the embodied truth resides between an honest & clear layout of the soul's journey through light (conscious) and shadow (unconscious). Without being 'new age polarized to just the light', it gently reveals the egoic shadow of the unconscious with Deck 2 and allows the user to be fully inspired & empowered by Deck 1. Rounding out the artistic brilliance are the colours, worded codes and geometries that exalt the user into the universal language of the soul. It is an absolutely brilliant example of having a master deck at your hands! I love it! and I promise you will not regret diving into the immensely colourful world of Leslie Sloane & the Art of Radisha, Buy it right now & Be The Multi-Dimensional Shift forever…

Mikael King

The Best and Most Healing Cards

So, so very HEALING!!! These cards are not only beautiful but deeply healing. I love to place one of them in front of me when meditating or on my night stand during night because I can feel such a strong healing energy vortex that they create. They make connecting with high guides clear and easy. The most beautiful gift you can give to anybody and so deeply healing. They also help with opening up and strengthening intuition. It always amazes me how accurate they are! BEAUTIFUL, HEALING, INTUITIVE and so full of radiant love and intergalactic guidance.

J. P.

What a Blessing!

I am extremely impressed with these beautiful cards! I am a Medium/Clairvoyant myself, and Leslie, who created these, definitely knew what she was doing. They not only have helped me personally, but my special needs son, who has trouble communicating, has greatly benefited by being able to let me know how he is feeling, opening lines of communications I could never have imagined. If you have a child or person that cannot communicate their feelings and emotions, these are created for them, and I cannot thank Leslie enough for her profound gifts!! I have these cards and recommend them highly!

Lora Kitch

A Winner!!

The images in these colorful cards are beyond beautiful… Iconic and amazing, they invite and invoke deep, insightful dialogue- and can be used either solo, or for others you may be "reading." They are timeless — the kind of gift that truly keeps on giving!! Exquisitely crafted, and uniquely double-sided, these living portals of wisdom will enlighten every possible shade of your souls query, and ultimately inspire you… Double Bravo to the artist and the author for creating this stunning, joyous deck!!

Tracy C.

Master Healing Cards — Beyond Tarot or any other cards

A session with these cards is like being in the presence of the most powerful Master Healers. I can feel the cells in my body shifting as I sit with these gorgeous cards. Infused with the Healing Energy of Divine Love — and using the alchemy of Sacred Geometry, chant, tone, color, and powerful imagery — these cards are actual Portals and Vortexes into Higher Dimensions. Simply laying the mandala on my body produces deep healing, relaxation, relief… and often… giggles and joy. They have helped me to fall into a peaceful sleep at night. The accompanying book lovingly guides you in a deep journey to your most sacred and precious self. To call these "cards" is almost an injustice. If your Heart longs to Heal, or expand… these cards are for you. If you want to love on someone with a fun, healing, wisdom gift — this is it!!!

Haumea Hanakahi

Beautiful, powerful and amazing cards

I have been a professional Medium for many years. In my private readings with people, I use cards such as Tarot and Angel Cards. I have never experienced a deck of cards like this before. The artwork is truly stunning. The images tell a story, but they go far deeper. Each card has a wondrous mandala on it. There is an energy that these cards emit that is difficult if not impossible to explain. As one sits with the cards, there are unmistakable shifts and changes one will go through. All I can say is that these cards offer the potential to experience deep healing. If you are interested in realizing your potential in your lifetime, these cards provide a great tool for personal growth and transformation.


I love my cards

I love my cards. These are beautiful and vibrant. You can feel their living energy. I bought one set and loved them so much I bought more for gifts. Definitely worth purchasing.

R. M. G.

Multidimensional spiritual growth tool

Leslie is a gift to humanity. Through hard work, dedication and high guidance, she created the most inspirational and beautiful tool for everyone's use. The breath taking art design will take you through a multidimensional spiritual growth.

