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Welcome to Kourtney's Special Offer Page

Welcome Kourtney's Special Offer Page

Have you ever been at a crossroad in life and thought, "If I could just get a glimpse into the future to know which way was the best…"

Or wondered if you should move, take that new job or go on that second date, how it would affect your life?

You Can!

Your angels are around you and lovingly wait to guide you and encourage you on your life path, and you can get validation with a simple phone call!

Angel Readings: What You Need to Know, Now

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Total Value: $458

You Wealth Special Offer: $147

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I discovered Kourtney during one of the most difficult times in my life. She did a personal reading for me and KNEW everything I was going through EXACTLY. Her energy is pure love and light. She even showed me how to keep my energy high, heal the pain and revealed my new life path…right down to meeting my soul mate! It all happened!

If you want to know how to move forward and be LOVED by a pure and caring soul…connect with my personal reader Kourtney Levens.

Darius Barazandeh, Host and Founder,
You Wealth Revolution

Item 1: 30-minute Phone Reading with Kourtney

Item 1: 30-minute Phone Reading with Kourtney

Value: $250

Your reading with Kourtney Levens is a wonderful way for you to ask your guardians, guides and loved ones in heaven all the questions you've been wondering! Your reading will begin with a prayer and delivering of any immediate messages waiting for you. Then Kourtney will open the floor to allow you to ask any pressing questions about your life, health, finances, romance and more! No question is off limits because your angels want you to live a joy-filled life and with divine guidance, you can make any adjustments to your current path.

If you're curious about whether or not to take the new job, move into this neighborhood or go ahead and plan the surgery, here is your perfect platform. Or if you're wondering how to mend a relationship or best help your children, this is a great opportunity to receive divine guidance!

Turning on your psychic receptors meditation!

Item 2: Chakra Clearing Meditation

Item 2: Chakra Clearing Meditation

Value: $27

Awaken your chakras and prepare for divine communication! This guided meditation allows you to safely clear, align, and balance your energy center to enhance and receive messages with clarity. Once your chakras are open, you will feel more relaxed, less stressed, and ready to take on your day! Start your day with this in-depth meditation and feel at peace all day or get your chakras in line before you go to bed for a more restful night.

Item 3: Super Foods to Increase Your Psychic Ability

Item 3: Super Foods to Increase Your Psychic Ability

Value: $27

Do you need to eat only a raw, vegetarian or vegan diet and quit smoking to connect with Spirit? Or stop consuming wine, coffee or Cokes to hear your angels? Not necessarily! The most important lesson to remember is to have a clear mind and sound body. If your mind is filled with worry or a late night out with friends leaves your brain a little foggy, that will interfere with your reception of messages. And if your body is not feeling well or distracted with pain, you're not at your peak and then your insight won't be optimum.

Item 4: Signs From Your Angels and Loved Ones in the Afterlife!

Item 4: Signs From Your Angels and Loved Ones in the Afterlife!

Value: $27

  • Which direction should I go?
  • Is this the best path for me?
  • Is this what my angels would tell me to do?

If I only had a sign!

How many times have you had these exact thoughts? Let Kourtney help you with her personal tips and tricks to make sure you're following your divine path! It doesn't matter what questions you have or whether you believe them to be too big or too small to ask — your angels lovingly wait to help you with every area of your life!

Item 5: $100 off Follow-up Session with Kourtney

Item 5: $100 off Follow-up Session with Kourtney


Special Added Bonus Expires Sunday at Midnight

Finding Your Soulmate

Value: $149

One of the most common questions I'm asked as a channel for the angels is, when am I going to meet my soul mate? There is so much passion, desire, mystery and intrigue surrounding this question, not only for the young who've never been married, but also for those who are looking for new love in their lives after having been through committed relationships.

Discount: 63% Off

Total Value: $458

You Wealth Special Offer: $147

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30-Day money back guarantee**


Kourtney did a reading on me in January, at the time of the reading I was having an intense migraine. She wasn't even surprised by that as my headache was spilling over to her. She asked my angels/guides about it and was shown that my top chakra was closed off. My energy had no-where to go so it was being trapped in my head causing these intense migraines. She did a clearing on me where in my angels/guides wrapped my head in a black cloth loosely at first and then slowly tightened it pushing my trapped energy out of the top of my head and then my angels wrapped me in a white cloth of love and light . Since the reading I have done this quite a few times when I have felt a migraine coming on and it has helped me by eliminating it entirely or lessening it significantly. I can't thank Kourtney enough for that.

