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FREE Daily — Remarkable Transformational Energy Help from World-Class Thought Leaders & Healers to:

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Transformational Energy Healing from a World-Class Faculty

Boris Aranovich
Cathy Goldstein
Cathy Hohmeyer
Chameice Daniel
Darius Barazandeh
Dawn Rahdianze Shantal Krystal
Debbie Johnson
Debora Wayne
Deborah Werner
Dipal Shah
Dr. Gene Ang
Dr. Karen Kan
Edwin Harkness Spina
Elizabeth Wood
Erica VanEaton
Grace Hom
Inna Van Der Velden
Janet Doerr
Jen Cunnings
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Jill Mattson
Jimmy Mack
Jo Fernandes
Joe Bowory
John Newton
Joy Baker
Judy Satori
Julie Renee Doering
Kimberlie Carlson
Kourtney Levens
Linda Lewellyn
Lynn Waldrop
Maria Martinez
Matthew John
Nidhu B. Kapoor
Paul & Lillie Weisbart
Peg Rose
Peter Schenk
Sue Storm
Susan Kennard
Tamra Oviatt
Tanja James
Tarek Bibi
Tom Paladino
Valerie Pearson
Velentaya Reece
Virginia Rounds Griffiths
Zeenat Lakdawala

Live, Empowering Support for Radical Results: In fact, 94.2% of listener respondents said "Life Got Better"**

My world expanded in so many ways! I was struggling financially, feeling lonely, sad and down with no sense of purpose or direction.

Today, my finances are improving. I am more happy and joyful… I now have a purpose and direction that I am moving towards.

Valerie O'Brien
Valerie O'Brien

YouWealth has helped me to courageously carry forth my free-will choice to live each day in the flow of love. Old memories now do not seem to randomly trigger me anymore… You Wealth has helped…

Now I can more confidently stand in my own truth and be my loving true self wherever I go.

Noah Oyen
Noah Oyen
When I started listening to your show, I was bedridden, taking 22 pills a day. The doctors did not think I would work again, and they recommended a pain pump be implanted into my body. Through your show It gave me hope, and I knew I would heal. All the contributors are amazing, and I learned so much. I am walking, living proof of all that you bring to this world. Thank you Darius.
Susan Bradley-Boartfield
Susan Bradley-Boartfield

Over 6 million people have attended since 2010

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"Thanks to your event I feel so relaxed now, like a massive weight has been lifted" — Steven Miller

Listen and Awaken to Transformational Energy Healing

LIVE Daily Sessions, Daily Love & Energy Support. Anywhere!

  • Daily FREE support from the world's leading teachers, healers and masters.
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  • Learn why 94.2% of listeners polled said "life got better" by being a part of our sessions.

All of it, at NO COST to you

Real People — Discovering Life's Purpose, Ease & Joy

You Wealth Revolution… the biggest difference between this show and all the others is the host. I always feel how much he cares for the audience. He allows us to feel safe and loved as we all journey together to a lighter path as brothers and sisters.
What I love the most about the people in the show as well as yourself is the genuine desire to help, communicate, cooperate and contribute at their highest level. I'm now even at the point where I can call myself a Lightworker.
Darius, You all have a special place in my heart… The emotion and energy all of you share makes your show feel like a safe, warm place to feel open and willing to learn without any judgment. Thank you!!!

Over 6 million people have attended since 2010

Click Below to Reserve Your Spot for the FREE LIVE Transformational Energy Healing Sessions

You Can:

  • Re-connect to your Natural Abundance, Energy and Joy
  • Start Feeling Energized and Effortlessly Create the Life You Want
  • Bathe Yourself Daily in the Highest Vibrations

The Miracle Tone™ — 2675 Hz

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What's a Daily Session Like?
A Life-Changing, Unforgettable Experience

Huge waves of beautiful energy in my hands. Very different. Feel so energized. Thank you so much, Gene and Darius.
Mirka in England
Wow… I felt the most incredible sense of home during the relaxation and center portion. Thank you …for this blessed gift!
Amie in Greenfield
Electric. I felt like I was plugged into some energetic outlet. Totally hot. Heat all over.
Karen in New York
This has been one of the most remarkable, energetic healings I have ever had… Sending Love and Light to YOU
Lyn in USA
I jumped in my chair, and made a sound 'GWAH!' And yawned big twice… I think something big released.
Liyako in New York City
I feel so relaxed now, like a massive weight has been lifted. Feels like it's removed a lot of stress from me… Thank you.
Steven in Skegness