Bernadette Rosenstiel

D. C.

A deck for the light workers

These cards are special and unique. I haven't encountered a deck like this one ever, what sets it apart from all the others for me, is the clarity of the imagery and muti-dimensionality of the messages. There is a balance in the deck that illumines the dark and the light aspects of our psyche. The art found on the cards is simply stunning and full of symbolism, the mandalas are amazing gateways to allow the energies into our field through a higher vibration that bypasses our 'little minds', this I find most helpful. You should get this deck if you are at all interested in true connection and divine guidance, if you want to see and trust in deeper parts of yourself.


Only the Best

These cards are not only the most powerful deck I have ever used on my clients, they are beautiful pieces of art. You can truly feel the energy that radiates through them. The light and wisdom we have received from using them on a daily basis has really brought us all to a higher level of enlightenment.

Katie Slanina

Leslie's Sloane's Auracle Cards are truly soul shifting. The cards are absolute stunning pieces of art that carry a ton of healing and messages. Whenever I work with her cards, I instantly feel a sense of peace vibrate through my system even if the card has brought forward an awareness I needed to wake up to in order to heal an area of my life. The cards carry multi-dimensional meanings. The more you grow, the more the messages in the cards expand and assist you on your journey. I absolutely love these cards and their magical presence. I sometimes sleep with them under my pillow or place them around my bed because I know they are full of magical healing properties that work with my system by just being near them.

Marilyn Alauria

Psychic Medium/Spiritual Teacher

The Auracle Deck completely takes you to another realm!!! The combination of the Magickal Colours and messages on each card are truly mind blowing, healing and take matters straight to the heart! Working with the cards has helped me heal and transform myself and others.

Cherise Bangs

Yoga and Ayurveda Therapist

I was quite amazed at how a set of cards could alter my perception and energy on a deep multi-dimensional level. The layering of prayers, archetypes, and intentions weaved into this deck has awoken my belief in what truly is possible with love and understanding of color and soul communication.

Daniel Raphael

Combination of Readings and Experiences with the Auracles

The readings with Leslie and the Auracle Healing Cards are awakening. They help you to remember your soul awareness and guide you to heal from the love in the sacred messages and beautiful images. Life changing a true gift for the spirit.

Lee Havard

The first time I heard Leslie speak was at a group workshop of about 30 people. She had this delightful, energetic "elf-like" presence about her though the words that came out of her mouth were profound ancient wisdoms that I have only heard from the great ones in the "New Age" community. I knew I was in the presence of the "real deal" once she gave the readings to everyone in the room. As each person pulled a card she gave them an inspiration message that was short of masterful. I've been committed to Leslie's work and the Auracle Healing Cards ever since.

Diann Rubenstein

Leslie's workshop was deeply spiritual, interesting, and oh so much fun! She is a joy to listen to, so magical!

I truly love the Auracle Healing Cards. I love working with them and are easy to use. I feel they are a living entity. The beauty and depth can be overwhelming. Thank you for your guidance and teachings.


I have never met a soul quite like Leslie Sloane. She dances with and rejoices in the divine every minute of the day. Her devotion to honoring the divine, herself, and others creates a beautiful healing space free of judgment. She surrenders herself to the messages of the universe and holds the recipient in a space of love and trust. In combination with her cards the readings are direct and uncompromising, evidence the divine wants us all to reach our full potential.

Her cards are similar to guides, guides that love you and show you the true love: the tough love. There have been times when I was reluctant to see the mirror that was being presented in the reading — sometimes the truth is hard to swallow! The cards hold you in so much love as they reveal the discord beneath our masks; the cards don't judge, they merely reflect. Once I let go of my self-judgement I grew tremendously in my spiritual life. Leslie has created a deck that cuts through the fog of ego. It's powerful; filled with beautiful light energy and calls upon the energies of the most powerful light beings in the universe. It isn't for the faint of heart, but it is more than capable of assisting you in extraordinary ways on the joyous and at times grueling path to enlightenment.


Thank you Leslie for creating the very powerful insightful Auracle Deck of cards. Not only are they extremely beautiful, but they hold answers and healing for whoever wishes to use them. I love it when Leslie herself gives me a reading with the Auracle deck. She is spot on.