During our reading she also was able to connect to my mother. I had told her nothing about her but her name. Yet she was able to tell me that her terminal illness was known but her passing was sudden/unexpected, where she had experienced pain, that my mom and I were best friends and said my mom was telling her that no one really understood how close we were or our connection (this is very true as some days I'm lost without her), and she was able to describe my second floor family room, without ever seeing my house, along with the railings that peer into my living room and how my mother had taught my twins, as a spirit, to toss things off the second floor railings down to the living room. Which did happen, one day they just started doing it and they thought it was funny. I might not have been pleased they were tossing things off the second floor but I am as happy as my mom told Kourtney she was that as a spirit she was able to teach them something. She loved my boys so much and all she wanted to do was be here for them. As Kourtney stated when she felt her energy "She's the world's best grandma". My mom was scared to die and I always think about that and have hoped she's now at peace and happy. Kourtney was able to put my mind at ease as I now know that beyond a shadow of a doubt she is at peace, she is happy, she was met at her passing by so many others that passed before her and she's watching over all of us every day. Kourtney told me if I ever want to speak to her invite her to lay with me at night and talk to her. I also do this quite often and sometimes I have dreams of her that feel so real where we are having a conversation.

Kourtney is amazing. I would highly recommend her readings. She was dead on with so many things. She is the real deal.

Thank you so much Kourtney for our reading and God Bless you for all you do for others.

Cherie B.

Had my first session with Kourtney yesterday! The huge amount of information, her warmth & the clarity of the communications have already had a deep, powerful effect. I was immediately connected with my angels, their messages to me, and was told how to clear the energy of someone who'd been "hooking into" me. I did that clearing last night before bed and had an amazing, peaceful sleep; my body feels strong & full of life today!

The answers Kourtney brought to my various questions unexpectedly united several deep heart dreams of mine — my angels are saying "Go for it!" And I feel like I'm confidently on track! Loving thanks, Kourtney, and a shout out to You Wealth for all the great connections they help us make!

Graelin C.

Just another feedback following the recent reading. You had a vision of the discussion that I was to have with my husband about his insecurities. Yes that discussion happened, tonight and it wasn't the most easy discussion ever — but eventually I said it in the best possible way that I could. Emphasizing that I am and will always be his #1 cheerleader no matter what. I could see him shaking his head with pride and a smile on his face — shifting from a very defensive position that he started from to being agreeable. I also asked him to see me with my limitations rather than judge me. I feel very light at heart after having the discussion.


I had a reading with you last Wednesday. During my reading we talked about my soulmate. You shared what he looked like — a combination of Robert Redford and Chris Hemsworth. Just a few days later I was out of town visiting friends and we were walking to a restaurant. I was a little ways behind the group, and as I looked ahead I saw this guy walking towards us. As he walked by he had eye contact with me and smiled and winked. He was an older version of Chris Hemsworth. But, the interesting thing is, I walked a little further and when I turned around to look to see where he was — he was gone. Now, there was a slight curve in the road, so it could've been that he was already around the curve?? The other amazing thing about this was the wink. I have been writing scenarios for a long time about what my life would be like with my soulmate. And, in each little mini story he always winks at me. I would laugh and say it was "love at first wink", so the fact that he looked like he did and winked was pretty amazing. What do you think???


Thank you once again for an amazing reading last week. I am not sure if you remember the reading but when you first started after the prayer you had a cross come in and you were wondering why? I just had so much to ask you and completely forgot to explain why you saw the cross??? I went to a Catholic school and we used to pray in the chapel. I always now go and pray in a chapel anywhere I see one. I have attached photos of a beautiful chapel that I go regularly to pray. It's in a hospital near where I live and has beautiful crystal chandeliers. It's such a beautiful chapel, people get married there and funeral services too. I went last Thursday to pray and took the photos so that I could email you. All hospitals have chapels and whenever I go for my appointments, I go and pray in the chapel. Hence the reason you saw Jesus, as I pray to him whenever I pass the hospital. Secondly, I am going to see a homeopath on coming Friday to do a structured liver detox diet with her. My GP was not very helpful. On the work front, an old client emailed me to meet a surveyor for an insurance leak job we have been working for more than a year.