Get These Powerful Free Gifts Instantly
(A $397+ Value — FREE):

  1. Sacred Heart Flame Activation

    Chameice Daniel

    This energetic process 'crosses' your energy to initiate a negative identity death (false ego) that allows the soul identities to rise into their divine identity consciousness. This merges the inner twin flame, masculine/feminine polarities, in sacred union within the high heart to release polarization membranes and electromagnetic limitations to be in non-polarized, neutralized charge to step out of astral experience of polarity.

    This Sacred Heart Flame Activation creates a resonate field of OmniLove that begins to align everything within your life to your divine soul timeline…. Full creation potential within your highest timelines moment to moment. This process opens optimal magnetization to manifest.

    This process will:

    • Release old power-struggle patterning
    • Call power back that has been given/taken without conscious consent
    • Release points of manipulation, mind control, broken-heart contracts, fractured heart imprints/overlays
    • Release karmic recycling from traumatic experiences
    • Release energetic attachments
    • Open full creation potential
    • Increase energy levels
    • Open heart to OmniLove, Divine Support, Source
    • Increase manifestation consistency
    • Improve health, graceful aging capacity

    And Much More

  2. Astral Body Clearing

    Dr. Karen Kan

    Experience Dr. Karen Kan's Astral Body Clearing MP3 where you'll be clearing and healing different parts of your astral/etheric body from head to toe. Using the TOLPAKAN Healing Method, Dr. Karen will be removing and releasing negative etheric energies that are ready to be released including etheric implants, tags, weapons, hooks, etc. She calls all of these things Harmonic Disruptors.

    After the removal and release, any etheric tears, holes, or scar tissue are repaired, and the entire astral body harmonized on all levels, including dimensionally — whatever is safe and for the highest good for you. This clearing is best done when you have 5 minutes available during the day when you can close your eyes and tune into your body.

    Please note that it can be profoundly relaxing the first time you complete the clearing, so feel free to lie down or meditate afterward while these energies process.

  3. Guided Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guides & Activate Your Psychic Gifts

    Matthew John

    Matthew John guides you on a 12-minute journey to meet one of your Spirit Guides and to activate new psychic gifts!

About Your Guide:

Darius M. Barazandeh is the founder of You Wealth Revolution and will be your personal guide during this event.

From near death to breakthrough, Darius M. Barazandeh was awakened to a gift. Through a motorcycle crash in 2008, spirit allowed him to see the energetic pattern behind all things. His energy gift guides each session into the highest transformational energy healing experience for the listener.

More than 7 million people in more than 190 countries have been touched by the energy of his sessions. Each week tens of thousands of people are led back to the 'true knowing' of their own hearts.

Helping the Planet and Kids: Beyond transformational education You Wealth Revolution has donated more than 75,942 meals to starving children all over the planet.

Darius is also a member of the esteemed Evolutionary Leaders along with other leading transformation leaders.

Jen Masin S.

Your show changed my life. I always knew I was an empath and that there was so much more out there but until your shows came along I had no idea…

Jen Masin S.

Panache Desai

Darius is a conduit for empowered solutions …bridge out of fear, lack and scarcity into the miracle, magnificence and brilliance that is life.

Panache Desai

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Creating Real Transformation Daily…

Each day, You Wealth Revolution feeds 15 children for each electronic email we send out. It's about doing our part to make a difference each day. Today, we fed 45 children through donations made through Feed My Starving Children

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**SURVEY OF YOU WEALTH LISTENER RESPONDENTS: In a survey conducted in August of 2013 listener respondents were asked specifically "Has the You Wealth Revolution Event Helped You Have a Better Life?". Out of 1164 total respondents, 1097 people answered "Yes". Only 67 respondents answered "No". A total of 94.24% percent of respondents said this event helped them have a better life. A copy of this survey and our results can be emailed upon request by emailing [email protected].