Thank you Leslie for your healing and your wisdom


When I first came to Leslie, I had a lifetime of pent up tears and heartache locked within the depths of my Soul. I felt as if I was carrying a 100 pound heart, as years of trauma and abuse that I had suppressed had taken its toll. I was suicidal and addicted to painkillers… I just wanted to numb the emotional pain. We started working with the Living Energy Deck and there were two cards that came up that had to do with the sadness and the anger and rage I had been carrying since childhood. During sessions we worked with the Aqua 2 card and the Burnt Orange 2 card. I took these cards home with me and continued to use them in my meditation practice. One night, after I finished my meditation, I placed both cards under my pillow and as I fell asleep, I began to feel waves washing over my chest area and it felt as if lifetimes of heartache and anger were being released and washed away. I woke up several times during the night and had bouts of crying followed by waves washing over my Soul. It was such a healing experience. This process continued for several days… A continuous releasing of toxic emotions.

These cards are full of life, love and bring miraculous healing. I have been forever changed! I am still navigating through the healing process, but working with Leslie's living cards has helped immensely. I am emotionally stronger, and more in touch with my creative abilities and more freely able to express my true inner self. I am better able to trust my inner knowingness and have developed a closer relationship with my Guides (through working with the cards), who keep inspiring me to believe in my worth, lovableness and right to receive.

Suzanne Nielsen

I am so blessed to be the owner of the Auracle Healing Cards. After a beautiful session with Leslie, I went home and chose Coral 1, which couldn't have been a better fit. I first was surprised at the 'I See You' written below the angel. As I read Leslie's description of the card, it resonated with me. The nights I sleep with it over my body I have vivid dreams… I feel a greater sense of self and self-love and strength that's increasing day-by-day. I have worked on myself as an actor and artist, but there is something magical that this particular card has been doing for me since I have been sleeping with it. I anticipate my health issue has healed itself when I go in to get checked next month partly due to my diet and route towards naturopathic medicine but also from sleeping with this magical card over my body!!!! These cards bring me peace, love, contentment and safety everywhere I go! I even meditate with them and hear vibrations!

Nassim N.

I am so grateful to Leslie for a personal reading which has helped me clarify things and especially know how to read her beautiful magical cards. They speak to me so much, it is so simple, I found each time I look at the one I pick the exact word, emotions feelings come through, they are such a powerful healing gift. Thank you so much to the You Wealth Revolution show to have given me the opportunity to meet such a fun being Leslie. I love you!

Fabienne B.


Stumbling upon Leslie Sloane and her gifs that she offers the world through her Auracle Cards showed me in no uncertain terms that the Divine was always watching out for me. I was led to purchase these cards since I needed a road map at this point in my awakening. It never ceases to amaze me how I pick the right card for what I need guidance for whether it is a past trauma being triggered, being a slave to another person's thoughts or revelation on where I am at in the present moment and what I am experiencing. I am so grateful to the Divine for helping me obtain these cards which I picked up from my mail box on Good Friday delivered the previous day despite an ice storm in Kitchener. The Auracle Cards made its way all the way from California to Kitchener Ontario Canada safely via UPS. The cards have helped me and continue to help me to rise above my challenges, the Easter promise. Thank you thank you thank you Leslie for being a conduit to touch my life in such a profound way.

R. A. Kitchener


Thank you so much for what was an awesome introduction to the origins of the Auracle Cards. It was beautifully put together and very clearly outlined how the Auracle Mandalas/Cards/Songs/Colours came into Beingness. I loved hearing about Egypt and your experiences there and how the Auracle Healing Cards have been designed and formed and why they are not really cards! The card gazing session was off the scale… explains why I have always loved kaleidoscopes! I could really see the mandala come alive and communicate its language codes to me. Like a download.

I can't really explain in tangible terms the changes in me since I have been 'seeing' the Auracle images… to me it feels like they reprogram the cellular information in my master cells back to their original blueprint. It's very gentle. And loving. I have been feeling lots of deep emotions lately, but without judgment, just compassion.

Your energy is beautiful and massive! Expansive… all encompassing. It made the workshop, very safe to settle into and absorb. Like there is lots of support to go into the darkness. Am definitely seeing colours I haven't seen before. And finding acceptance of what is so that I can move through what I need to in order to step into what I want to embody. I listen to your Auracle prayer of Light and Gratitude every morning as I wake up!