I have had several psychic readings and channeled information given. For the first time, I can honestly say I have found someone who is truly connected, and can give a true and accurate detailed answer to my questions — and even before I ask them, which I find amazing. If you are looking for a no BS session with details, details, and more accurate details, then Kourtney would be your guide of choice. I can't express how thrilled I was when I hung up the phone and knew I had gotten my money's worth. Vague and blurry sessions that left me scratching my head and wondering what I even called for are a thing of the past. I can proudly say I will use Kourtney before any major decision, or even just for fun like the angel parties she offers. I have no hesitations recommending Kourtney and her blessed work." Thank you Kourtney for your willingness to "say yes" to your own divinity; and by doing so, you have enriched the lives of countless others.

Angeline W.

Words can never convey the feelings that brought tears of joy to my eyes as the first thing Kourtney said following her beautiful prayer was an important message about my health. Amazingly, she proceeded to compassionately answer my questions IN THE ORDER I HAD WRITTEN THEM, WITHOUT ME SPEAKING A SINGLE QUESTION OUT LOUD! At the 25 minute mark, I audibly asked my ONLY remaining question, and received another response that brought the same peace of mind and clarity that her earlier stream of consciousness yielded. This reading was a true Gift and I feel blessed beyond measure, joyful and truly grateful!!


I did play the game that you suggested for the word on the radio. My word turned out to be love and it works just the way you said. When I ask for confirmation the next song on the radio has the word love in it and when there is no confirmation the songs don't have that word. This is a lovely and gentle way to get guidance, thank you for that so much.

Theresa G.

It has been, since the beginning of August, since I had a reading with you; where you gave me many thoughts and insight about my future.

It took a few months for things to take a turn. Manifest. …but things are moving and happening!

You gave me guidance to protect myself from being over receptive to others energy (empath) and guess what? I'm not drained every time I go out anymore. Angels are helping me to protect myself. I take that special shower and meditation is much deeper. I have had helpful guidance all the time.

And about my loved one being sick, very stubborn to continue curing with herbal medicine for a year and a half, finally went to a Western doctor yesterday. I wrote to my guardian Angel to talk to his guardian Angel back in August. It took a while but I kept praying…

What a miracle! I'm confident that he's on his way to recovery! Not punishing himself anymore.

And about my path… You told me to open my creativity … was buried for many years… I started sketching again and it's really fun and joy!

And I'm going to pursue, as suggested, reading/teaching by using my intuitive ability which I didn't even recognize until I talked to you. I'm working on expanding my intuitive ability and thinking about a unique program. I'm hoping to consult you soon.

Kourtney, I am so thankful and grateful for such a wonderful reading. The encounter was so valuable it literally shifted my thinking. And most of all, taught me about my true self and the power of the Angels and Guardians.


My reading with Kourtney was fabulous. She answered my questions before I asked them. That was quite fun. She knew when my company was moving. The timing on that was straight on. She helped me with a health problem I had with my sinuses and I've been able to have relief from those symptoms. Her advice is loving and filled with grace and on target at all times. I'm moving my residence in the next few months and she helped me by having the angels give me guidance that addressed my fears and anxieties to the point that I am looking forward to the move from a place of claustrophobic fear. No question is off limits or too mundane as its given respect and love. Thank you Kourtney and your heavenly assistance!

Valerie M.

I am so surprised and had to tell you and Kourtney!! First, when I received this email I prayed immediately to Archangel Chamuel just as I was instructed — Archangel Chamuel please help the company that is seeking me to find me quickly with grace and ease. The next day, I received an email from a company regarding setting up a phone interview with the CEO. The phone interview is Tuesday this week 11/17.

The other thing was when I had my reading Kourtney specifically said that the new man was tied in timing to when I would be starting in the new position. And she said don't be worried if your current employer offers you like triple the salary to stay put that I would still meet the man. And just yesterday I accepted a newer role in my job that has me as the head of all Canada sales. I was so surprised by this. I start on Wednesday this week 11/18, I have waited months and months for movement on the job front so I am very happy to see something moving forward.


About Kourtney Levens

Kourtney Levens is an Angel Therapist®, certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., who uses her extraordinary abilities to connect with angels to give you a sense of validation. Her gift includes the ability to see, hear, and feel your angels, spirit guides, and loved ones on the other side, so you can receive messages from heaven. Kourtney has helped many people with issues surrounding their health, careers, romance, and a myriad of pressing issues. The messages you may receive will help guide you on the right path or even include spiritual homework in order to assist you to communicate with your angelic team.

Kourtney is a favorite of You Wealth Revolution listeners, and is also Darius' personal angel reader. Some of her clients range from best-selling authors, political diplomats, business executives, spiritual leaders, and even celebrities! Kourtney will be exclusively mentoring You Wealth Revolution listeners, so don't miss out on your opportunity of a lifetime!

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