Leslie is the sweetest, most fun and passionate teacher I have had so far in my spiritual path. The way she teaches is from her heart and very easy to follow. I feel her heart in each word she speaks. I have enjoyed playing with my Auracle Healing Cards even more since my reading. I am grateful for all my insights and blessings I have received as a result of using the Auracle Healing Cards even for the times when it was uncomfortable to feel what they were showing me. My Auracles have become like my dear "playmates" or buddies. I have gazed at them and write what comes through as Leslie suggested. I have slept for days with my beloved Pink 1 next to me, I have all four on my dresser so I see them all the time, I placed them by my computer, then I move them to my dining table when I have a meal, or next to me when I am enjoying my Fairy's Realms coloring book. Last week I was guided to play with my color pencils and what showed up was exactly the colors in the center of the Mandala of Bronze 1. I am grateful I gave myself the gift (Christmas) of my Auracles.

I do appreciate Leslie's loving and compassionate support that I have received since I spoke with her for the first time. She is an inspiration and a role model to me. I love her bubbly giggly energy.


After using Leslie's Auracle Healing Cards only twice, I have already seen sacred geometry forms in my 3rd eye. They are transformative! I am truly listening to my soul speak to me. The Cards I pull are always on target for what's been on my mind, and what's been going on in my life. There is true loving guidance given in these amazing Cards. My soul has a voice with these beautiful, living Cards.

S. M.

Thank you so much for a powerful session around your supercharged Auracle Healing Cards. I have had such a profound experience since your transmission. After experiencing my reading, I placed the Auracle I pulled from the day under my pillow and wasn't sure what to expect. I woke up twice that night just in awe of the depth and details of my dreams that were directly connected to the messages in the card. These dreams gave me the healing I needed the most to move through the blocks and the desires that attracted me to the card in the first place. I knew your workshop opened up some portals, but I had no idea they would bring me such specific messages — such clarity!

After one week, I placed the same card under my pillow one morning and forgot about it by bedtime. I woke up that morning with MORE dreams around that topic and even MORE healing!! Wow. I'm so amazed by this work and hope so many others can open up to the healing powers of your Auracle Cards. It's just too magical and high-vibrational for words. Thank you for this immense gift and for dedicating all your heart into this. It shines through every sparkly card.


About Leslie Sloane

Leslie Sloane's headshot

Leslie is a Master Healer and alchemist who uses multi-dimensional frequencies through Colour, Sound and Sacred Geometries, to inspire higher quality of life and personal balance through Loving states of consciousness, thoughts, words and actions. Leslie was born with the ability to see Universal Matter, or particles of "Iridescent Light". This ability allows her to see and live in multi-dimensional realities at once. Her unique gift helped her to understand how to create multi-dimensional healing tools which have helped thousands of people Awaken to their True Divine Nature and infinite possibilities of Abundance, through Spiritual Alignment.

Leslie brings an awareness which moves beyond the 3rd dimensional box into places of expansion which allow healing within the soul to take place on many levels at once through the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric or spatial states of being. As an Auracle, she has been offering private healing sessions and conducting workshops since 1994 using Colour Therapy.

In 2005, Leslie founded Auracle's Colour Therapy and created twenty-five liquid healing Colours, which later evolved into the foundational work for what is now the Auracle Healing Cards. Leslie also journeyed to Egypt to finish her first book, "The Power of Love Through Colour", which was published in 2007. Leslie returned to Egypt for the third time in October of 2014 to receive clearer visions and deeper insights about her Soul Purpose, which has always been to teach others to connect to their Authentic Selves so they may live Happily, Freely and Passionately. What emerged was a beautiful story as to why the Auracle Healing Cards came through, what they really are, and how they are helping humanity to Awaken.

"By understanding the language of Colour, its messages, and how it pertains to our daily lives, our sense of Peacefulness, Serenity and Balance will be restored. Clarity, new direction, and infinite possibilities will present themselves instantaneously. To Awaken and Self-Realize IS the healing. It is through this Magickal process of becoming aware of and aligned with our Divine Blueprint and our Authentic Selves, that we and our planet can be made whole again."

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